The Woman Lit By Fireflies

The Woman Lit By Fireflies Across the odd contours of the American landscape Jim Harrison s country its natives search for that which isn t quite irretrievably lost for the incandescent beneath the ordinary An ex Bible student

  • Title: The Woman Lit By Fireflies
  • Author: Jim Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780671744526
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
  • Across the odd contours of the American landscape Jim Harrison s country its natives search for that which isn t quite irretrievably lost, for the incandescent beneath the ordinary An ex Bible student with raucously asocial tendencies rescues the miraculously preserved body of an Indian chief from the frigid depths of Lake Superior, in a caper that nets a wildly unexpectAcross the odd contours of the American landscape Jim Harrison s country its natives search for that which isn t quite irretrievably lost, for the incandescent beneath the ordinary An ex Bible student with raucously asocial tendencies rescues the miraculously preserved body of an Indian chief from the frigid depths of Lake Superior, in a caper that nets a wildly unexpected bounty a band of sixties radicals, now approaching middle age, reunites to free an old comrade from a Mexican jail and rewrite their common history a fifty year old suburban housewife flees quietly from her abusive businessman husband at a highway rest stop, climbs a fence, and explores the bittersweet pageant of the preceding years within the sanctuary of an Iowa cornfield Brown Dog

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    1. Jim Harrison was born in Grayling, Michigan, to Winfield Sprague Harrison, a county agricultural agent, and Norma Olivia Wahlgren Harrison, both avid readers He married Linda King in 1959 with whom he has two daughters Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information His awards include National Academy of Arts grants 1967, 68, 69 , a Guggenheim Fellowship 1969 70 , the Spirit of the West Award from the Mountain Plains Booksellers Association, and election to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 2007.Much of Harrison s writing depicts sparsely populated regions of North America with many stories set in places such as Nebraska s Sand Hills, Michigan s Upper Peninsula, Montana s mountains, and along the Arizona Mexico border.

    2. Three novellasOWN DOG: The first of the Brown Dog novellas. I am, of course, reading them in reverse order, to no apparent detriment. Brown Dog is just one of my favorite charactersNSET LIMITED: Five college friends who drifted into terrorist acts then, a bit of prison, and now highly successful careers. Except for Zip who either remained a terrorist or works for various governments. But he's in a Mexican prison, so the Big Chill group gets the band back together again. It's the kind of vehicle [...]

    3. This was my first Jim Harrison book but it won't be my last. Like many of his books, this one consists of several, unrelated novellas. Each are great in their own right, but two in particular stand out. First, there's "Brown Dog," which is one of the funniest pieces of fiction I've read in a while; Harrison had me laughing out loud nearly once a page. Irreverent, boisterous, bawdy, and utterly unpredictable, "Brown Dog," follows its eponymous narrator (also known as B.D.), a part-Native American [...]

    4. This was the first time that I've read anything by Jim Harrison, about whom I've heard for a while but somehow never made the effort to read. As a writer capable of crafting language with unobtrusive dexterity, characters with depth and dimension, and narratives that sustain interest, Harrison is clearly talented and deserving of his reputation. However, I simply don't share the sensibilities that underlie the themes of his stories, and so I found myself frequently rolling my eyes and "waiting o [...]

    5. It took me ten days to read this book which seemed like a very long time. In five titles Harrison writes three novellas. We all know what novellas are - right? They're short novels or I always thought they were short stories that physically got away from the author and he just rambled on and on until he ran out of gas. Or they were conversely planned to be longer books but ended up much shorter because the author ran out of gas.Now this idea of gas is important. What if you wrote in such a compa [...]

    6. Another three wonderful novellas from Harrison. My favorite is "The Woman Lit By Fireflies,' and not just because of the title, which is so evocative. It's a remarkably nuanced portrait both of an upper- middle-class suburban woman, Clare, who runs away from her husband. He is described as "abusive" on the back copy, but it's not quite so simple. Harrisons shows Clare is responsible for many of the decisions that have shaped her unhappy life.Three very different stories that share the themes of [...]

