Cleo Helen Brown wasn t a cat person but her nine year old son Sam was So when Sam heard a woman telling his mum that her cat had just had kittens Sam pleaded to go and see them Helen s heart melted as S

  • Title: Cleo
  • Author: Helen Brown
  • ISBN: 9781741759075
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • Helen Brown wasn t a cat person, but her nine year old son Sam was So when Sam heard a woman telling his mum that her cat had just had kittens, Sam pleaded to go and see them.Helen s heart melted as Sam held one of the kittens in his hands with a look of total adoration In a trice the deal was done the kitten would be delivered when she was big enough to leave her mothHelen Brown wasn t a cat person, but her nine year old son Sam was So when Sam heard a woman telling his mum that her cat had just had kittens, Sam pleaded to go and see them.Helen s heart melted as Sam held one of the kittens in his hands with a look of total adoration In a trice the deal was done the kitten would be delivered when she was big enough to leave her mother.A week later, Sam was dead Not long after, a little black kitten was delivered to the grieving family Totally traumatised by Sam s death, Helen had forgotten all about the new arrival After all, that was back in another universe when Sam was alive.Helen was ready to send the kitten back, but Sam s younger brother wanted to keep her, identifying with the tiny black kitten who d also lost her brothers When Rob stroked her fur, it was the first time Helen had seen him smile since Sam s death There was no choice the kitten dubbed Cleo had to stay.Kitten or not, there seemed no hope of becoming a normal family But Cleo s zest for life slowly taught the traumatised family to laugh She went on to become the uppity high priestess of Helen s household, vetoing her new men, terrifying visiting dogs and building a special bond with Rob, his sister Lydia, Helen and later a baby daughter.

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      399 Helen Brown
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    2 thoughts on “Cleo

    1. Helen Brown was born and brought up in New Zealand, where she first worked as a journalist, TV presenter, and scriptwriter Now living in Melbourne, Australia, with her family and their blog obsessed cat Jonah, Helen continues to write columns for the New Zealand and Australian media She s been voted Columnist of the Year several times.Helen s memoir CLEO rose to the top of the bestseller list in its first weeks in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia It has since sold 2 million copies worldwide and has been translated into than 17 languages A major movie is in development.The sequel, AFTER CLEO CAME JONAH CATS AND DAUGHTERS in the US , was published in many languages and warmly embraced by readers and critics alike.Her first novel TUMBLEDOWN MANOR follows the adventures of a woman who reinvents herself after a disastrous 50th birthday Already a best seller in Australasia, it will be released in the US in May 2016.When she isn t writing, Helen enjoys making lemon slice with her adorable grand daughters, Annie and Stella.Find Helen on Facebook at facebook Helen.Brown.

    2. I was first captivated by the book Cleo when I unpacked it among the many others received that day at the bookstore. I couldn't help but be instantly charmed by those brilliant green eyes as I removed the packing paper, however, I wasn't ready to read the book. My mother had been extremely ill for months and really, I wasn't ready to read any book. A week before my mother lost her battle with lung cancer, I bought Cleo and in the days that followed my mother's death, I sought solace in the only [...]

    3. The Book Report: A family devastated by loss takes in a little black mutt-kitten and learns, painfully and slowly and with much trouble, to live the lives they've been allowed to keep despite the life that was lost. Marriages begin and end, relationships resemble the ones they began as not at all, and through it all, for a remarkable twenty-four years, a proud black cat runs the entire world from a succession of Kiwi then Aussie kitchens, living rooms, and Asian-run delis. One day she dies, and [...]

    4. Helen Brown took her animal loving son Sam to see a litter of kittens as he badly wanted one for his upcoming tenth birthday. The only kitten left is the runt, a tiny little scrap of black fur. Naming her Cleo it is arranged that the kitten would be dropped off to Sam in a few months time when she was old enough to leave her mother.Sam’s love and total fascination in animals leads to a horrific accident. Shortly after his birthday while rushing an injured bird to a vet’s, he runs out in fron [...]

    5. I debated between four versus five stars. I went with the five for two reasons. 1) I was dreading getting to the end and not being able to read more. That's a solid "good reads" endorsement, I'd say. 2) The Ms. Brown's story truly made me stop and think about my life, what I consider important, how precious the gift of time is, etc. Plus, the book did make me laugh out loud a few times --that was when I wasn't snickering over the antics of Cleo the cat. Even more, I thoroughly enjoyed this book [...]

    6. Non ci sono cambiamenti nella vita di un gatto.Solo avventure.Ho deciso che non leggerò più libri sugli animali, o almeno ci proverò. Io e Marley me lo aveva fatto capire, ma io sono un tipo da gatti, quindi questo libro mi ha tentata troppo. Non avrei dovuto leggerlo. Prima cosa, la storia del gatto è un sottofondo. A me non interessa niente sapere qualcosa dell'egoista protagonista, che se ne infischia di tutti e, dopo la perdita del figlio, dice al marito di smettere di piangere l'unica v [...]

