Stanton Bliss

Stanton Bliss We ve changed Darker damaged and unable to conform My husband Joshua is dealing with the past the best that he can am I Nobody else can understand the language we speak The trauma we have been throug

  • Title: Stanton Bliss
  • Author: T.L. Swan
  • ISBN: 9780656955209
  • Page: 269
  • Format: None
  • We ve changed Darker, damaged and unable to conform My husband Joshua is dealing with the past the best that he can am I.Nobody else can understand the language we speak The trauma we have been through.But with the pain comes pleasure and happiness is our gift returntopoundtown

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    1. I m a Psychology student, wife and mother of three based in beautiful Sydney Australia I work for the Australian Schizophrenia Fellowship.I have always wanted to write, but life had got in the way I was always too busy, too tired, too unsure of my talent Last year I finally woke up took the plunge and I am eternally grateful that I did I am now happily addicted to my writing and love bringing the sexy stories from my head to life with my beautiful characters.My aim is to write tender, steamy, romantic love stories that stay with you long after you close the book.Love and friendshipTee xx

    2. Wow! What a wonderful finish to the series. This book was supposed to be a novella, but if you've already read T L Swan's books, you'll know that she doesn't write small!! We get to follow Josh and Tash through the next chapter of their lives, we see them picking up the pieces from the worse time imaginable and we find our heart melting even more, if that was at all possible!! If you had any questions following Stanton Completely, you'll find the answers here. This truly was a fantastic finish t [...]

    3. This review was originally posted on Cocktails and BooksSTANTON BLISS is the final book in Josh and Tash's story. I wasn't sure there was any more drama these two could possibly get into, considering everything they'd been through in the previous books. But TL Swan find a few more things to put this couple through before they got their happily ever after. The story picks up with Josh and Tash finally getting married. But in their rush to finish what their captors and tormentors tried to stop the [...]

    4. I was so glad to be back in POUNDTOWN!! TL sure has a way of writing that really gets you hot and bothered. Stanton Bliss starts off right after the last book. These characters have had more issues than you can count. It was so nice to see how they are doing and how their lives are getting back to normal and drama free. Many of the questions that we left open in the last book are answered in this one. I don't want to give any spoilers away but you get to read about some really great events in th [...]

    5. 5 Orgasmic Stars!Review by Lisa KaneI have been waiting for this book since I finished the last page of Stanton Completely. I tried stalking, I tried messaging the author; I fully expected to have a restraining order taken out against me. If that would have gotten Stanton Bliss in my hands any sooner, it would have been worth the lawyer fees! Joshua and Natasha put me through the wringer with the Stanton Trilogy. Ye gawds, I wanted to knock some sense into both of them. Especially Josh and his m [...]

    6. I completely unconditionally adore bliss. What can I say I fell in love with Josh & Tash in adore. Went through the their ups and downs in unconditional. And felt every emotion in completely. Bliss is the icing on the cake. Thank you tee for bring Josh, Tash and gang into my life.

    7. 4 Pound Town Stars!T. L. Swan takes us on a journey through love, forgiveness and second chances. Stanton Bliss starts where Stanton Completely leaves off. With Joshua and Natasha picking up the pieces of their lives. This book manages to tie up all loose ends and make me love each character even more. For being a little over 200 pages, T. L. Manages to give so much story within those pages. Joshua and Tash have so much to overcome and it was so hard to watch them struggle. They have been throug [...]

    8. Stanton Bliss is the epilogue that we have all been waiting for. We seen them go through the after math that took place in the previous book Stanton Completely. Josh has his issues but is working through them along side Natasha. I loved that we got to see multiple point of views from different characters just like the previous book. Tee if you are reading this I can’t wait to see Adrian’s book as well as the other that take place in StantonLand. Overall Stanton Bliss tied everything up for m [...]

    9. The book was a phenomenal read. The development of it was so well done because of this book I reread all the other books just keep the passion and angst going. I was very happy with how this book went but in the end I was heartbroken because it concluded. I could tell that this book and these characters were the author's passion. Tash is so strong and well-rounded and developed more as a character throughout the Saga. Josh is the leading man I need. He's human.The sex was off the smut charts.I l [...]

    10. The exciting conclusion of this intense, sexy series! I strongly suggest you read the books before in this series before reading this one. I was a little lost in the beginning, but I was able to understand it and get what was happening. Natasha and Joshua went through hell and back, but their passion for each other never wavered!!!In this book, secrets are revealed and new stories are made!Natasha and Joshua do not disappoint as they create new memories and put to rest the demons that haunted th [...]

    11. A Very Enthusiastic 5 StarsWhat a great ending for Tasha & Joshua Stanton. They have the most amazing love story. The trials that they have to go through and what they do to get to the other side is nothing short of a miracle. The characters in this book series climb into your heart and never let go. One of the best book series I have ever read. If you haven't read this series, you need to get it right now. This. Minute.

