How to Meditate with Pema Chodron: A Practical Guide to Making Friends with Your Mind

How to Meditate with Pema Chodron A Practical Guide to Making Friends with Your Mind How to Meditate Has Been Named One of Library Journal s Best Books of Pema Chodron is treasured around the world for her unique ability to transmit teachings and practices that bring peace under

  • Title: How to Meditate with Pema Chodron: A Practical Guide to Making Friends with Your Mind
  • Author: Pema Chödrön
  • ISBN: 9781591797944
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Audio CD
  • How to Meditate Has Been Named One of Library Journal s Best Books of 2013 Pema Chodron is treasured around the world for her unique ability to transmit teachings and practices that bring peace, understanding, and compassion into our lives With How to Meditate, the American born Tibetan nun presents her first program exploring in depth what she considers the essenti How to Meditate Has Been Named One of Library Journal s Best Books of 2013 Pema Chodron is treasured around the world for her unique ability to transmit teachings and practices that bring peace, understanding, and compassion into our lives With How to Meditate, the American born Tibetan nun presents her first program exploring in depth what she considers the essentials for a lifelong practice When we look for a meditation teacher, we want someone who has an intimate knowledge of the path That s why so many have turned to Pema Chodron, whose gentle yet straightforward guidance has been a lifesaver for both first time and experienced meditators More and people are beginning to recognize a profound inner longing for authenticity, connection, compassion, and aliveness Meditation, Pema explains, gives us a golden key to address this yearning How to Meditate was recorded live, on retreat, at Gombo Abbey in Nova Scotia, Canada, over the course of a five week retreat meditation program Through five CDs of traditional insights and her personal guidance in 12 sitting sessions, Pema Chodron will help you honestly meet and compassionately relate with your mind as you explore The basics of meditation, from getting settled and the six points of posture to learning to settle to breathing and relaxationGentleness, patience, and humor three ingredients for a well balanced practiceThe Seven Delights how moments of difficulty can become doorways to awakening and loveShamatha or calm abiding , the art of stabilizing the mind to remain present with whatever arisesThoughts and emotions as sheer delight instead of obstacles in meditation Here is in indispensable program from the meditation teacher who remains a first choice for students the world over From my own experience and from listening to many people over the years, I ve tried to offer here what I feel are the essential points of mediation, explains Pema Chodron Now this beloved voice shares with you her accessible approach simple and down to earth while informed by the highest traditions of Tibetan Buddhism on How to Meditate with Pema Chodron Disc OneIntroductionBecoming your own meditation instructorThe cause of sufferingWorking with your mindLearning to settleStart with awarenessWorking with postureBeing faithful to the techniqueMeditation Being present Disc TwoIntroductionOur habitual patternsBeing right hereMeditation Coming back to the breathComing back into presenceMeditation Finding balanceAttention and relaxationDiscursive thoughtGentleness, patience, and humorMeditation Relaxation Disc ThreeIntroductionMeditation Faithful to being presentTraining in letting goUncovering Buddha natureMeditation Uncovering Buddha natureRefreshing Your BodyWaiting for a thought to occurMeditation Waiting, occurrence, dissolveSuggestions for your practice Disc FourIntroductionBalancing and settlingMeditation working with thoughtsFixation and the thinking processExperiencing your emotionsWorking with unfavorable conditionsGo to your bodyBringing up a strong emotionMeditation Working the feeling Disc FiveIntroductionFully hereNo problem except identifyingSix sense perceptionsNon dualistic experienceMeditation Undivided awarenessNoticing when we go offMeditation working with sightMeditation working with touch Pema is one of our most beloved and helpful teachers practical, compassionate, and wise How to Meditate is a great way to take her teachings to heart and develop a meditation practice Jack Kornfield, author of A Path with Heart and A Lamp in the Darkness This is a great compilation of meditation instruction which she has personal given to many of her students over the years These instructions have brought so much help to others that it has made her one of the most loved and revered Buddhist teacher in this modern world With a brilliant mind and an absolutely cheerful attitude toward life, she practices what she teaches Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche

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    2 thoughts on “How to Meditate with Pema Chodron: A Practical Guide to Making Friends with Your Mind

