The Road Out of Hell: Sanford Clark and the True Story of the Wineville Murders

The Road Out of Hell Sanford Clark and the True Story of the Wineville Murders From to Gordon Stewart Northcott committed at least murders on a chicken ranch outside of Los Angeles His nephew Sanford Clark was held captive there from the age of to and was

  • Title: The Road Out of Hell: Sanford Clark and the True Story of the Wineville Murders
  • Author: Anthony Flacco Jerry Clark Michael Stone
  • ISBN: 9781402768699
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From 1926 to 1928, Gordon Stewart Northcott committed at least 20 murders on a chicken ranch outside of Los Angeles His nephew, Sanford Clark, was held captive there from the age of 13 to 15, and was the sole surviving victim of the killing spree Here, acclaimed crime writer Anthony Flacco using never before heard information from Sanford s son Jerry Clark tells the realFrom 1926 to 1928, Gordon Stewart Northcott committed at least 20 murders on a chicken ranch outside of Los Angeles His nephew, Sanford Clark, was held captive there from the age of 13 to 15, and was the sole surviving victim of the killing spree Here, acclaimed crime writer Anthony Flacco using never before heard information from Sanford s son Jerry Clark tells the real story behind the case that riveted the nation Forced by Northcott to take part in the murders, Sanford carried tremendous guilt all his life Yet despite his youth and the trauma, he helped gain some justice for the dead and their families by testifying at Northcott s trial which led to his conviction and execution It was a shocking story, but perhaps the most shocking part of all is the extraordinarily ordinary life Clark went on to live as a decorated WWII vet, a devoted husband of 55 years, a loving father, and a productive citizen.In dramatizing one of the darkest cases in American crime, Flacco constructs a riveting psychological drama about how Sanford was able to detoxify himself from the evil he d encountered, offering the ultimately redemptive story of one man s remarkable ability to survive a nightmare and emerge intact.

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    1. Anthony s background as a trained stage actor with over 2,000 performances under his Actors Equity membership provides the primary basis for his critically acclaimed ability to empathize with a wide cross section of personalities His screenwriting experience is also of great use in telling narrative stories that are visually compelling, whether for the screen of a reader s imagination or the screen of a theatre or at home.He was selected for the prestigious American Film Institute fellowship in Screenwriting, and received his MFA in writing there in 1990 after winning AFI s Paramount Studios Fellowship Award for his script, The Frog s Legacy He was then selected out of 2,000 entrants for the Walt Disney Studios Screenwriting Fellowship, and spent a year writing for the Touchstone Pictures division.His first nonfiction book, A Checklist for Murder, was acquired in auction by Dell Books as a mass market paperback and turned in solid sales Anthony adapted his book as a two hour television movie script and sold it to NBC Studios for a movie of the week For the next several years, he worked as a freelance script doctor and story editor.Anthony was hired by the Discovery Channel to write a two hour documentary entitled Deadly Spree, based on a true story His true crime writing was also featured on a one hour episode of The Prosecutors for Court TV.Anthony served as a national Judge for the Illinois Arts Council, writing individual evaluations for over 100 screenplays for their 2003 Writing Awards His screenplay, Tesla s Best Secret, was a finalist in the Alfred Sloan Fellowship for Sundance.In addition to his own writing, Anthony has served as a freelance editor for books and book proposals that have recently sold to Hay House, Vanderwyck Burnham, Rodale Press, and Lyons Press He has also written book proposals for other authors who have gone on to garner publication contracts with Rodale Press, Random House, and St Martin s Press.His nonfiction book Tiny Dancer St Martin s Press was selected by Reader s Digest as their Editor s Choice for August, 2005 their 1,000th Commemorative Issue The book has been internationally acclaimed, and as of 2007, received Best Seller status in Italy Kansas City Star named Tiny Dancer one of the 100 Most Noteworthy Books of 2005 Anthony also edited the first two manuscripts for a new series of humorous books written by gay and straight couples, called E Musings, which have sold to Marabout for French translation.Anthony s first two novels of historical fiction are from Mortalis Books at Ballantine Random House The first, The Last Nightingale, was released in June of 2007, with the second, The Hidden Man, published in June of 2008.An experienced public speaker, Anthony frequently gives seminars on crime writing brief syllabus available He is a featured speaker on writing for writers conferences and clubs.

    2. I've noticed some folks here on didn't enjoy this book.It's not any easy nor enjoyable read,far from it! But the fact thatthis kid could go through so much with his truly evil uncle,includingbeing raped and molested.But STILL grow up to be a fine upstandingman and husband is REMARKABLE! Too bad I can't give this bookmore than 5 stars.

    3. This was such a tough book to read , not because it was badly written but because of its subject matter. The Wineville murders were unknown to me before I read this book, it is unbelievable to be able to comprehend how much suffering this guy went through at the hand of his uncle . This is a biography more or less and trigger warning (the first 100 pages will be very hardcore). If you want to read more about crime and/or redemption storiesis is the book for you. Slow reading after the first 100 [...]

