June A la Mia no li ve gaire de gust canviar el meravell s cel blau de Hawaii per l ambient xafog s de Washington per aix no s res en comparaci amb la calor que l envaeix en veure per primera vegada l Aar

  • Title: June
  • Author: Audrey Carlan
  • ISBN: 9781943340040
  • Page: 185
  • Format: ebook
  • A la Mia no li ve gaire de gust canviar el meravell s cel blau de Hawaii per l ambient xafog s de Washington, per aix no s res en comparaci amb la calor que l envaeix en veure per primera vegada l Aaron Shipley, amb el seu vestit fet a mida Per l idil li s acaba al cap de poc i la Mia s adona que el m n de la pol tica est ple d intriga, poder, diners i homes sense eA la Mia no li ve gaire de gust canviar el meravell s cel blau de Hawaii per l ambient xafog s de Washington, per aix no s res en comparaci amb la calor que l envaeix en veure per primera vegada l Aaron Shipley, amb el seu vestit fet a mida Per l idil li s acaba al cap de poc i la Mia s adona que el m n de la pol tica est ple d intriga, poder, diners i homes sense escr pols.

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    1. Audrey Carlan is a 1 New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author She writes wicked hot love stories that are designed to give the reader a romantic experience that s sexy, sweet, and so hot your ereader might melt Some of her works include the wildly successful Calendar Girl Serial, Falling Series, and the Trinity Trilogy.She lives in the California Valley where she enjoys her two children and the love of her life When she s not writing, you can find her teaching yoga, sipping wine with her soul sisters or with her nose stuck in a wicked hot romance novel.

    2. Translation widget on The blog!!!Luna Iunie ne oferă o perspectivă interesantă Elita Washington-ului: senatori, deputați și lumea încurcată în care se învârt aceștia, plină de aparențe înșelătoare și diferite ascunzișuri.Mia face față cu brio acestei lumi! Deși nu îi place ceea ce vede, este dispusă să ajute pentru o cauză nobilă. Și-n același timp, face pe pețitoarea. Tot această lună îi dezvăluie că prietenii ei apropiați sunt familia pe care nu a avut-o nici [...]

    3. It took me forever to finish this one. I´m not sure if its the norwegian translation or what but there are A LOT of cliches, as in "I´ve learnd so much through this experience" in every chapter.

    4. This was a month without great stories or great emotions, except at the end. Mia's work was the typical luxury companion of older men. The final though dramatic, was necessary to give us a different point of view, that not everything in this profession is a sea of ​​roses, was a wake-up call to reality.

    5. Actual Rating 3,5 Stars I actually liked this book, I didn't like the fact that (view spoiler)[ however I really hated the fact that she let Aaron walk (hide spoiler)] Fuck that guy!It really gets better with time, and you get to see more of her personality and the struggles she faces. However, I think I wouldn't have continued it if it wasn't for our bookclub.

    6. I kinda liked this book better than last month because there happened more. At the same time I was disgusted by the way politics were described. I can't really tell whether it is the truth or not, but it genuinely disgusted me.

    7. 3.75 starsUn nouveau mois, un autre tome. J'aime tellement suivre les aventures de Mia au fil des mois. Nous sommes déjà au milieu de l'aventure Calendar Girl et je ne m'en lasse vraiment pas. Chaque tome apporte son lot de nouveauté et d'expérience diverses pour cette personnages principal préféré.Comme c'est souvent le cas maintenant avec les tomes précédents, j'apprécie autant sinon plus revoir les anciens clients de Mia que de suivre l'intrigue principale. Dans le cas de ce mois-ci [...]

    8. June by Audrey Carlan takes Mia Saunders to Washington DC. Warren Shipley hired her for his image; in order to play with the big boys, he needs Mia’s skills to help him along the way… This installment of Mia’s journey to earn the money to save her father is so much more than just about the money. In DC, Mia learns to “Trust the Journey” that is her life. She struggles with finding her home, taking care of those she loves, and letting her ‘family’ take care of her. The challenges Mi [...]

    9. Tja, uhh. Dit deel was gewoon meh. Mia is perfect en kan iedereen helpen bij hun relaties. O en alle oude klanten zijn nu in eens 'familie' van haar? Hopelijk krijgt ze ooit nog een klant waarmee ze het niet goed kan vinden.

    10. So that's gonna be a whole lot of nope for me. I am unimpressed with Mia's stupidity in this month's ending. I am beyond pissed off and would smack her if I could.

    11. Samen met Books Ever After lezen we nog altijd stug door in deze serie. Aangezien het al weer juni is besloot ik me gelijk aan dit deel te wagen. Helaas vond ik Juni echt een stuk slechter als alle andere boeken in deze serie tot nu toe. Zelfs Februari vond ik minder erg als deze.Dit boek omvat echt alle clichés. Tevens ook niet heel origineel: personeel dat verliefd is op haar baas waarbij Mia dan wel even inspringt Dat kunstje kennen we ondertussen wel. Wes blijven verwijten wat ze zelf ook d [...]

