The Seven Good Years

The Seven Good Years Over the last seven years Etgar Keret has had plenty of reasons to worry His son Lev was born in the middle of a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv His father became ill And he has been constantly torment

  • Title: The Seven Good Years
  • Author: Etgar Keret Sondra Silverston Miriam Shlesinger Jessica Cohen Anthony Berris
  • ISBN: 9781783780464
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Over the last seven years Etgar Keret has had plenty of reasons to worry His son, Lev, was born in the middle of a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv His father became ill And he has been constantly tormented by nightmarish visions of the Iranian president Ahmadinejad, anti Semitic remarks both real and imagined, and, perhaps most worrisome of all, a dogged telemarketer who sOver the last seven years Etgar Keret has had plenty of reasons to worry His son, Lev, was born in the middle of a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv His father became ill And he has been constantly tormented by nightmarish visions of the Iranian president Ahmadinejad, anti Semitic remarks both real and imagined, and, perhaps most worrisome of all, a dogged telemarketer who seems likely to chase him to the grave Emerging from these darkly absurd circumstances is a series of funny, tender ruminations on everything from his three year old son s impending military service to the terrorist mindset behind Angry Birds Moving deftly between the personal and the political, the playful and the profound, The Seven Good Years takes a life affirming look at the human need to find good in the least likely places, and the stories we tell ourselves to make sense of our capricious world.

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      153 Etgar Keret Sondra Silverston Miriam Shlesinger Jessica Cohen Anthony Berris
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    1. Etgar Keret Sondra Silverston Miriam Shlesinger Jessica Cohen Anthony Berris says:

      Etgar Keret is an Israeli writer known for his short stories, graphic novels, and scriptwriting for film and television His books had been published in than thirty languages.Keret has received the Prime Minister s award for literature, as well as the Ministry of Culture s Cinema Prize The short film Malka Lev Adom Skin Deep, 1996 , which Keret wrote and directed with Ran Tal, won an Israel Film Academy award and first place in the Munich International Festival of Film Schools The film Jellyfish, a joint venture for Keret and his wife received the Camera d Or prize at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival In 2010, Keret received the Chevalier Knight Medallion of France s Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.

    2. I read most of Seven Good Years on a short flight today. When I sat down, my nosy seat mate eyeballed what I was reading, and started telling me how much she loved Etgar Keret, had recently seen him speak at a book festival, liked his book of stories but liked this short book of memoir essays more, she finds him so funny, he makes her laugh out loud, and did she mention she saw him at a book festival and how lovely he was And I stonily -- but politely, I swear -- stayed quiet because I just want [...]

    3. The Seven Good YearsEtgar Keret-is an Israeli author, essayist and filmmakerAlthough a few of my GR friends posted great reviews on this book I am not completely sure what moved me to download Etgar Keret's fantastic memoir but I am so glad I did.A Google search of his name informed me that, as a long time collaborator of the very popular American public radio show This American Life, I had actually listened to some of his stories. I also learned that Keret, who lives in Tel Aviv with his wife a [...]

    4. Etgar Keret (n. 1967) é um dos escritores israelitas contemporâneos mais divulgados e ”Sete Anos Bons” é um livro que agrupa um conjunto de “pequenas” histórias, curtos relatos pessoais, sobre o dia-a-dia ou sobre acontecimentos e factos que destacam experiências vividas maioritariamente em Israel, mas também, noutros países, na actualidade e no passado, e que contribuem de uma forma emblemática e paradigmática para conhecermos melhor e mais profundamente o escritor, o pai, o fi [...]

    5. Обичам въображението на Етгар Керет, но още повече обичам факта, че има сили, смелост и въодушевление да гледа на реалността с такава бодрост. В едно интервю той ми каза: "Длъжен съм да бъда оптимист", а веднъж, като си представяше поредната книга в България - "Хуморът е оръжие [...]

    6. "So why'd you come all this way to this dump to give birth?" .( the taxi driver asks Keret)"We wanted a natural childbirth. The department here---""Natural?" He interrupts, sniggering. "What's natural about a midget with a cable hangingfrom his belly button popping out have your wife's vagina?" "Six hours later, a midget with a cable hanging from his belly comes popping out of My wife's vagina and immediately starts to cry. I try to calm him down, to convince him that there's nothing to worry ab [...]

    7. What an amazing little book! All I know is that I loved this. I want others to read it. Short little episodic bits of a man's life that speak volumes, all during a seven year period between the birth of the author's son and the death of his father. Short little stories that say so much through humor. Simple little "episodes" of love, of human stupidity, of birth and death and taxi drivers who never get to pee anywhere and nobody gives a damn.Four or five stars? It moved me. It said important thi [...]