    4. The crimes committed by Gordon Northcott in Wineville, California were heinous enough for the city to later change its name to Mira Loma. That’s saying something right there. This book was insane. It read like fiction and it was easy to forget that it wasn’t. I wanted it to be fiction. Sanford Clark was only 13 when his uncle Gordon took him with him from Canada to Wineville, a small town outside of Los Angeles. Sanford’s mom allowed it and his Dad didn’t try hard to stop it. So off he g [...]

    5. "I have never read a book like this in my life. When I finished, I wanted to crawl into a ball and sob but also wanted to throw up at the thought of everything that little boy had to suffer. I'm still shaken up by the book that my stomach is still churning several hours after finishing, but I wanted to write this review while my feelings were so raw. [return:][return:][return:]Unfortunately, I had no idea what the Wineville murders were. My knowledge of them unfolded only as I kept turning the p [...]

    6. Wow this book takes you on such a journey! Its definitely off the track from my normal smut reading. It's not pretty or pleasant and this doesn’t end on quite a happy note. But it’s definitely worth the read. What intrigued me to read this to begin with was recently I’ve been watching this great show “American Horror Story Hotel” and couple weeks ago they had an episode that featured The WineVille Chicken coop Murders. At first the story was so horrific that I thought this had to be ma [...]

    7. This is a hard book to rate. Writing 5 stars. The subject matter is very disturbing. I read a lot of serial killer type books, but this one is one of the most upsetting, likely because almost all the victims were children. It IS a very good read, if you can withstand what the monster did to his victims, including his own nephew. The story of Sanford's reintegration to society and living an exemplary life, after being rescued, was powerful. Picked it because of the connection to my hometown (Sask [...]

    8. This is a story that will stay with you and rip your heart out. The content is not an easy read by any means. The accounts recalled here are graphic and harrowing. I wanted to reach into this book so many times to just embrace Sanford and shield him from the terrors he faced. Ultimately this book is a testament of the triumph of the human spirit in the face of pure evil.

    9. In 1926, at thirteen years of age, Sanford Clark was given away by his mother to his uncle, Gordon Stewart Northcott. Northcott took the boy from Canada and illegally brought him into the United States where he was used as slave labor on a chicken ranch and sexually abused. Northcott also brought other boys to the chicken ranch to sexually abuse and murder. He forced Sanford to help him dispose of some of the boys. He used that and the fact that the boy was in the US illegally to keep Sanford fr [...]

    10. The emotional honesty of this book is almost too much to bear at times. It horrified me and broke my heart. The movie, The Changeling, starring Angelina Jolie, was based on this murder case. This book tells the story of the psychotic murderer's only witness, the young nephew he forced into his personal hell. The boy not only survived, but lived a long, good, and productive life. Tormented by guilt, flashbacks, brutal migraines for the rest of his life, he sought comfort and redemption in the pur [...]

    11. Immediate response notes - Review proper to follow:I cannot remember the last time I cried whilst reading a book. I've cried watching films and documentaries because they present animated imagery to see. Books are but words onlyunless they are so powerful that they embed themselves into your being and you cannot stop the emotions overflowing, nor the horror of imagining what must have befell the poor unfortunates.This account is written with compassion and without self pity or sentimentally and [...]

    12. Sanford's development is bittersweet, because he clearly could never forgive himself for his inability to save more people, or for what he was forced to do on that ranch. He was never able to entirely shake that line his uncle sold him about guilt. But I'm glad an entire third of the book is dedicated to his life after escaping. Uncle Stewart's is a truly disturbing account balanced only by Sanford's efforts, his constant fight to not succumb, a great need to be productive and do good, to raise [...]

    13. Tough, heartbreaking read, but the sparks of light and hope made it worth it. So shocking and sad, it's almost unbelievable.

    14. This scratched my true crime, non-fiction itch. It is brutally detailed and I would not recommend it for the sensitive. That being said the writing style is excellent and it makes for a quick engaging read.

    15. Book ReviewThe Road Out Of Hell-- Sanford Clark and the True Story of the Wineville MurdersBy Anthony Flacco with Jerry ClarkUnion Square Press; 285 pages, It's not often we get to hear the story from the victim of a serial killer as we do in this sensitively written account of Sanford Clark, the nephew of serial killer Gordon Stewart Northcott. In 1926 Northcott snatched his nephew, 13 year old Sanford, away from his self centered sister and used him for sex as well as his servant and accompl [...]

    16. True crime story told from the perspective of the captive nephew of Gordon Stewart Northcott, who murdered 20 children in the late 1920's California. See: The Changeling film by Clint Eastwood

    17. This story is a true crime that took place between 1926 & 1928 in a town called wineville, outside of L.A. The story starts off with the life of the young cousin who by the age of thirteen is sent with his older cousin to help him on his chicken farm in California. They Canada and make the drive all the way down. The terror starts on the trip and does not end for years. It is not until his sister who after a visit and notices changes in her little brother that she knows something is horribly [...]

    18. In 1929, George Stewart Northcutt was tried in Riverside County and convicted for the murder of twenty boys at his chicken ranch in Wineville. George's nephew, 15-year-old Sanford Clark, was the chief witness for the prosecution. This is the story of Sanford Clark, of how he came to be held a sexual slave and unwilling accomplice to his uncle, how his grandmother not only ignored the abuse of Sanford, but aided and abetted her son, Stewart, in his crimes. Ultimately, the story is also about Sanf [...]

