Unreal Julie Edwards is a recent college graduate who is planning to go on a road trip across the country with her best friend Kim The day before they depart the girls are given a party by Julie s mother

  • Title: Unreal
  • Author: Riley Moreno
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Julie Edwards is a recent college graduate who is planning to go on a road trip across the country with her best friend, Kim The day before they depart, the girls are given a party by Julie s mother, Sharon, and her stepfather, Greg Sharon seems nervous at the prospect of the girls taking off for parts unknown, but Greg sees no harm in the adventure The girls set off anJulie Edwards is a recent college graduate who is planning to go on a road trip across the country with her best friend, Kim The day before they depart, the girls are given a party by Julie s mother, Sharon, and her stepfather, Greg Sharon seems nervous at the prospect of the girls taking off for parts unknown, but Greg sees no harm in the adventure The girls set off and after driving through the morning, they stop at a small town diner for a bite to eatd you can never imagine what happens next.

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    2 thoughts on “Unreal

    1. Riley Moreno Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Unreal book, this is one of the most wanted Riley Moreno author readers around the world.

    2. HorribleDoes this author not have anyone proof read her writings? And, what is it with all the cheek caressing, neck holding, hand holding and falling to the knees? Get someone to help you write.

    3. Entirely to obvious This, book just didn't do it for me. It was more like a love story then thriller. Everything was figured out way before the book was over. I will be honest I skipped through some chapters. Julie was everything I don't want to read about. There wasn't anything thriller about this entire book. It was a love story. Julie wanted to be saved Julie was saved. I liked Ethan, even though him risking his life for a girl he hardly knew was absurd he was likeable. The only only thing th [...]

    4. Well, I like the story line and read it all the way through to see how it ended. True, the editing was terrible but the story was still worth reading.

    5. The story line was pretty good, although it dragged until close to the first half. I almost put it down, but continued to see if things picked up. It did later but why oh why can't this author edit his/her work? Every other page had supposed sentences that didn't make sense, words left out, and typos. I have self-published myself, and the first thing you do after writing is check your work or have someone else with fresh eyes read it. There are also plenty of spell and grammar checkers out there [...]

    6. Thrilling page-turner that needs better editingThis book was a page-turner, and I enjoyed reading it. There were, however, grammatical errors, misspellings, and missing words here and there on every page. These things do no affect the plot and story, which I liked, but they were distracting.

    7. Interesting story but needs editingI don't think that this book was ready for publication. There are a lot of typographical and grammatical errors. Cleaned up a bit, it would be worth a read.

    8. Unreal Actually I give 2 3/4 star. The beginning drew me in, but as the book progressed, it seemed to drag on and on with no clear end in sight. Maybe I'll try it again another another time.

    9. This is my first review ever. Trigger warning for this book, it is about sexual assault/trafficking. I enjoyed the pace of the book. The author did a good job with imagery and that the book progressed at an ideal pace. I didn't feel like it dragged on before advancing. It captivated me and I couldn't hardly put it down. The author was effective in bringing out all the appropriate emotions at the right time. I did find all the grammatical errors to be distracting. My biggest pet peeve of the book [...]

    10. OK first off I am mad I even read the reviews. I have had this book on my TBR shelf for at least 6 months and have always hesitated because of reading the reviews. Quite a few people said it was obvious and too romantic to be a thriller but I disagree. I did not figure out who was behind all of this mess until I got to about 87% of the book. Second this book was a thriller for me, I kept feeling like my heart was about to pop out of my chest and knew it was beating faster than normal. I even che [...]

    11. From the few reviews I read, I thought this might be riddled with typos (and if so it was going in the DNF pile), but that wasn't the case. That doesn't mean this book doesn't need a lot of editing help. It flowed poorly from one scene to the next and there were many times where I had to re-read a section to grasp what the author was trying to say. An especially glaring part was near the end when Julie was confronting her mom and stepdad, people were being lifted off the ground while having a we [...]