    7. My first Jim Harrison book, certainly not my last. Too rich to gobble, but too interesting not to. He writes in voices, maintains perspectives, so distinct that it's vertiginous (to me). He firehoses the reader with original thoughts about freedom, love, personal morality, time (remembering and looking forward), physical context so dense and sensual (especially in natural settings) that it feels like being dropped into another person's body. I read it faster than it deserved. Another book for th [...]

    8. After finishing the first story in this collection, I wasn't sure how I would feel about the remaining two. So I dragged my feet, cleaned the house and avoided coming back to these pages. I'm so glad I did. After the bumpy start of a narrator I couldn't relate to in the first story, I found suspense in the tale of estranged college buddies and not more than a little sympathy for 'The Woman Lit by Fireflies.' No doubt other readers will disagree with me on which tale is their favorite, but in thi [...]

    9. Good. Very good. Unfortunately, I'd already read "Legends of the Fall," a collection to which almost nothing can stand up. The novellas in "Legends" made an indellible mark on me. These were interesting, though not as powerful. Still worth the time, obviously. Thanks, Jim, for your excellent work.

    10. I am now a huge fan of Jim Harrison. I did not want to start with his more famous works. I picked this book at random and have since bought another one of his novels. This book is honest, easy to read, and has just enough dark humor to satisfy me.

    11. 2/2018 Three sad stories. Not crying sad, but worldly sad. Empty lives with little or no redemption, direction, or joy. I had trouble relating to the the characters. Many of the early actions, of the characters in the stories, came back to haunt them. Well written, just not uplifting.

    12. Yet again, another author that, had i been exposed to him in high school, might have made me a writing major as an undergrad.

    13. Harrison is quintessential writing for men: their free flowing joys, biases and vulnerabilities. Quietly great stuff.

    14. short fiction, not really my favorite genre. uneven once again, I find I either love or hate his work. The last story was very good.

    15. I think this is the earliest of Jim Harrison's books that I've read. It stands out with an energy and ease that I found very pleasing.The book is divided into three novellas, starting off with a ribald bang with Brown Dog. In the first of Brown Dog's adventures, he is faced with two problems. One is keeping a Chippewa burial ground secret from his girlfriend and her anthropologist cronies. The other is transporting the corpse of an Indian chief from where he found it at the bottom of Lake Superi [...]

    16. Brown Dog is the first novella in this collection. He is the storyteller and his experiences may lead to the unearthing of an ancient Native American grave mound to his friend and lover whose dream is to become a famous anthropologist. He does not know who his father might have been, a fact that haunts him throughout his life. When he discovers the body of an Indian chief he wonders if it could have been him.The second story, titled Sunset Limited, finds four friends who demonstrated against war [...]

    17. Agh, Harrison does it again. This was really fantastic. Harrison is such a great storyteller, and plus a wonderfully talented writer. He can clearly do pretty much anything he wants, and in the three novella collections I've read (of three novellas each) he does. None of his novellas ever feel remotely similar to one another. The only thing tying them together is great writing, language-, storytelling-, and character-wise. The middle novella here (Sunset Limited) meandered a bit, but the first a [...]

    18. Although it took me a while to get into these novellas, they were entertaining once we got off the ground. I'd recommend them if you're looking for a quick read, particularly if you like sort of wacky adventure stories. The characters are very memorable.Side note: Interestingly, this book is the last one in my "I wouldn't necessarily buy this book or check it out of the library, but someone gave or lent it to me, so I'll read it" stack. I told myself that I would not buy or check out any more bo [...]

    19. This is a Jim Harrison trilogy of novellas. The title story, The Woman Lit by Fireflies, is my second favorite short story of all time (the first being John Irving's The Pension Grillparzer). Having lived in the midwest and been set adrift in that ocean of grasslands and cornfields, and having fled at least one life into another, I can say that somehow Jim Harrison broke in and stole everything I thought at the time and put those thoughts and fears into this story. The book also contains the sto [...]