    7. Yet another book that I tried really hard to like. When the author is talking about Cleo, the book gets interesting, even if she does anthropormorphise her pet. Otherwise, there's plenty of self-pity, whining, and a backhanded slap to the good people of Christchurch, New Zealand. While I can understand the author is understandably grief-stricken and mourning at the loss of her eldest son, she also fails to see the agony the rest of her family is going through. This one just gets three stars from [...]

    8. I started off really liking this book, but about halfway through, the focus changed. It became less about how Cleo helped the family and more about Brown's divorce and second marriage. Cleo was thrown in the scene a few times, but it felt disjointed and forced. I was so disillusioned with it that I actually stopped reading about 75 pages from the end. After a few months I picked it up again and finished reading it. The ending was better than I expected but that middle part where Cleo made short, [...]

    9. Such a lovely little read which turned out to be a lot more than the back cover suggests. Over the years I have read various columns penned by Helen Brown and enjoyed her frank and honest style. The idea of a whimsical read about her cat seemed just the ticket uh wrongYes it is a memoir and yes it is woven around the long and eventful life of a captivating cat named Cleo. What this book really is, is the appropriate way for a master word smith to sort out and make sense of a huge loss. Helen's l [...]

    10. So sad story, my grandma gifted me this book for my 8th birthday because she thought the kitten on the cover was cute! BUT she didn't read the description and THUS RUINED MY CHILDHOOD. I don't think 8 yr old maddi was prepared to experience secondhand the traumatic death of a son. So may this be a lesson folks!! always read the description of a novel or else you too may end up with deep seeded emotional issues!!

    11. Cleo: The Cat Who Mended a Family by Helen Brown 292 pages★★★★★ + ♥On January 21, 1983 a tragedy would occur to Helen Brown and her family – her 9 year old son would be killed when he was run over by a car. A couple weeks later Cleo, a rambunctious little kitten would enter their world and change it for the better. She would be there to comfort them through the death of Sam. She would also be there to witness divorces, more kids, marriage, and much more. This book was suggested to [...]

    12. "Cleo's motto seemed to be: Life's tough and that's okay, because life is also fantastic. Love it, live it - but don't be fooled into thinking its not harsh sometimes." - BrownBrown has a wonderful writing style. Her transitions in the book through time and emotions were brilliant. The pace of the book was just perfect to relay the situations and emotions the family was going through. I was especially inspired by Cleo's connection with Rob. Terrible things happen to this family, but the stories [...]

    13. I have 9 cats that have all come here for one reason or another. They are all part of my family. Each one is different & special in their own individual ways. They are what keeps me going everyday. My husband died last year & they all help me to get up everyday. The story about Cleo brought back so many memories. I truly loved this book. Thanks for writing it! My daughter bought this book for me:) I'm so glad she did & now she can read it too

    14. Wonderful book, beautifully written true story that will have you laughing and crying. Thanks to my friend Helen for loaning it to me.

    15. I literally couldn't put this one down-read it in one sitting. A must-read for anyone who loves cats, and, more importantly, for those who think they don't.

    16. Like the best cat memoirs, this is much more than a story about a kitten. Helen Brown's writing ranges from heartwrenching to heartwarming, with huge doses of hilarious thrown in. Read this.

    17. Cleo - how an uppity cat helped to heal a familyby Helen BrownPublished in 2000 by Allen & Unwin Australia. ISBN 978 1 74175 907 5The opening quote ‘To those who say they aren’t cat people but deep down know they are’. Cleo, is a memoir and first published book by the author. It is a story about love, grief and the unlikely intrusion of a small kitten that led to family redemption. They called her Cleopatra, Cleo for short, after the Egyptian queen. This little kitten, an orphan in nee [...]

    18. Eat, Meow, Deposit Half-Eaten Bird in Your ShoeCleo: The Cat Who Mended a Family is a heart-warming memoir about a woman whose family is torn apart by the tragic death of her 9-year-old son, who only wanted a kitten for his birthday. He was told he had to wait until spring, and unfortunately, he never lived to see the kitten become a part of his family.As any cat-lover will tell you, the runt of any litter is usually the last to be adopted. Usually smaller than its siblings, it's had to fight it [...]

    19. Even though this book took me awhile to read (much longer, it seemed than usual for me) I think that was partly because at no time did I resort to skimming it. I tended to give this one a thorough reading, and that is in itself an indication of my more-than-usual absorption in the story.Let me state here, parenthetically, that I do think the book is mis-titled. This isn't really the story of a cat "who mended a family", since that particular family unit was not mended. Undoubtedly Cleo mended th [...]

    20. This book is a wonderful, moving memoir about a cat who helps heal a family after a horrific tragedy strikes them. We get a glimpse into Helen's life after she loses her son, Sam. The family had arranged to adopt Cleo as a birthday present for Sam. When Cleo is delivered to the family, the last thing they were thinking about was giving a kitten a home. They were grieving after losing Sam. As soon as Helen's son, Rob holds Cleo, he smiles for the first time in a very long time. Cleo was indeed ho [...]

