Unknown Magic

Unknown Magic Discovering she is a Tuatha D Danann straight from Irish Mythology turns Megan s life upside down As if that was not enough an arrogant drop dead gorgeous man tells her she is his mate Seamus escap

  • Title: Unknown Magic
  • Author: Evelyn M. Byrne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Discovering she is a Tuatha D Danann straight from Irish Mythology, turns Megan s life upside down As if that was not enough, an arrogant, drop dead gorgeous man tells her she is his mate.Seamus escaped his mysterious captors seventeen years earlier, taking a little girl with him and returning her to her home Returning to the one location he considers his safe haven, heDiscovering she is a Tuatha D Danann straight from Irish Mythology, turns Megan s life upside down As if that was not enough, an arrogant, drop dead gorgeous man tells her she is his mate.Seamus escaped his mysterious captors seventeen years earlier, taking a little girl with him and returning her to her home Returning to the one location he considers his safe haven, he recognizes Megan as the young child he rescued Only now, she is stunning enough to make him forget, almost, just how treacherous his life is.Megan soon realizes fighting her attraction for Seamus is a losing battle But when the people hunting Seamus track them down, Megan and Seamus are faced with a much immediate and deadly threat a struggle for the lives of all the Tuatha D Danann Can they overcome their pursuers and win

    • ☆ Unknown Magic || ✓ PDF Read by ´ Evelyn M. Byrne
      379 Evelyn M. Byrne
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    2 thoughts on “Unknown Magic

    1. Born in Dublin, Ireland, I grew up in Chicago, Illinois I currently reside in East Texas with my husband, Kevin and Old English Sheepdog, Bridie I started writing in 2005 while taking care of her elderly parents I loved reading paranormal romances and with my extensive travels back to Ireland, my writing instinctively gravitated toward Irish mythology Other writers portray the Tuatha D Danann as tricksters or deadly fae I decided to bring them into the same light as some of my favorite authors did with vampires and weres So now, we have vamps, weres, and fae all living in our neighborhoods and don t even know it My first book, The Magic from Within , won 1st place in the East Texas Writers Association Writing Contest in 2006 and 3rd place in 2007 with the East Texas Writers Guild Since then it has undergone a few changes including its name to Unknown Magic.

    2. This is kind of a 2.5 for me. I was drawn into this story from the first and thought I was really going to love it. Although the story itself is really good, there were a lot of things as it went on that really disappointed me. The premise that Megan is a Tuatha De Danann from Irish mythology and only finding out about it now when she is 24 was intriguing as was her meeting with Seamus, the neighbor across the lake from where she and her father are staying. Megan was kidnapped seventeen years ea [...]

    3. I LOVED this book! It grabs you in from the very beginning and doesn't let you go. This compelling story is loaded with love, magic and suspenseDoes it get any better? The plot is different from any other fantasy novel I've read so far, it offers a whole new twist to the genre and it will have you hooked. Unknown Magic has a large character cast but it's not overwhelming. I immediately fell in love with Megan, and her uncles. They had such a hilarious sense of humour that kept me laughing throug [...]

    4. Megan is a 24-year-old woman who has lost all memories of her youth, including the death of her mother. Nightmarish dreams and a mysterious man bring them slowly back, bringing along a world she never imagined. Megan must learn to trust her heart and heal her mind to help save this new world and the people closest to her. Unknown Magic was an interesting story; I liked a lot of the secondary characters and the background culture of the how the magical characters (tuatha) came to be. The main cha [...]

    5. Unknown Magic by Evelyn Byrne put me under its spell! Not a regular reader of paranormal romance, it was nice to read such a compelling storyine with well-developed and quite interesting characters. I especially love the protagonist Meagan and SeamusI could hardly put it down.Ms. Byrne gave me insight into the Irish folklore of the Tuatha De' Danann and their magical realm. The strength and vigor of the men as they protect Megan and other women in their lives appeals to the southern belle inside [...]

    6. Unknown Magic was a fantastic read. I picked up the book to read for a bit at the end of the day and got hooked well enough that I ended up finishing the book that night. Don’t dismiss the book because the blurb on the book mentions true love, magic and soul mates. These words are often used to describe contrived and cliché plots but the author handled these concepts with true respect for the emotions involved. Every idea within the book and story arc work so well that it lends a new freshnes [...]

    7. I always tend to assume when i see the genre as being fantasy/myth/folklore etc. to be YAIt's notThis is not centered around a 13 or even 17 year old wimpy whinny girl. Our girl is strong and still manages to keep her feminity. Our guy is your classic stud. I'm hoping for some crazy twists to their relationship because as it is right now.'s perfectd that has got to stop or at least hit a dark omnipotent rough patch lol.Drooling for the next addition to the series.

    8. The fantasy plot and characters felt like copies of others. The writing style didn’t work for me. Nothing pulled me inVIEWER’S OPINION:I read more than half of the book and lost interest. So I jumped to the end and read the last two chapters. The fact that I couldn’t make myself read the whole thing does say something. The writing felt juvenile. The conversations felt like newspaper reporting. He said this. She said that. They did this. A few conversations were repetitive as one person rep [...]