    20. Having enjoyed his previous collection of novellas, "Legends of the Fall", I had heard good things about this collection. Most notably was "Brown Dog", a story of an anti-hero which has elements of satire. There were a number of good things said about the title story. The consensus is that the middle story, "Sunset Limited", was the weakest story. My opinions ended up being exactly opposite. "Sunset Limited", the story of aging '60s radicals joining to free a colleague from a Mexican jail, was t [...]

    21. This book contains three novellas published in 1990. Brown Dog is the first which is a portrait of a good-hearted, but hapless man in the U.P. His troubles with finding a Chief at the bottom of Lake Superior and drinking, etc. leave him adrift at the end. Sunset Limited is the second one that portrays five friends from college who twenty years later try to free one of their mates from a Mexican prison. Dynamics of memory and loyalties. Tragic results. The title novella is a portrait of a middle- [...]

    22. Jim Harrison has a regional reputation as one of Michigan's best authors, and on the recommendation of a friend, I thought I would give this book a try. Harrison's work centers around the character of his Indian-given name, Brown Dog. In this book, Brown Dog discovers the body of an Indian chief in the cold waters of Lake Superior. The rest of the book is about Brown Dog's efforts to make some money from his find while avoiding any constraints such as the legal system or his conscience. What I d [...]

    23. Harrison is an amazing writer, and a genius at the novella form. I always find his books drag me in and I can't get away. Started this book this morning, finished it this evening (would have done so sooner, except for this pesky work business.)In this particular work, he introduces us to three characters, each of whom lives in a vividly drawn world that is sometimes hyperreal, sometimes surreal, but always vibrant and imaginative. I found myself identifying strongly with these characters - simpl [...]

    24. I was given this to read on a recommendation from a friend and am glad I took him up on the offer. Harrison has a straightforward voice without any excessive flowery language, which I appreciate. His characters are well developed, but leave enough mystery so as to keep you reading. This book contained three separate stories, and each served as a snapshot in a longer history. Sure, they could have each been their own novel, but Harrison lets you in on a particular and significant moment in the ch [...]

    25. I love the way Harrison writes except for his run on sentences like this one which have no commas in them. But the way he describes people and surroundings, is eloquent. I must say, I was drawn to this book because I loved the sound of the title and his books were recommended by a friend. Figured it had to be good, right? Well, kind of. Maybe because I read before bedtime, but the stories seemed convoluted (even though I love stories in which I have to suspend disbelief.) Maybe it's because I'm [...]

    26. This book consists of 3 separate stories. The first is Brown Dog, and I give it 5 stars! Wonderfully written story about what happens to one man who had ADHD as a child, and never outgrew it. Hilarious.I can't remember the name of the second story. It was dry and boring and I hated it. 1 Star (simply because it exists).The third story is The Woman Lit by Fireflies. Also a very good story. We bounce through the timeline of a woman's life as she spends a night in a corn field, trying to hide from [...]

    27. Jim Harrison is a wonderful writer, and his story, The Woman Lit by Fireflies, is simply superb. It's about a woman who finally flees her life by jumping the fence at a rest stop, going deep into a cornfield, and eventually finds her new self. The first novella, Brown Dog, is great, very different, funny, irreverant, yet continues his theme of protecting the land from numbskulls. Mr. Harrison is a wonderful storyteller. His use of language is par none. Several of his books have permanent places [...]

    28. Three enjoyable novellas. For me the first was forgettable but the second two were brilliant. One an escape fantasy conducted mildly and dreamily in a cornfield the other a tale of surreal hope, wonder, sexuality and abandonment. There's a touch of Laxness in the feel of Harrison's Brown Dog epics, a bit of the exotic slumming. But all in all his hero fights for good causes or at least means to.

    29. In this book, "Brown Dog" "Sunset Limited" "The Woman Lit by Fireflies" are three novellas that display why Jim Harrison is so popular. He is able to describe Michigan and the heartland and the people that live there so clearly. Often you feel that you've met the characters that inhabit his stories. This may be the first book I've read by Harrison, which is hard to believe, but it won't be my last.

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