    1. Ani Pema Ch dr n Deirdre Blomfield Brown is an American Buddhist nun in the Tibetan tradition, closely associated with the Kagyu school and the Shambhala lineage.She attended Miss Porter s School in Connecticut and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley She taught as an elementary school teacher for many years in both New Mexico and California Pema has two children and three grandchildren.While in her mid thirties, she traveled to the French Alps and encountered Lama Chime Rinpoche, with whom she studied for several years She became a novice nun in 1974 while studying with Lama Chime in London His Holiness the Sixteenth Karmapa came to England at that time, and Ani Pema received her ordination from him.Ani Pema first met her root guru, Ch gyam Trungpa Rinpoche, in 1972 Lama Chime encouraged her to work with Trungpa, and it was with him that she ultimately made her most profound connection, studying with him from 1974 until his death in 1987 At the request of the Sixteenth Karmapa, she received the full bikshuni ordination in the Chinese lineage of Buddhism in 1981 in Hong Kong.Ani Pema served as the director of the Karma Dzong, in Boulder, CO, until moving in 1984 to rural Cape Breton, Nova Scotia to be the director of Gampo Abbey Ch gyam Trungpa Rinpoche gave her explicit instructions on establishing this monastery for western monks and nuns Ani Pema currently teaches in the United States and Canada and plans for an increased amount of time in solitary retreat under the guidance of Venerable Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche.

    2. Enlightenment isn’t about going someplace else or attaining something that we don’t have right now. Enlightenment is when the blinders start to come off.When I was in high school, I spent a few years going to Tae Kwon Do classes. I was never any good. Every time we had sparring practice, I got whooped—that is, unless I accidentally kicked my opponent in the crotch (which I did a lot). But besides the fun of hand-to-hand combat, one thing that kept me coming back was the meditation. After e [...]

    3. Ein schönes und lehrreiches Buch, gerade für Anfänger natürlich sehr geeignet. Es gab schöne Aspekte, worüber man nachdenken kann und es gibt ein paar Übungen zum Ausführen, die man sich für die Zukunft merken sollte, da sie wirklich für den ein oder anderen sehr effektiv sein können. Ich hatte eine nette Zeit mit dem Buch, muss aber sagen, dass es mich mit der Zeit nicht mehr so packen konnte. Am Anfang fand ich es noch interessanter, obwohl gerade da eigentlich das erzählt wurde, w [...]

    4. This is a book to come back to time and time again. Best digested in small doses I usually start out slow and then get pulled in and read it all at once. I'm sure I'll be back to read this again the next time I'm looking for help or inspiration.

    5. This is a solid foundational too for someone who is learning to meditate. The five discs include actual meditation sessions in real time, which feature guidance by Pema during the meditations. Even if you're not a novice meditator, you'll find useful advice and new information. I found the last two discs to be the most helpful because meditations increased in sophistication, Pema seemed to integrate more dharma teachings into the meditation instruction.Pema is specific and very clear both in her [...]

    6. This book is deep yet so simple. It explains in comfortable detail how you can rewire your mind through the practice of meditation. The author is a practitioner of Buddishm but it is easy to look past that (or even embrace it) to understand the message.Somehow I had always confused relaxation and meditation but now I see that they are two different things entirely.Become enlightened.

    7. I really liked the meditation exercises and how Pema Chodron reinforces being gentle and loving to yourself.

    8. I first read up on and tried meditation in the '90s during grad school. And I now know that I did what many beginners do - I quit after a particularly glorious experience that I was unprepared for.The vast majority of meditation guides instruct on the proper posture and focus on breathing. As far as I can tell, there's much more diversity in direction as meditation has been secularized into a Western self-help method of dealing with modern stress. But How To Meditate by Pema Chödrön is the fir [...]

    9. I quote "We meditate in order to remove the root of suffering. Getting to the root of suffering begins with the returning to the present moment, with coming back to the breath. This is where expansion can occur. The present moment you will find is limitless."For anyone struggling with strong emotions and monkey mind as you meditate, this is your guide. These are the meditations my therapist gave me for which I will be forever grateful. Fromm the basis of meditation to "The Seven Delights - how [...]

    10. I purchased this book hoping it would be a good guide for going deeper with my meditation practice. As someone who has meditated on and off for the better part of a decade, I wanted a book that would help motivate me to return to my zafu and go deeper within myself. While I enjoyed this book and got a lot out of it, it was geared more toward beginners than I had originally hoped. Still, there was a lot of helpful information and it served as a much-needed refresher course for me. I would definit [...]

    11. For beginners and experienced meditators--Pema Chodron's writing is always enlightening. Her style of meditation is not to transcend, but to lean into your life. Sit here right now, eyes open, and breathe it all in. It's hard and I feel like an infant with this often uncomfortable style of meditation. But it's far more transformative than any other style of meditation I've ever tried. After all, as Pema teaches, the goal isn't to escape who you are or create a better version of yourself, the goa [...]

    12. (This review refers to the 2013 ebook edition.)There is some very useful and down-to-earth advice in this book, and it is written in straightforward, conversational language. It's not hard to see that this book is based off teachings that Chodron has given over the years (the audio book version says something to that effect). I appreciate that Chodron draws on and shares her experiences as a meditator and student throughout the book; she gives the reader the impression that while she's been medi [...]