    21. CLEO by Helen BrownWhat a little piece of magic this book is. Have your hankie ready, Cleo and Helen would melt the hardest heart. For 24 years, this little black cat was the one constant in the lives of Helen and her family. From the most terrible tragedy that can strike a family, and the various ups and downs that occured in the years afterwards, Cleo kept them all looking forward and up. That is all the plot info that I am going to give because you need to read this for yourself!However Helen [...]

    22. I really enjoyed Helen Brown's novel, Cleo. As soon as I began reading, it seemed to pull me right into the story and made me feel as if I was in the middle of the action. The author describes the characters and their feelings in great detail which can help the reader to relate and can help them to feel their pain, their happiness, their joy and their struggles.Helen wrote in such a way that the story evoked feelings of sorrow, sympathy and saddness in the reader, yet still managed to maintain a [...]

    23. I really loved this book.So why did I love this book so much? Because the author is honest and no one but herself throughout the entire book (the good and the bad and who among us is perfect, much less when we've suffered a great loss like the sudden death of her child, anyway?). I liked her frank and rather straightforward tone, which clearly come through this first person narrative. I will say frankly, the title was somewhat misleading (one of the points other reviewers noted and I agree). Cle [...]

    24. I can't resist stories about cats, so I looked forward to reading this, especially since I'd heard part of a radio interview with the author. Cleo certainly was an amazing little cat, and I found her story a delight. But household cats tend to live narrow lives by human standards, and Cleo's life story would not fill a book. This is also the story of the family she came to live with, and for me the story of the humans held less appeal. Not because of any shortcomings in the writing; Brown writes [...]

    25. I picked up this book because I am a sucker for cute kitten pictures, like the one on the cover. The story was also unbelievably heartwarming. The story starts when Helen Brown's son Sam, just before his ninth birthday, visits a friend whose cat has just recently given birth and picks out the smallest kitten of the litter. He names her Cleo, short for Cleopatra, as her mother has the regal air of an Egyptian queen. As the kittens are newborn, it will be several weeks before Cleo is weaned and ca [...]

    26. Written by New Zealand journalist Helen Brown, this personal memoir talks about how Cleo the cat helped her and her children, particularly her son, adjust to tragedy and change. Helen and her family already had a dog and she wasn't interested in adding a cat to the household, but her oldest son Sam was intent on wanting the cat, and willing to give up birthday gifts in exchange. Helen agreed to adopt the cat as soon as it was ready to leave its mother and Sam picked a name for the kitten. When t [...]

    27. *Books 93 - 2014 *saya akan berikan 3,8 dari 5 bintang untuk buku ini! kisah kucing yang bernama Cleo yang berusaha menyembuhkan luka hati dari seorang keluarga yg kehilangan anggota keluarganya, Sam!kisah2 dan tingkah laku cleo yg sangat menggemaskan bikin saya penasaran sayangnya dia meninggal di usia 24 tahun itu kayak usia 110 tahunan lo di manusiaahh! jujur saya seorang pecinta kucing. dirumah ada 4 ekor kucing dewasa dan 5 ekor anak kucing! tiap ekor bisa saya timang2 atau ciumin satu2 dan [...]

    28. Cleo is the story of a New Zealand family who agrees to get a kitten for their older son's 9th birthday, but before they actually get the kitten the son is killed in a freak car accident. And when Cleo the kitten arrives a few months later the family decides to keep the kitten anyway - and it turns out to be the best decision they could have made. Cleo helps heal the terrible tragedy of Sam's death in different ways for each of the family members. Although the cover quotes Good Housekeeping maga [...]

    29. Amo i gatti alla follia ma Cleo non mi ha stregato. O meglio, l'autoritaria gattina nera ha sicuramente fatto breccia nel mio cuore, ma la storia della sua famiglia non molto: scioccata dalla tragedia iniziale, mi aspettavo più pathos e coinvolgimento, ed invece il libro mi ha più volte annoiata e ho dovuto forzarmi nel proseguire la lettura. Un peccato, i presupposti per una storia memorabile c'erano tutti, ma l'esecuzione non mi ha colpito, così come la maggior parte delle vicende della fam [...]

    30. After a couple of false starts I got right into this book. From the first chapter through to the last I found myself totally immersed with this wonderful family. Cleo the cat shows us how to bridge gaps, love unconditionally, grow old gracefully and to not take life that seriously, despite the grief and sadness that is sometimes thrown at us. The intertwined story of the family and Cleo was superbly written. I at times felt like I was a part of the story, being able to relate to the different st [...]

    31. Helen Brown conta a história da sua própria família e como, com a ajuda de uma gatinha, consegue superar o drama da perda de um filho. Eu, por norma, não leio biografias ou romances cujo enredo seja baseado na história pessoal do autor. Como neste caso a figura central era uma gata, abri uma excepção.Das primeiras 100 páginas – onde acontece o drama e a gatinha Cleo chega à familia – gostei bastante. É divertido e simultaneamente triste mas sem recorrer à lágrima fácil.A partir [...]

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