If You Live Like Me

If You Live Like Me Before her plane even touches down in Newfoundland Cheryl is already plotting her escape She knows life on this isolated rock will be no better than it was in the other places she s been forced to li

  • Title: If You Live Like Me
  • Author: Lori Weber
  • ISBN: 9781897550120
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback
  • Before her plane even touches down in Newfoundland, Cheryl is already plotting her escape She knows life on this isolated rock will be no better than it was in the other places she s been forced to live, ever since her parents launched a cross Canada tour so her father could gather material for his book The unwilling spectator of her father s morbid fascination with dyinBefore her plane even touches down in Newfoundland, Cheryl is already plotting her escape She knows life on this isolated rock will be no better than it was in the other places she s been forced to live, ever since her parents launched a cross Canada tour so her father could gather material for his book The unwilling spectator of her father s morbid fascination with dying cultures, Cheryl has seen than her fair share of small towns so depressing they could haunt your dreams As events bigger than Cheryl swirl around her, will her refusal to let a new life in cut her off from those who love her If You Live Like Me explores the bonds that form in strange and unexpected ways and shows how letting go can lead to the strongest connections of all.Lori Weber, a native of Montreal, Quebec, is the author of several acclaimed titles for young adults, including Klepto, Strange Beauty, Tattoo Heaven and Split in the SideStreets series Weber teaches in the English department at John Abbott College in Ste Anne de Bellevue, Quebec.

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    1. I was born and raised in Montreal, in a neighbourhood called ParkExtension This was a great place for a writer to grow up because therewere lots of colourful characters around, lots of street life, and lots ofdifferent ethnicities to be curious about The predominant ethnic group atthe time the 60s was Greek I grew up hearing as much Greek asFrench and English, and I learned to love the food and customs of myGreek friends It was, however, early training in being of anobserver than a participant When I was 13 my parents bought a house inVille St Laurent, a suburb of Montreal Perhaps because of my Park Exdays, I found myself hanging out mostly with a group of Armenian friendsthe first few years I was just comfortable being different and having todecode foreign languages This gave me an interest in languages, so Iwent on to learn German my father s heritage , as well as Spanish inlater life, which means I speak four languages, although none but Englishwell enough to write in.At cegep which exists only in Quebec and is a transitional stage ofhigher education between high school and university , I started to writestories in my Creative Writing classes There, I met a teacher, Fran, whobecame a mentor and really encouraged me to develop this passion.That s when I first started to feel that I could be a writer and actuallypublish I began going to readings and writing workshops whenever Icould, to immerse myself in writing culture.I studied English literature at university, but part time, because I workedand supported myself from the age of 19 on I lived in many differentparts of Montreal, including downtown, Verdun, the Plateau, and didmany different office jobs, such as documentation clerk in a shippingcompany and assistant editor for a Public Relations newspaper at McGill.Throughout all this time, I continued to write stories and had a fewpublished, along with some poems, in small press magazines.At the age of 29, Bachelor s Degree, in hand, I moved with my partner toNova Scotia and did a Master s Degree in English I got my MA andbecame a Ma all within weeks of each other, which was a neatexperience.The next move was across the water to Newfoundland, a place I hadnever been to The ferry crossing was wild, with ripping wind and highwaves which I feared would sweep my six week old daughter overboard ifI went outside We stayed in St John s for two fantastic years.Newfoundland is everything and than people say it is charming,special, wet, and wonderful.We returned to Quebec and I pursued a degree in teaching English,which led to my current job as an English teacher at John Abbott Collegein Montreal, where I have been teaching for 11 years Seven years in, Idecided that if I were ever going to get back to writing in a seriousway, I had to lessen my teaching load, so I began teaching part time andwriting This led to my first book, Klepto I have continued tocombine teaching and writing ever since Both are labour intensive andthe two together equal than one full time job, but I m so happy to beable to earn a living and continue writing books.

    2. Reviewed by Steph for TeensReadTooCheryl has moved a lot throughout her life. Due to her father's work on his anthropological book, Cheryl has had to travel with her parents all across Canada as he does research.However, there is one aspect of life in St. John that Cheryl might find pleasingd his name is Jim.Jim is Cheryl's new next-door neighbor, and he is as fascinated with Cheryl as she is with him, much to her disdain. She would rather pack up everything and head back to the city, but as she [...]

