Star Wars: Vector, Vol. 2

Star Wars Vector Vol Vector is an epic story with repercussions for every era and every hero in the Star Wars galaxy This is the concluding volume Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia have to deal with Vector as it crosses th

  • Title: Star Wars: Vector, Vol. 2
  • Author: John Ostrander Rob Williams
  • ISBN: 9781595822277
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • Vector is an epic story with repercussions for every era and every hero in the Star Wars galaxy This is the concluding volume Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia have to deal with Vector as it crosses their paths and changes the galaxy On the dark surface of a desolate moon, Luke meets his first Jedi since Obi Wan Kenobi, only to realize too late that Celeste Morne is farVector is an epic story with repercussions for every era and every hero in the Star Wars galaxy This is the concluding volume Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia have to deal with Vector as it crosses their paths and changes the galaxy On the dark surface of a desolate moon, Luke meets his first Jedi since Obi Wan Kenobi, only to realize too late that Celeste Morne is far different than his fallen friend twisted by a Sith Talisman and enraged by Darth Vader Then, over 135 years later, Cade Skywalker s plan to assassinate Emperor Darth Krayt is aided by a secret weapon in the form of Celeste Morne the Jedi Knight of the Old Republic who is in possession of, and possibly possessed by, the powerful Muur Talisman Cade and Celeste will change the galaxy for better, or for worse Book Details Format PaperbackPublication Date 6 9 2009Pages 144

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    1. John Ostrander is an American writer of comic books He is best known for his work on Suicide Squad, Grimjack and Star Wars Legacy, series he helped create.Originally an actor in a Chicago theatre company, Ostrander moved into writing comics in 1983 His first published works were stories about the character Sargon, Mistress of War , who appeared the First Comics series Warp , based on a series of plays by that same Chicago theatre company He is co creator of the character Grimjack with Timothy Truman, who originally appeared in a back up story in the First Comics title, Starslayer, before going on to appear in his own book, again published by First Comics in the mid 1980s First Comics ceased publication in 1991, by which time Ostrander was already doing work for other comics companies his first scripts for DC Comics were published in 1986.Prior to his career in comic books, Ostrander studied theology with the intent of becoming a Catholic priest, but now describes himself as an agnostic His in depth explorations of morality were later used in his work writing The Spectre, a DC Comics series about the manifestation of the wrath of God His focus on the character s human aspect, a dead police detective from the 1930s named Jim Corrigan, and his exploration of moral and theological themes brought new life to a character often thought of as impossible to write He has also worked on Firestorm, Justice League, Martian Manhunter, Manhunter, Suicide Squad, and Wasteland for DC.

    2. The plan to assassinate Darth Krayt moves forward. Cade Skywalker and his crew encounter an unexpected Jedi from the past Celeste Morne.Morne while wearing the Muur Talisman has been held the mind of Sith Lord Karness Muur captive for years. Morne being impressed with Cade decides to help him kill Darth Krayt.Vector was a bit different because the volume contained part of a massive Star Wars crossover on Celeste Morne. She wasn't bad perhaps I could've even liked her if I read the whole crossove [...]

    3. This comic is actually a 2 in 1 and the conclusion to the Vector series. The first book is the fourth book in the Rebellion series and the second book is the sixth book in the Legacy series. I would rate the first comic a three, and the second a four, so a 3 1/2 overall rather three.One of the characters in the Rebellion series Able is an intriguing supporting character, I didn't like what happened to him in the comic. I'd like to have heard more about that character, or even see a comic about h [...]

    4. Vector was a bad idea that ends up looking better than it should because it's woven through 4 storylines of above-average quality. Celeste Morne jumps into Legacy as one of the better characters, and the Muur talisman sets up some kind of trite tests of faith for them. But this isn't an interruption in the main story; it proceeds at an even faster pace than ever here. Darth Krayt dies! It should be a big deal but it doesn't feel like one at the time. The worst part about this isn't the Vector pr [...]

    5. Here's the other half of the Vector crossover series - these chapters were intertwined with Star Wars: Rebellion and Star Wars: Legacy.I liked the Rebellion segments quite a lot. I love Luke, the artwork was very good, and the story was interesting. Once again, Celeste gets to shine a bit here.It really fell down for me in this last (longer) segment. First of all, this was my very first experience with Cade Skywalker and his universe. He didn't impress me. This is due to a combination of his per [...]

    6. Vector is actually a storyline that spanned the four major Star Wars comic lines of the time in which it was written. That included Knights of the Old Republic, set 4000 years before the movies; , which covers the period just after ; Star Wars Rebellion, which is set during the original trilogy of films; and Star Wars Legacy, which I have been reading. This is actually the second volume of the storyline, covering the latter two periods.Celeste Morne is a Jedi Knight from 4,000 years in the past, [...]

    7. It's been far too long since I finally f***ing finished this series. Yes, I mean, I read Legacy 1-11 but I never read this INCREDIBLY CRUCIAL issue.I seriously thought that this was a short plot deviation, but no! This is a climactic moment in the Star Wars Legacy plotline, as evidenced by Issue #7, where I was completely confused.But, before I even talk about the story, can I just express how foolish it was to include these two issues into Vector? It not only screws up the numbering for the Leg [...]

    8. Yes, finally a proper crossover storyline with the original trilogy events! This book starts off at an undisclosed point in time (I figure somewhere between the first and second films, since Luke has just lost his first Jedi master and still doesn't know much about the Force), with a plot by Vader to destroy the Rebel Alliance. He send them on a fool's mission to a planet near the core where a Jedi/Sith has been imprisoned due to her ability to turn non-Force users into creatures called Rakghoul [...]