    12. I couldn't sleep until I finished this book last night! I loved reading every work about Tash and Josh. If only men could really be that perfect! When will men learn to read these books for "pointers" on how to treat a women! This series is a must read for every person who loves a good romance novel with a bit of grunt and mystery! I truly love the way Tee Swan writes- you can tell she loves her characters- it feels like she lives the stories she is writing!

    13. OMG! Tee Swan knocked it out of the park with this closing book in the Stanton Series. Tee and I were on PM on the night before the release because I won a free copy. I read the book straight thru the day and did not put it down. It was a true completion, all my questions answered and my hope for Baby Stanton granted! I can't wait for the rest of the books. Tee you are the "BOMB"! #Joshuarules #WelcometoPoundTown #IwanttoCOPIT #ImjealousofTash #TeeSwanistheBEST #Stanton

    14. What a BLISSful way to end a trilogy! Superbly written, brilliant storyline! You get drawn into Natasha and Joshua's world from the get go. I fell in love with all the characters. Tee Swan has made a huge impact and I'm looking forward reading many more of her books!

    15. What a great ending to this amazing seriesI am obsessed with The Stanton Series and this was the perfect little bow on this thrilling series. I highly recommend this entire series. Super sexy, action packed, suspenseful - it's everything you love in a series!

    16. So many questions answered, so much more delivered. I had no idea this book was coming out and it felt like a gift when I found it.I'm curious about a few of the side characters though fingers crossed on their stories!

    17. This was the perfect ending to an amazing series! Loved it and can't wait to read more about the other characters! Tl Swan- well done on another brilliant book!

    18. PerfectionWhat a perfect way to end a series. It completed the puzzle pieces and links from the last book. All,questions answered and everyone live happily ever after. Loved it

    19. What an epic ending to such an epic series!!! Finally Joshua and Natasha get their HEA *Cue standing ovation* I have been so consumed with their dramatic love story that now that it’s over I don’t what to do with myself lol!!! Stanton series was absolutely amazing and I loved every second of it!!!

    20. Epic ending to a epic 5 star love story. You MUST read this!Bliss was the perfect ending to an emotionally charged, drama filled love story that i absolutely fell hard for!T L Swan is a boss when it comes to giving her readers the perfect mix of angst, drama, sexual chemistry and romance. I fall hard for her swoon worthy men and strong and feminine women. The perfect plots give me that extra special thrill and I know without a doubt I am going to get an intensely amazing read every damn time!I r [...]

    21. Ahhh finally Josh and Natasha get their HEA they so deserved it after all the crazy lows and everything else in between this series is a definite must read that will have you addicted

    22. The Stanton Series is one of my favorites of all time and I've been reading for 30+ years. Very few series do I have the desire to read again, but this one is just so full of everything that you want to keep coming back for more. Thank You T.L. Swan for sharing Joshua and Natasha with me and whomever decides to read. This is another time I wish I could give more than 5 ☆s.This story was slated as a novella but this lovely lady can NOT do small. Her stories are so full of everything and then so [...]

    23. The whole series was one I could barely put down! I finished them all within 2 days! The back and forth between Josh and Natasha got old after a while and nothing was ever described in much detailLike you knew that Josh had such tight security for a reason but it didn't say why until the last book and then it quickly skimmed over the fact that some mentally unstable man had shot at Josh 2/3 times and then was found dead in his hotel room by suicide? The whole threat was described within 1 small [...]

    24. My Rating:4.5Favorite Quotes:You just have to be kind to one another and let yourselves have a moment of weakness every day. If you keep acting tough all the time, you're going to crash and burn.W- we are not ready to be parents I got hopelessly drunk last night. You are suing people and all the aunties and uncles are totally out of @#& control. Bridget is cat fighting and Cameron's a Dr. Deviant. Adrian's attracting weirdos Who was I kidding? No way can I be a parent.This isn't childbirth o [...]

    25. OMG!!! I Just Love This Book And This Whole Series So So Much. All Of The Books In This Series Have Been Outstanding And Are Absolutely A Must Read.I Don't Know Where To Begin And What To Tell You About This Book, I Have Laughed And Cried Lots And Lots And Am In Serious Lust With Joshua Stanton And Natasha, They Just Have It All And My God Do I Need A Love Like This. I Want To Go To Pound Town I Just Don't Want To Ruin Anything At All To Be Honest And By Saying Anything At All I Will Do So. Just [...]

    26. This is the final book of the Stanton Series and I read it through Kindle Unlimited. I enjoyed the whole series and enjoyed all the characters. This was a great conclusion and I loved the epilogue set 4 years in the future. I am looking forward to her future books about the secondary characters, especially Cameron's story.

    27. Just made my day! This HEA was perfect. Closing up all the loose ends, and having Joshua and Tash heal through all they went through was incredible, and to see them love their way through everything. I loved the new storyline dropped in about Jarvis. It touched my heart, and brought tears to my eyes. It showed a soft side to Joshua that hadn’t been brought out previously. Of course seeing the actual ending, and how the two ended up was the most magical feeling of bliss one could imagine. If I [...]

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