Curious George at the Fire Station

Curious George at the Fire Station This time George is in serious trouble When he rings the bell on the fire engine the firemen think there s a real fire It seems that a fire station is no place for a curious monkey unless that monkey

  • Title: Curious George at the Fire Station
  • Author: Margret Rey H.A. Rey Alan J. Shalleck
  • ISBN: 9780395390313
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Paperback
  • This time George is in serious trouble When he rings the bell on the fire engine, the firemen think there s a real fire It seems that a fire station is no place for a curious monkey unless that monkey is George, who can do what none of the firemen can to make a quick rescue.

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      161 Margret Rey H.A. Rey Alan J. Shalleck
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    1. Margret Elizabeth Rey May 16, 1906 December 21, 1996 , born Margarete Elisabeth Waldstein, was with her husband H A Rey , the co author and illustrator of children s books, best known for their Curious GeorgeAlthough she was born in Germany, she fled to Brazil early in her life to escape Nazism While there, she met her future husband Hans who was a salesman and also from Germany They married in 1935 and moved to Paris, France that same year.While in Paris, Hans s animal drawings came to the attention of French publisher, who commissioned him to write a children s book The result, Rafi and the Nine Monkeys, is little remembered today, but one of its characters, an adorably impish monkey named Curious George, was such a success that the couple considered writing a book just about him Their work was interrupted with the outbreak of World War II As Jews, the Reys decided to flee Paris before the Nazis seized the city Hans built two bicycles, and they fled Paris just a few hours before it fell Among the meager possessions they brought with them was the illustrated manuscript of Curious George.The Reys odyssey brought them to the Spanish border, where they bought train tickets to Lisbon From there they returned to Brazil, where they had met five years earlier, but this time they continued to New York, New York The books were published by Houghton Mifflin in 1941, though certain changes had to be introduced because of the technology of the time Hans and Margret originally planned to use watercolors to illustrate the books, but since they were responsible for the color separation, he changed these to the cartoon like images that continue to feature in each of the books A collector s edition with the original watercolors was recently released Curious George was an instant success, and the Reys were commissioned to write adventures of the mischievous monkey and his friend, the Man in the Yellow Hat They wrote seven stories in all, with Hans mainly doing the illustrations and Margret working mostly on the stories, though they both admitted to sharing the work and cooperating fully in every stage of development At first, however, Margret s name was left off the cover, ostensibly because there was a glut of women already writing children s fiction In later editions, this was corrected, and Margret now receives full credit for her role in developing the stories.Margret and her husband moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1963, in a house close to Harvard Square Following her husband s death in 1977, Margret continued writing, and in 1979, became a Professor of Creative Writing at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts Starting in 1980, she also began to collaborate with Alan Shalleck on a series of short films featuring Curious George and than two dozen additional books.In 1989 Margret Rey established the Curious George Foundation to help creative children and prevent cruelty to animals In 1996, she made major donations to the Boston Public Library and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center She was also a long time supporter of the Longy School of Music The Reys spent twenty summers in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, to enable H.A Rey to better observe the stars for his astronomy writing They became an integral part of the Waterville community and their legacy is honored by The Margret and H.A Rey Center and the Curious George Cottage located there.Dr Lena Y de Grummond, a professor in the field of library science specializing in children s literature at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Miss contacted the Reys in 1966 about the university s new children s literature collection H.A and Margret made a donation of a pair of sketches at the time In 1996, after Margret s death, it was revealed in her will that the entire literary estate of the Reys were to be donated to the de Grummond Children s Literature Collection at Southern Miss.

    2. George has an adventure at the fire station. I might use this book when talking about problem and solution in the classroom.

    3. Curious George is one of my favorite series of children's books. They're an easy read and there's always a good meaning to them. George rang the bell and caused all the firemen to get ready and made them believe there was a fire. It was just a false alarm and the Chief had to raise his voice a little bit and let George know that what he did was wrong. Then, a puppy almost fell and George climbed up the pole and held out his hat for the puppy to fall into. Sure enough, the puppy fell and George h [...]

    4. Review: All children love Curious George because well he is curious just like children are. This is a great book for children because it is easy to read. Curious George goes on an adventure in this book to the fire station where he learns new things. Learning Experience: An excellent learning experience for Curious George at the Fire Station would be for the whole class to go on a field trip to the fire station. At the fire station the students will learn how important the job of a fireman/firew [...]

    5. I loved this story when I was younger and couldn't wait to read it to my daughter. She enjoyed this tale of George at the fire station as well. After finishing she wanted to go visit a fire station so she could see the dogs. I felt horrible to tell her that most fire stations don't have dogs anymore. At least not the ones that are in our area. Would recommend this story still though.

    6. PB 22: This book could be used when talking about career choices. Although it doesn't really talk about the firemen in action it discusses the fire station. Children will like this book because George is curious just like they are and they might even get in trouble for it sometimes just like George.

    7. This is one of the best books i have read all year. Curious George is like a child always messing with everything. I loved how he rang the fire alarm just like a kid would. I think that's why kids love him so much because they relate. He is so awesome he saves a puppies life in this book. Read it now!

    8. This book has everything fireman related. You come across a fire chief, and fire truck, bells, dalmations, a firemans poleI think the only thing missing was a ladder and a hose.I think that most 2-3 year olds would enjoy this.

    9. I never really liked these books as a kid. As an adult day care worker, I still don't like these books. However, the kids seem to like them more than the average book.

    10. George saves a little puppy from falling down the hole where the fire pole is. A great adventure for Curious George!

    11. Another favorite Curious George book. This time we find George at the fire station and he is of course, curious as always!

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