    8. I'm not sure how I've missed this guy until now, because this memoir is something special. He is a Jewish writer who lives in Tel Aviv and deals with the possibility of violence and death on a daily basis. This is the best kind of memoir; honest, funny, sometimes profoundly so, and branded with a special, quirky way of looking at reality. He writes of the 7 years between the birth of his son and the death of his father. He really is a genius. And after the kindergarten story, I'm pretty sure his [...]

    9. Sete Anos bons é um conjunto de trinta e seis histórias da vida quotidiana do autor, repartidas por um período de sete anos, que se inicia com o ano em que o autor foi pai e terminam com o ano em que perdeu o seu. Foi um livro que me foi cativando aos poucos. Por detrás de uma aparente ligeireza, ou até banalidade, emana algo mais forte e profundo que não consigo definir. Há um humor doce que percorre os relatos, dos mais divertidos aos mais dolorosos, e que nos enternece e faz sorrir. A [...]

    10. Един мой любим съвременен български писател ме открехна за Керет. Случи се преди две години, през зимата, с един много кратък разказ, който може да се чете и като бележка, и като коментар (в социална медия примерно), и като стихотворение. Става дума за Пристъп на астма. Тогава [...]

    11. A book of richly written, alive, moving, insightful, and funny essays by Israeli writer Etgar Keret. I've never read Keret before, so this little book was a wonderful discovery. I've never been to Israel and Keret's anecdotes are in stunning contrast to my two-dimensional impressions from news reports. This is a sometimes profoundly moving collection of pieces about real life, real people, and the precious mundane. Thank you, my friends who posted about The Seven Good Years. You have expanded m [...]

    12. Funny, sweet and insightful collection of brief essays encompassing the years between the birth of the author's son, Lev, and the death of his father. "The Seven Good Years" is an unusual memoir, with ruminations on telemarketers, the dilemma of book dedications, sibling relationships, his parents' courtship, life in Israel lived under the constant threat of war and a son who cadges sweets from his preschool cook by pretending he's a cat (my favorite):"Meow," Lev answered in a soft, purry voice. [...]

    13. aku menyesal kenapa tidak membaca buku ini sejak lama dan kenapa dulu tiap lihat ini di lapak gudang tumpah ruah selalu mikir ulang mlulu. isinya superbagus!***sebagai orang indonesia dan muslim, saya seringkali melihat banyak saudara ((saudara)) sesama muslim dan orang indo yang mengalami banyak kesusahan ketika pergi keluar karena kedua hal tersebut. apalagi kalau namanya berbau bahasa arabh, pernah gak sih terpikir kalau orang israel atau selain orang muslim dan dari indonesia, diskriminasi s [...]

    14. Отдавна обичам как разказва Етгар Керет - и на хартия и на живо.Обичам го като приятел от детинство, с когото сме седели на тротоара и сме си разказвали истории. Истории, които са звучели като небивалици, но след години осъзнаваш, че са били съвсем истински и някак си са стана [...]

    15. Etgar Keret é um dos mais internacionais escritores israelitas. Neste conjunto de cerca de quatro dezenas de crónicas relata alguns episódios da sua vida familiar e profissional. Textos de leitura amena e divertida - mesmo quando as situações relatadas o não são - e reveladores da personalidade um pouco excêntrica de Keret. Lê-se bem mas não me deixou lastro

    16. Irónico e mordaz, "Sete anos bons" é uma coletânea de pequenas histórias autobiográficas que debatem temas tão importantes quanto "o que fazer num atentado" ou "devemos convidar o motorista do táxi a urinar em nossa casa?"É verdade que adoro uma boa história e Etgar Meter é um excelente contador. Vale a pena a leitura.

    17. A memoir is a different animal than a work of fiction. It demands a great deal of self-exposure and vulnerability from the writer without crossing the line into pathos and navel-gazing. It must, I believe, expose the author’s humanity while retaining his core essence.Etgar Keret is a powerful writer. I was most impressed with his short-story collection, a feat of imagination titled Suddenly, A Knock on the Door. I’ve heard him speak in person and was charmed by his honesty, wryness, and auth [...]

    18. Коктейлът изглежда ведър и забавен, но като разбъркаш надолу, се усеща и горчиво, и сериозно, и лед С многото си съставки може да се брои и за лекарство, с всякакви странични ефекти ;)

    19. Първа моя среща с Етгар Керет.Избрах си точно тази книга заради случайно хванато интервю с него по БНР. Засичам го от момента, в който той на сладкия си английски обяснява как никога не е вярвал в биографичното писане; че за него въображението е най-важното в литературата. Пр [...]