    19. I don't hand out a lot of five star ratings. A book has to be more than be well-written for that - actually that's not even the highest criterion. For a five star rating, a book must speak to me. This one does.I won't summarize. There are many reviews and reviewers that have done that. I will simply give you three reasons you need to read this book.1) You will close it knowing without a doubt that evil exists, and that it cannot be satiated with kindness. Gordon Stewart Northcutt makes Jeffrey D [...]

    20. I've been a reader of serial killer books since I was 8 (I'm in my 12th year in law enforcement and finishing my 3rd year as a forensic analyst plus I have a B.S. in psychology and always was curious about the criminal mind); however, I never heard of this particular one until a coworker mentioned it to me. She read this book and let me borrow it. Reading the book from the point of view from a survivor was definitely a different pace than usual, as most are from psychiatrists and authors who use [...]

    21. An Unexpected good read!I had this book on my kindle and it just said The Road out of Hell. I did notice that people who had read it liked it but that was all I knew.So I did not know it was about the Wineville Murders. I consider myself quite knowledgeable about true crime books but I had not heard about this crime.(To be honest I still have to check google to find out more. I of course did google but only searched the images, to worried I would lean the outcome.)Anyway so I did not know where [...]

    22. A gripping read that I read solidly through the night. I watched the film 'Changeling' a couple of years ago which is what originally sparked my interest in the book, but my morbid curiosity compels me to read about serial killers in general. This book is well written and although the 'weight' metaphor did grate from overuse I cannot think of another metaphor that could express the intensity of Sanford Clark's trauma. To Flacco's credit, the repetition only reinforces it. A harrowing story rathe [...]

    23. I first heard about this book in a discussion of "most disturbing" books. This is the story of Sanford Clark, who at age 13 was sent to America (from Canada) with his Uncle Stewart, and was forced to become an accomplice to about 20 murders committed by his uncle. In addition to being raped and beaten, Sanford had to listen to his uncle do the same to a number of young boys over the course of three years. As they were isolated on a chicken farm in the desert outside of Los Angeles, and Sanford w [...]

    24. This is a very sad story about the manipulation and abuse that Sanford Clark suffered at the hands of his psycho Uncle Stewart. Sanford was sent to live with Uncle Stewart because his domineering, self-centered mother said they could not afford to keep him. His spineless father did nothing to stop this even though they all agreed that there was something "off" about Stewart. Stewart's parents (Sanford's grandparents) were also crazy as well. I had seen the Discovery Channel's Most Evil program a [...]

    25. Vi consiglio vivamente questo libro che vi coinvolgerà dandovi vari temi di riflessione. L’uomo è un mondo misterioso capace di brutture impensabili e bontà illimitata. In molti casi l’una esclude l’altra anche se la distinzione non è sempre così netta.Lo scrittore Anthony Flacco, per ricostruire questa storia vera, si è avvalso dell’aiuto di Jerry Clark, figlio adottivo di Sanford. La vicenda è alla base del film Changeling di Clint Eastwood.“Come può un ragazzo attraversare t [...]

    26. The true story of Stanford Clark is horrific and remarkable!!! Any person that blames a "rough" childhood for the wrong doings of their adulthood will feel like a weak-minded fool after reading this book! This young man endured a evil few could ever imagine. I don't want to give any of this book away just trust me. READ IT!!! An incredible story that will give you strength. This kid is a inspiration to anyone that has battled through the toughest adversity. I picked this book out by chance. turn [...]

    27. I found this book utterly repulsive and disturbing. I even found myself wondering how someone could stand to write a book like this. It takes a truly disturbed person to do the things described in this book but I can't imagine how much trauma Flacco went through while compiling the story. I like to think that there is an inherent goodness in every person on this earth because we are all children of God, and I cannot fathom where Uncle Stewart went astray to become this truly evil. That is the on [...]

    28. This is the True Crime story of the Wineville Murders that occurred in the late 1920's. I just could not put this book down. Parts of this book left me in a state is disbelief that a monster like Gordon Stewart Northcott got away with what he was doing for so long. Anthony Flacco did a wonderful job of pulling you into Sanford Clark's, a innocent boy,horrific account of survival. I also like the added chapters of what happen to Sanford as he grew up and had a family of his own. Must warn others [...]

    29. Excellent book! Could not put this book down! It was amazing to me how someone could experience everything that he did aand wound up being normal. The movie Chaingling was supposed to be based on this book but it wasnt even close. BUY this book. This true story is so tradgic that California had to change the name of the town so people would live there again! The best true crime book I've ever read.

    30. For anyone who saw the movie, The Changeling with Angelina Jolie, this is the true story of a serial killer in California in 1930. It is the story of the killer's nephew who was forced to participate--really horrifying and I had to skip some too graphic parts--but it is ultimately a story of survival and how one man triumphed over evil and managed to live a good life. It is the story that the movie was based on.

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