    9. I loved this book! The new take on the Tuatha De' Danann was fun. I love myths and the mythology of the Tuatha De' has always interested me. In most books they are the Fae and all powerful, so this book was a fun change. I can't wait to read the next book in the series and see what happens. I am wondering how many books there will be in this series, so Eveylyn, if you read this review, could you please let me know how many books there will be?

    10. I loveddddd this novel! It's a must read for any urban fantasy lovers. The characters were likable and relateable; the story was beautifully written and well crafted; I had trouble putting it down. The magic in it was tantalizing and there were an incredible amount of twists and turns in the plot. I highly reccomend it!

    11. Unknown Magic is a fast-paced paranormal romance set in Ireland. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. It's actually the first paranormal I have read. I absolutely will be reading more from Author Evelyn M. Byrne!

    12. Really enjoyed this book. Looking forward to next one. Stayed up way to late just so I could finish this and get started on the next one - which I did.

    13. This book was amazing! There was plenty of action, romance and suspense! The plot was completely different from most and the characters were amazing and you felt like they were real.

    14. I liked this story. A nice fairy tale sort of work with some strong characters. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

    15. que pasaria si olvidas toda tu infancia, ni un solo recuerdo tienes de los primeros años de tu vida, ni de tu madre, despues de 5 años en coma Megan despierta para volver a la vida pero toda su vida es un secreto, nadie habla de su madre ni lo que paso con ella, unas vacaciones en una cabaña lo cambia todo, ahi conoce a Seamus un hombre que con solo estar junto a el hace que pieda la capacidad de pensar pero es incapaz de aceptar que le pase algo asi y cuando el le empieza a hablar de los Tua [...]

    16. I must say that this was a very interesting book. It was the first I have read about shape-shifters and Irish folklore. Beautiful concept!!! :) However, it did seem to drag towards the middle, and I had a little difficulty keeping up with who was related to Seamus and who was related to Megan. I also did not think it was clearly explained how Megan's mother was pregnant with Megan's brother when the breed's women can only get pregnant every fifty years. How long is a pregnancy? If Megan is only [...]

    17. Empece a leer "Unkown magic" por una reseña muy interesante que leí pero la verdad no me esta gustando, todo es muy repetitivo, la misma explicación un montón de veces, ademas, la prota tiene 25 años y su carácter es como de una adolescente y todos la tratan tal cual, osea, nada creíble por que luego dice que ha vivido muchas experiencias pero nada que ver en fin, a ver si lo termino por que quiero saber como se van a arreglar las cosas, me huele a que mágicamente todo se va a solucionar [...]

    18. Me encantó. Es el primer libro que leo sobre la mitología irlandesa y es fascinante. El principal atractivo fue la unión familiar, el amor que se sentía a través de las páginas y la fuerza. El optimismo que tenían todos los personajes, a pesar de encontrar en una situación precaria siempre so reían. Cuando creí que todo estaba dicho, una bomba llegó y me término sorprendiendo mucho. ¿Por qué no 5/5? Porque a pesar de que la autoría tenía TODO el argumento necesario le hizo falta [...]

    19. I finally got to read this - it's great. Just the right touch of Irish mythology mixed with romance and adventure. When Megan was a little girl, she and her mother were kidnapped by a diabolical group, and were tortured for days. Megan's mother died, but Megan was rescued and returned where her family could find her. She grew up not knowing of her true heritage, but had to learn quickly before her 25th birthday or she would lose her life to the same group that had kidnapped her before. Can't wai [...]

    20. I'm here using my phone to write this review just so i can be honest with me and with you guys i think this book could have been great but didn't make it for me.i thought it was confusing at the begining, had lots of questions and little answers and i solved the "bad guy" at the first mention of him/her.I had to force myself to read the rest of the book because i didn't want to put it down, but i almost did not finish it. So, for me it was more like 2.5 stars than anything else.

    21. Hmmm this one is a tough one. It was cheesy and the sex scenes were to scientific not hot and sexy. I didn't need a map and explanation of Megan's body just what was happening. The idea and promise this book has kept me going and I want to know what happens so I will read the next book. I just hope it is more action and not so much cheese. The story line is there now it just needs to be told in a way that has me wanting to keep turning the page.

    22. Great idea, but dialog left me wanting more depth. I could also really like these characters, but sometimes I was chuckling at how simple the speech sounded. I'd like to dig into this story and even attempt branching off on some of the details on my own sometime.you know, when I have some time to writeha!

    23. Couldn't finish this one. Everything felt felt exaggerated and the events were too rushed to be properly appreciated. I also found myself quite lost, well, always. I'm definitely dropping this series.

    24. My previous knowledge of the Celtic culture made it impossible for me to enjoy it I kept thinking how wrong this or that was

    25. Quite different from anything else I've read, a real breath of fresh air. Thoroughly enjoyed, now just gotta try and find book 2.

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