    12. Haziran yolculuğu, Mia'yı başkente, yani Washington'a götürüyor Politikacıların, servet avcılarının ve nüfuzlu adamların arasınaMia, dünyalar iyisi Warren'a hayallerine kavuşması için yardım ederken, bir yandan da hayattaki yolunu bulmaya çalışıyorHer geçen ayla birlikte daha da güçlenen Mia, Ocak ayından itibaren hayatına giren erkekleri onurlandırmak için harika bir yol buluyorTabii ki de Tai'ın etkisiyle :)PS: Yalnız çok abartmışsın be Mia! O kadar da acıt [...]

    13. I love this series!! Mia's adventures get better and better every month. DC is where we find Mia this month and the games are on. She is assigned to a big business mogul who must dress to impress and with Mia on his arm how can he go wrong!?! Audrey Carlan writes the best characters and I look forward to meeting them every month with this series. This is a must read!!

    14. Encore une fois, j'ai davantage apprécié l'amitié que Mia a noué au fil des mois, que l'intrigue principale.

    15. Very unrealistic way in which Mia just waltzes into people's life, questions their whole world during day two and always makes people realize that holy cheezes, they are in love.A LOT of cliches, as in "I´ve learnd so much through this experience" in every chapter.(view spoiler)[The whole Aaron thing didn't sit well with me at all. I know some will think the whole situation and choice of Mia will think it's selfless, but I've got to be honest it really pissed me off.At last, I’m not really su [...]

    16. Клиент номер 6 на наща убосница е възрастен бизнесмен, който има син сенатор. (view spoiler)[Дядото си има жена, а синковеца е извратен, едва не изнасилва главната, и малко я понабива, та самоанец пристига на помощ. (hide spoiler)]

    17. This months adventure takes us on a wild ride! We get a glimpse of the not-so-nice side of Washington politics. We get to see Mia and her crazy, adorable matchmaker side yet again! Finally, we get to visit some key players from past months whether they were visited through text messaging, phone calls, remembrances, surprise chance encounters or as a way to help recover from a near tragedy (yes - I will leave that as a terrible tease!! You have to read June to find out what happens!!)June Calenda [...]

    18. Month six In Audrey Carlans Calendar Girl series takes Mia Saunders down a very new and very different path as she lands in Washington DC and finds herself navigating the political landscape. This assignment leaves her challenged and vulnerable in a way I simply didn’t anticipate. The theme of the series, Mia’s journey, gets a shot of intensity and some darkness that changed up the tone of the story. This managed to make this the first time I’ve cried while following Mia’s year-long adve [...]

    19. Half the year has gone, but Mia’s adventures continue to provide entertaining reading and a multitude of mixed emotions.While Mia had her reservations about the prospect of escorting an older client, Warren Shipley is the epitome of a gentleman, and has no desire to sample Mia’s gorgeous wares.The absence of a love interest on her June assignment, finds Mia dwelling on her time with Wes and what might have been, while reflecting on the relationships she has formed and her now extended family [...]

    20. More Emotional Stars that I can put on hereI was given this book for my honest review by the author.***TISSUE ALERT*** ***TISSUE ALERT*** ***TISSUE ALERT***This is the 6th book in the series by this amazing author and needs to be read in order.Come take this journey with Mia as I did with her to Washington D.C. and be prepared to be thrown into SHOCK/AWE. This is not like any other that Mia has been on at this point. Mia’s emotions are brought forth in such a heart wrenching realization that w [...]

    21. "Yep, life was strange, but I was living it to the fullest. Taking each day as it came and experiencing as much as possible. Accepting the good, the bad, and even the ugly in stride because it was all part of the process."Audrey Carlan has yet again delivered a beautiful month of adventure, love & emotion for Mia. I loved June's installment with Mia off to Washington DC! Things are not as they seemMia definitely has a lot of time to reflect on the past five months and her journey while in DC [...]

    22. I really enjoyed this book. Mia is in Washington DC pretending to be an older politician's arm candy. She is not attracted to Warren in the least but she likes him as fatherly figure and is determined to help him with his project that will help many people in need. Loved seeing the new characters and appearance from characters from previous books. The ending will blow your mind, it made me angry, sad and happy. It shows that Mia has amazing strength and values and that slowly she is growing a ne [...]

    23. This month we follow Mia to Washington, DC, and we meet Warren Shipley, the rich and powerful business mogul who hires Mia to be his armndy. I find this month's installment to be a little bit different, but not in a bad way. Mia helps her man-of-the-month see that what he has right in front of him is truly special, while she learns that family and friends are truly one of the best parts of her life.This story was a little bit different to me, simply because it wasn't all about the hot stuff. I t [...]

    24. once again I could not put Mias journey down!! 6months in and I absolutely love this character, love the way she grows and learns and loves,the way she changes the lives of everyone she meets,lots of unexpected turns.I'm looking forward to July!!

    25. une fois de plus Audrey Carlan explore l'amour sous toutes ses formes en nous proposant un mois de juin qui va nous réserver quelques surprises. Mia avance dans ses missions tout en continuant de réfléchir à son destin et à sa mission. L'amour sera t-il plus fort que l'argent? Peut on être amoureux et vivre heureux? Quelles sacrifices seront nécessaires au nom de l'amour? Chronique complète à venir.

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