    20. Отново на ръба между смеха и сълзите. Започва с атентат и завършва с бомби. А помежду им вирее любовта. Този път нямам любими разкази. Как да отделиш като маловажна някоя част от живота на един човек (като мен и той малко подценявал биографичните творби (или художествена доку [...]

    21. Etgar Keret'in dünyasına kendimi en yakın hissettiğim kitap buydu. Eğer yazarın bir kitabını tavsiye edecek olsam, kesinlikle bu kitabı seçerdim. "Askere gitmek ekstrem sporlardan biriymiş gibi konuşuyorsun. İyi de, ne yapabiliriz? Hayatta kalabilmek için buna ihtiyaç duyduğumuz bir coğrafyada yaşıyoruz. Lev sorumluluktan kaçıp tehlikeye atılmadan yaşarken başkalarının çocukları gidip hayatlarını feda etsin, bunu mu diyorsun?'Hayır' dedi karım. 'Uzun zaman önce b [...]

    22. Etgar Keret, teller of minimalist and magical short stories, he often verges on the absurd but possesses a formidable insight in to human nature. Turning his pen on himself and his life in this collection of autobiographical writings that starts with the birth of his son and ends seven years later with the death of his holocaust surviving father, he uses the same style and approach, observing the horror and joy of existence and finding the magic and absurdity of it all. He is a masterful storyte [...]

    23. Αυτοβιογραφικά, όχι τόσο καλά όσο τα προηγούμενά του, όμως μερικά εξαιρετικά. Ο Κέρετ είναι από τους αγαπημένους μου σύγχρονους διηγηματογράφους.

    24. Etgar Keret, um dos mais populares escritores israelitas da atualidade, esteve em Lisboa no passado mês de novembro, para apresentar aquele que foi o seu primeiro livro traduzido em Portugal. Antes disso, nunca antes ouvira falar dele e, por ter ouvido boas opiniões sobre Sete Anos Bons na Roda dos Livros, achei que seria interessante expandir um pouco as minhas leituras para além dos autores anglo-saxónicos.Sete Anos Bons traz-nos um conjunto de crónicas escritas por Etgar Keret ao longo d [...]

    25. "Neste livro estão sete anos bons do escritor em Telavive, que começam com o nascimento do seu filho e terminam com a morte do pai. Num registo de memórias, Etgar Keret, um dos mais proeminentes escritores israelitas da atualidade, revela o extraordinário no quotidiano e com destreza e humor narra episódios desses anos, dos mais banais aos mais íntimos e difíceis." Com muito humor, ironia, imaginação e inteligência.

    26. Memoar yang menghibur.Etgar Keret, penulis cerita pendek asal Israel pertama kali saya kenal dari blog Eka Kurniawan dan Elysa Ng. Keduanya sudah berkenalan dengan karya Keret jauh lebih lama dibanding para pembaca di Indonesia, saya kira. Di buku yang diterjemahkan dengan baik oleh Ade Kumalasari, terasa esai singkat di dalamnya ditulis dengan jujur-apa adanya-tanpa tedeng aling-aling. Beragam isu dibahasnya di sini. Mulai dari kehidupannya sebagai penulis hingga ihwal keluarga dibagikan kepada [...]

    27. Cuma butuh empat hari untuk selesai membaca "The Seven Good Years". Memoar setebal 171 halaman ini adalah buku terbaru Etgar Keret (Official). Nonfiksi pertamanya. Saya menggemari cerpen-cerpen Keret. Namun, ketika saya hampir ketuk palu bahwa cerpen-cerpen Keret adalah karya terbaiknya, saya membaca buku ini dan harus buru-buru meralat dakwaan saya tersebut. Buku memoar ini, nonfiksi Keret, menurut saya adalah karya terbaiknya.Memoar ini seperti merangkum seluruh aspek terbaik dari fiksi Keret: [...]

    28. A treasury of humor and hope by an Israeli humorist. Affectionate portraits of his semi-insane wife, future war criminal toddler son, his ultra-Orthodox sister and progressive (and possibly more magical/creative) brothert to mention his mother, his father.A lot of gems here, but standout fave is "Bird's Eye", wherein Etgar debates the underlying message of the videogame Angry Birds with his mother (and, ultimately, himself)Sample quote from this vignette:"I don't understand," my mother said. "Di [...]

    29. There was a scene in the movie"Life of Brian"where Brian's followers who believe (wrongly)that he is the messiah,and while chasing him come across a sandal he has dropped.The whole scene involves the crowd trying to discern the religious meaning of the sandal.The chapter in Keret's book about the Angry Birds game and it's hidden meaning and social significance was similar.It was just one of a series of gems.This is my favourite book of 2017.I need to do some more reading about Israel.

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