    9. Vector volume 2 raconte la suite des aventures de Celeste Morne, une Jedi qui est prise avec un talisman Sith. Elle fait tout pour éviter qu'il tombe entre mauvaises mains. La première partie est la rencontre de Celeste avec Luke et Leia. Le talisman est vite attiré par les pouvoir des enfants d'Anakin Skywalker. La seconde partie se passe près de 130 ans plus tard avec Cade Skywalker, un des descendant de Luke. Encore une fois, le talisman est attiré par le grand pouvoir des Skywalker.Je n [...]

    10. "Vector, Volume 2" is part of a decades-spanning crossover that somehow advances the current Star Wars: Legacy plot. Cade Skywalker and his crew run across a Jedi struggling against the possession of an evil Sith master; she has the ability to make werewolf-like monsters, which comes in handy when you're trying to bump off the evil head of the galaxy. This new Jedi, Celeste Morne, joins the group's assassination attempt, only to find herself on the cusp of betrayal as the Sith possessing her tri [...]

    11. I'm currently reading the "Legacy" series so I don't remember where things were in the "Rebellion" arc. I think it was a little forced that (view spoiler)[ Vader conveniently after 10 years decides to see what happened to Celeste Morne by luring the rebels into a trap. This was done of course to connect Celeste to all 4 story lines (3 of the story lines involving a Skywalker).(hide spoiler)]The second arc, set during "Legacy", was one of the best arcs in this series and the best of the Vector cr [...]

    12. A fitting end to the Vector saga. I likes Dark Horse's attempt at a major cross over event. It was small enough that it could be followed in the confines of their four main Star Wars titles at the time. A neophyte-Jedi Luke encountering Celeste was a rather interesting plot device. Celeste continually seems to be less human, but still a hero trying to keep Muur at bay. I like that Celeste put a seed of doubt in Luke's head about his future. The end of the story in the Legacy era is one of my fav [...]

    13. The second half of a crossover between four ongoing Star Wars titles. This contains one story with Luke Skywalker set during the rebellion, and one set over a century later with Cade Skywalker. The connection is a long-lived former jedi, Celeste Morne, who is bonded with the Muur talisman and the Sith consciousness within it. As well as volume two of *Vector*, this also stands as volume four of *Rebellion* and volume six of *Legacy*, a bizarre set-up that left me searching fruitlessly for the la [...]

    14. I read Legacy, Volume 6 and skipped the Rebellion volume. (Sorry but I'm just not that interested in crossovers like this.)Cade Skywalker tries to force a confrontation with Darth Krayt and this time there are some consequences. I figured that something big had to happen here since otherwise no one would read the combined volumeI'm glad that the plot is picking up pace after the previous volume, which was rather slow.I thought that the crossover character was just mediocre. (view spoiler)[Yet an [...]

    15. Reading the Rebellion portion was hard for me because I knew that that particular series was cancelled and that there's no resolution to Darca Nyl's beef with Wyl Tarson. It's great to see Celeste Morne accept her fate as Karness Muur's prison. The Legacy portion of Vector is definitely the best of the four. It clearly advances the story of Legacy, resulting in Azlyn Rae's wounds and the killing of Darth Krayt, which was very gutsy to do with such a huge villain. Seeing Darth Wyyrlok kill a defe [...]

    16. Now we get to the main reason I decided to read the Vector crossover story. MOre than half (at least it seemed that way) of this volume is Cade's and Celeste's story by John Ostrander. Not only does Ostrander deliver his usual solid storytelling, but for me, this section of the star Wars Legacy story helped make the two following TPBS that I have read make more sense story wise. Arguably for completists, and John Ostrander fans.

    17. Crossover events as a way to get readers to ry another series in a line of books generally are a bad idea, but this lost-in-time Jedi story delivers a very satisfying story with major implications for the Legacy line in particular. While the art varies across the series, the final arc is breathtakingly beautiful and action packed. Well worth the read, even if you aren't a ST:EU comics fan.

    18. 4.5? Interesting story. Kind of odd seeing non-movie events happen with Luke and Leia, hard to believe it really happened. (That's why I wouldn't give it a full five stars.) But I enjoyed the part with Cade, and really liked the character Morne.

    19. Final chapter of the Vector story-line. Events triggered during the great war between Mandalorians and Republic are brought to the end in the not-so-bright future where new Sith order controls (yet again) the entire galaxy.[return][return]Recommended

    20. I did not read Vector Volume 1, but I read this simply to read the Legacy series volume contained within. I was impressed by the story, for the most part, and found the conclusion exciting and shocking I'm eager to read the next edition now.

    21. Ah, I do hate when they do epic multi-title crossover stories, when I only have a third of the story to read. Haaaaate.

    22. Rebellion Part not yet read, going to read it in Omnibus At War With Empire 2.Read the legacy part in Legacy HC book 2, haven't seen something this awesome going on in Star Wars.

    23. Vector is a very cool series that spans many different time spans from the Old Republic to the future during the Legacy series.

    24. Not as strong as the first volume, but still very good. Ties in the latter half of this story that spans all of the (then) current comic timelines.

    25. "Hey, these Star Wars comics aren't half bad after all! wait, wait. Yes, they are. They are almost exactly half bad. Ah, well."

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