    13. I loved this book. Bodhichitta. Bodhi means "wide awake" or "enlightened". Chitta means "heart" or "mind", or "heart-mind". This type of meditation teaches us how to achieve this level consciousness ~ it's not a way of shutting out the world in order to find inner peace, as I had previously thought.The goal here is a "completely open heart, a completely open mind; it means a heart that never closes down, even in the most difficult and horrendous situations. Bodhichitta communicates a mind that n [...]

    14. Very good, very practical. In my practice, I've been thinking okay - what do you "not think" about then? And Pema Chodron covers many meditation techniques that answer that question as well as the basics of why meditation is so very essential to our lives. Quote: You have to get dirty with your emotions. Meditation allows us to feel them, live them,and taste them completely. It gives us a lot of insight into why we do the things we do and why other people do the the things they do. Out of this i [...]

    15. I recently started meditating as a last resort during a very stressful time in my life. The practice changed my life! In wanting to learn more I got a number of books from the library and was dissatisfied with them until I started reading this one. Pema Chodron is practical, the writing is simple and deep. A breath of fresh air as I navigate this new chapter in my life."I personally feel that the ultimate reason why we practice, why we listen to these teachings, why we try to begin to bring this [...]

    16. I liked how she started out very simply with instructions on how to sit, breathe, and find your center. Then, as the lectures progressed, it became increasingly more complex. I did find that the lessons dragged some, but in general they were interesting and informative. This is a good place to start for those beginning their meditation practice and a nice introduction to the teachings of Pema Chodron.

    17. This is the first book I've read by this author and I very much appreciate her down-to-earth and accepting tone. It very much spoke to me in relation to my own life as well as my meditation practice.One detail: Chodron's practice of leaving one's eyes open during meditation is completely new to me, and I'm so used to having my eyes closed that I've found the experience strange when I've tried it, but I can see how it has its advantages and will continue to experiment with it.

    18. Pema Chodron is amazing. I love her. This book kindly describes how to meditate, from body position to mind. Especially MIND. She talks a lot about being gentle with oneself in the process. And since mind is the focus, she talks a lot about how to deal with thoughts. I've listened to this book over and over and I learn from each repetition.

    19. I've been reading this one in bits and pieces for awhile. This book is thought provoking and the writing is enjoyable. I've just been dabbling in short meditations - haven't come to the realization yet that it can be very difficult.

    20. This was a good introduction to meditation and mindfulness practices, but it didn't change my life. Chodron makes some good points throughout the book, but some seem contradictory, and there isn't a great sensitivity surrounding the battles many people face against disorders that affect one's ability to simply "change" what's going on inside their head. Regardless, if you're open to taking in Chodron's comments and interpreting them in a way that best fits your mental and emotional state, you ca [...]

    21. Instrucciones sencillas para una tarea sencilla que parece complicada. Pema Chodron contagia su fe en la capacidad que tenemos todos de iluminarnos. Y lo más importante, te enseña a ser amigo de tu mente, de toda tu mente, de lo bueno y lo malo, con una ternura que no sabemos siquiera que existe dentro de nosotros. Es el libro perfecto para quienes quieren empezar a meditar o pulir y profundizar en las técnicas aprendidas.

    22. Just the book for when you are feeling down or confused about where to go and what to do next in life breathe bring back your focus be mindful of your emotions and thoughts this is definitely one of those books that changed the way I think about myself and the world around me. The lessons at times might seem repetitive but I find the writing style and content oddly comforting. Will likely come back to this again in the future.

    23. Great stuff. Wow. Listened to full class recording of book. She sounds nice, and like she knows what she's talking about. She's pretty repetitive of herself, to an almost creepy level.Other than that, highly recommend

    24. This is a lovely and short guide to starting a meditative practice by a reassuring teacher. Perfect for someone like me who is looking at the benefits of mindfulness, trying to integrate meditation into my life whilst not necessarily looking for the metaphysical commitments of Buddhism.

    25. Better than I expected. Pleasantly surprised that this took the approach of mediation that encourages one to be present in day-to-day moments, rather than pursuing a means of life avoidance. Lecture and practice style audiobook. Perfect for what I need in my life. Be present. Be awake. Slow down.

    26. Picked by: Pema Chödrön, also recommended by KristaWhat made you read it?A roommates’ constantly-meditating boyfriend gave it to me for my birthday one year in college. It took me a while to crack it open, but I finally did when the stress of graduation was getting to me.

    27. This was an interesting and informative read. I'm certainly going to try a few of the suggestions but some of them seemed a little to advanced for me as a beginner.

    28. I didn’t enjoy this one as much as the other two Pema Chödrön books I’ve read so far, but her writing is really resonating with me!

    29. Pemaank you so much, again.She is so good at breaking the news that life is hard by telling how good it can be. All at the same time! The meditation she teaches changed how I practice. Blows Headspace out of the water. This is beautiful.

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