    3. Lori Weber’s If You Live Like Me is yet another book that’s been sitting on my bookshelf for way too long, even though I’ve heard some great things about it. Thankfully, I finally tried it last week, and I was surprised, perhaps even blown away a bit, as If You Live Like Me is an extraordinary contemporary about a girl living in Newfoundland.If You Like Me begins just as Cheryl is arriving in Newfoundland, the place where she is to begin her fourth school in less than four years. To say Ch [...]

    4. I have to thank Ms. Weber for writing this amazing book. I could completely relate to the main character 16 year old Cher( Cherie). Cher and her family are from Montreal but her father Kevin is a anthropologist and it has them moving a lot. Cher has lived in the prairies of Saskatchewan. Being in grade ten and moving all over again Cher finds it hard to accept and keeps telling her parents she is going to find a way to move back home to Montreal where all of her friends are.When arriving in Newf [...]

    5. This book was a little boring for me. There was nothing that kept me really wanting to read, so it took a while to get through. It's only been about a week since I finished it and I've already forgotten what a lot of it was about. However, as I read it, I kept thinking it would be a lot more enjoyable and I probably would have related better to it if I had read it while I was in my teens instead of as an adult.

    6. Cheryl has one wish: to go home. Home, as far as she’s concerned, is Montreal – a real, bustling city where she fit in and had friends. Given her parents’ plans, Cheryl is sure she’ll never have friends again. Travelling around Canada with her anthropologist father and her cheerful mother is bad enough, but the worst part is the reason for all the moves. Cheryl’s father is writing a book about dying cultures, so the family has been living in different communities for the last three yea [...]

    7. This is one of those plots that never dies, a teenager moved from town to town against their will by their parents. The teenager is resentful and sullen, but eventually falls in love with this, the latest place they are moved to. I think we've all read dozens of books with essentially that exact same plot. It's all in the execution that makes one of these books worth reading.And the execution is spot on here. Sometimes, it can be hard to understand what makes this, the latest place so wonderful [...]

    8. Cheryl is unhappy about yet another move with her parents, this time to St. John's, Newfoundland. Her anthropologist father is gathering research for his book about dying cultures, and Cheryl is tired of living in dying communities. She resents her parents' enthusiasm for each new place and refuses to be drawn in or attached to St. John's in any way. Then she meets the boy next door and his family, and through a series of incidents Cheryl learns to look beyond herself and appreciate the people a [...]

    9. At first I wasn't sure I would like this novel. The opening chapters read like a travelogue. But I soon realized that the setting was as much a character as any of the humans. The Newfoundland culture is fascinating, this does sound breathtaking, and the young man, Jim, is the perfect person to meet if you have lost your sense of joy. He has much to teach the protagonist, Cheryl, about courage, friendship, family, and compassion. A gentle story of a girl who has chosen a bitter outlook on life a [...]

    10. Hate hate hate this book. I'm sorry. The writing was just so appalling. Not to mention in the first chapter or two. the guy says "I'll see you tomorrow maybe." The girl catalogues this as "OMG he just asked me out." The next day, the guy shows up and says to girl's parents: "Hi, I'm taking your daughter out."I'm fairly certain that "I'll see you tomorrow maybe" ≠ "Hey, do you want to go out with me tomorrow?"Certain readers may find it interesting. but I am most definitely not one of them.

    11. This is a fascinating story. I've left a lot of details out of the summary because I don't want to spoil it. Everyone, not just teens who have moved a lot, can relate to Cheryl's feelings of ambivalence, frustration, isolation, and needing to belong. The author has crafted a beautiful story and characters you think are perfect have flaws; and the "bad guys" aren't as flawed as you thought. The family dynamics for both families are well portrayed.To read our full review, go to The Reading Tub®.

    12. 1/7/11I am on page 102 of If You Live Like Me. I can really vizualize what the main character, Cheryl looks like. The author uses good detail to describe her clothes and face.

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