    12. Subject matter:Violent sexual situations.**This is not a book I would normally read. But in this world today we can't lie to ourselves and say this can't happen. It doesobably even more than we know.Riley & Kim are best friends who have just graduated from college. Before the process of real life begins, they are going to take a "wherever" we end up tripjust the two of them. Everything begins happily. At lunch time they stop early a small town cafe in a city they don't know. Riley is harasse [...]

    13. UnrealRiley Moreno*Disclaimer: I received this book for free through insta-freebies. The following review is my own. There was no compensation or promises from the author or insta-freebies*. Oh my! This book was not anything I expected. I went into it completely blind, not even reading the blurb. It starts out benign, two girls just starting their lives. They both have just graduated college and wanted to celebrate by hitting the road on a vacation. They are quickly taken off course and the horr [...]

    14. Unreal Is the reality. Julie and Kim, two college graduates wanted to hit the road and see the world, instead they drop in the world which was far more different from what they expected and impossible to imagine in their dreams. Story of the book is more of love and brutality than thriller. Though there are some scenes which makes you a gasp, it has lacked because of the mistakes in the book. The book has given taste of real outside world how is it for two young college girls who were trying to [...]

    15. Exciting bookI found this book to be a real page turner. Exciting story line with the bad guys being guys you really disliked. The characters are very believable with their own distinct personalities. The story itself is chilling and. could be something out of today's news. Hope the young ladies reading this book learn a valuable lesson. Would recommend this book to anyone that likes an exciting, hard go put down book. This is my first book by Riley Moreno but it won't be the last.

    16. Quite a dark start to the story! I really felt for Kim and Juliet when they were tortured without hope and was glad for the arrival of Ethan. The reaction of Juliet’s mother was difficult to read about. Then when the real instigator was discovered, I couldn’t believe he would do it. I enjoyed the support given by Morales. Ethan and Juliet are both damaged people and this experience has brought them together in ways they couldn’t imagine. A tale of horrifying suspense.

    17. This book kinda scared the bejesus out of mee there really are fruit loops out there who do shit like this on a daily basis. We live in a sick world!! There was a plot point that I called straight from the beginning, so I didn't get the "omg" moment that some readers would. There was also a ton of spelling errors that I had a hard time stumbling over. It was a page turner, but I don't think I will read any more installments. I got my fill of the squick. 🤢

    18. Brutal****Attention** sexual abuse and assault in this book. If you might be triggered, please reconsider reading this book. ****Kim and Julie headed out of town for a summer adventure. They never made it. Brutal and agonizing story. There are many many typographical errors which contributed to the average review.

    19. Wow ! This book was hard to put down.This book was terrific. It's an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. I've never felt more anger towards fictitious bad guys. I kept wishing I could get my hands on them. Great characters, strong and gentle at the same time. If you like thrillers, don't miss reading this one. YOU WILL LOVE IT !

    20. Tragic storyThe story makes you involved almost like you're feeling pain for them through the tragic event. It's emotional but yet has some happy moments you would have never expected . Twists of turns surprise you and its a can't put down book.

    21. Unreal is right!The author just needs to grow. The story line isn't awful, just told a bit childishly. Repeats too much and descriptions are harsh. Like most books these days, the story is a bit beyond belief how it all comes together.

    22. GREATREADRiley, this is the first book of yours I have read. I loved it. All the characters and the story is very believable. It is a page turner for sure. I really had no idea who the top man was. Keep up the good work.

    23. Very disturbing subject matterSo horrible what Julie and Kim went through. It made me sad then so angry. And Julie's Mom is a pile of crap. I know that stuff like this happens but reading about it seemed to make it a little more real.

    24. ShockingFast pacedigger warning for those who have been through sexual abuse this book is hard to read. Well written though

    25. Surprises with ths book. I really enjoyed ths read. Had a great plot, and exciting action. It roves, that things are not always what they seem to be.

    26. Harrowing readPlot was unexpectedly gripping, writing was not consistent with many grammatical errors in the kindle edition. Not bad for a free book.

    27. This story made meThis story made me soo sad. The thought was terrifying. Well written it had a most satisfying ending. Like this author first book I've read

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