Empress of the Sun

Empress of the Sun World hopping high action adventure starring a smart boy with computer skills and a tough girl who pilots a blimp The airship Everness makes a Heisenberg Jump to an alternate Earth unlike any her cre

  • Title: Empress of the Sun
  • Author: Ian McDonald
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Hardcover
  • World hopping, high action adventure starring a smart boy with computer skills and a tough girl who pilots a blimp The airship Everness makes a Heisenberg Jump to an alternate Earth unlike any her crew has ever seen Everett, Sen, and the crew find themselves above a plain that goes on forever in every direction without any horizon There they find an Alderson Disc, an astWorld hopping, high action adventure starring a smart boy with computer skills and a tough girl who pilots a blimp The airship Everness makes a Heisenberg Jump to an alternate Earth unlike any her crew has ever seen Everett, Sen, and the crew find themselves above a plain that goes on forever in every direction without any horizon There they find an Alderson Disc, an astronomical megastructure of incredibly strong material reaching from the orbit of Mercury to the orbit of Jupiter Then they meet the Jiju, the dominant species on a plane where the dinosaurs didn t die out They evolved, diversified, and have a twenty five million year technology head start on humanity War between their kingdoms is inevitable, total and terrible Everness has jumped right into the midst of a faction fight between rival nations, the Fabreen and Dityu empires The airship is attacked, but then defended by the forces of the Fabreen, who offers theEverness crew protection But what is the true motive behind Empress Aswiu s aid What is her price The crew of the Everness is divided in a very alien world, a world fast approaching the point of apocalypse.

    • Unlimited [Thriller Book] ✓ Empress of the Sun - by Ian McDonald ✓
      438 Ian McDonald
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    1. Ian Neil McDonald was born in 1960 in Manchester, England, to an Irish mother and a Scottish father He moved with his family to Northern Ireland in 1965 He used to live in a house built in the back garden of C S Lewis s childhood home but has since moved to central Belfast, where he now lives, exploring interests like cats, contemplative religion, bonsai, bicycles, and comic book collecting He debuted in 1982 with the short story The Island of the Dead in the short lived British magazine Extro His first novel, Desolation Road, was published in 1988 Other works include King of Morning, Queen of Day winner of the Philip K Dick Award , River of Gods, The Dervish House both of which won British Science Fiction Association Awards , the graphic novel Kling Klang Klatch, and many His most recent publications are Planesrunner and Be My Enemy, books one and two of the Everness series for younger readers though older readers will find them a ball of fun, as well Ian worked in television development for sixteen years, but is glad to be back to writing fulltime.

    2. 5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/201It's no exaggeration when I say these books in the Everness series just seem to get better and better. The adventure that started with Planesrunner only intensified with Be My Enemy, and now the third installment has taken things even further. Seriously -- I really wish there were more young adult novels like this out there.Empress of the Sun continues the story of Everett Singh and the crew of the Earth 3 airship Everness. Spoilers for books on [...]

    3. I don’t usually get this effusive about books, but I’ve rarely had as much fun with a Young Adult SF series as I have with Ian McDonald’s Everness—now up to three books with the brand new, shiny addition of Empress of the Sun, possibly the best book of the bunch so far.Read the entire review on my site Far Beyond Reality!If you're new to series, you can find my review of the first book here and second book here!

    4. I was so disappointed in this book ! YA success has come to many writers who write by turns for both old & young ; but where (for example) Paolo Baciagalupi or Ursula K LeGuin put the same amount of thought, craft, and honesty into both their "YA" and their "adult" work, I was sorry to find that Ian McDonald (a real favorite of mine, for books like Dervish House and Brasyl) treats the two readerships quite differently.An earlier reviewer, who loved this book, says: "Empress of the Sun couldn [...]

    5. I gave 3 stars but really 2.5 stars. This books was far less confusing than the last one. This book feels like it is a transitional novel (like the last one) where the primary story in this book only incrementally moves the big plot forward. Still lots of loose ends. Seems like we have to wait for book four for some of the plot line to get better resolved.

    6. I didn't love this as much as the first two, but that didn't stop me from compulsively reading it. Still want more.

    7. Трилогията приключи! Никак, ама никак не съм доволен! Искам поне още една трилогия, а както гледам и във fantasticfiction и в поредицата е приключена още 2013 година и от никъде не се задава продължение, както е споделил мъдро народният поет. Което е жалко, защото "Евърнес" свършва в ср [...]

    8. originally posted at thebookplank/2014Last year I read the first two books of the Everness series by Ian McDonald: Planesrunner and Be My Enemy. Already from the first book I was hooked onto his concept behind the Everness series. With the second book he really took his story a few dimensions further. Ian McDonald was well-known adult science-fiction, but he has carved and made a name for himself with his rapid action adventure series Everness in the young-adult genre. The second book in the ser [...]

    9. If you've been hanging around these parts for some time, you are aware that I love Ian McDonald. He is one of my favorite science fiction authors, and to this day, River of Gods, Brasyl, and The Dervish House continue to rank among my favorite science fiction reads of all time. You may also recall my disappointment when it was announced that McDonald's next project would be aimed at the YA market.And though I gave Planesrunner a shot with a certain measure of reticence, McDonald's first YA work [...]

    10. Харесвам Макдоналд; реално книгата е за около 3.5 звезди, но закръглих надолу, защото1) Макар да има де юре финал, тя завършва в началото на следваща трилогия, която явно няма да се осъществи.2) Две книги и половина Макдоналд разнищва щателно приключения, запознава ни с героите [...]

    11. Empress of the Sun is the third installment in Ian McDonald's Everness series—which is, I'm afraid, not a trilogy. That discovery dismayed me a bit as I've mentioned elsewhere, I much prefer self-contained works, and am not a big fan of open-ended series even when they're done by authors I like. McDonald is definitely one of the authors I like, though, so I suppose I can give him a little bit of slack.Fair warning, though if you haven't read the first two books in the series (Planesrunner and [...]

    12. I love adventuring with Everett Singh and the crew of the Everness, so I've been looking forward to Empress of the Sun for a while now, and I'm happy to report that I really enjoyed it! The danger is increasing, and Ian McDonald is skilfully expanding the world and the characters so readers get a better sense of the bigger picture. Charlotte Villiers is trying to convince people that Everett is a threat to the Known Worlds, and to make it worse, the Everness is stuck on a planet ruled by super- [...]

    13. I've always been a fan of Ian McDonald's adult novels. While they overflow with ideas and insights there quite dense in regard to plotting and theme (in a good way). They're books that need to be unpacked and discussed and cogitated over.Empress of the Sun (book three in the Everness series) couldn't be different. That's not say it's thin in terms of character and plot and ideas. Just the opposite. McDonald has brought one of his great strengths, his vivid imagination, and applied it to the Youn [...]

    14. We've been to some strange, yet slightly familiar places in the Everness series before. We've seen an Earh where everything runs on electricity and airships are an important means of transport. We've been to an Earth with alien intelligence on the moon and an Earth infested with an all devouring nano technology. But the place Everett takes the crew of the Everness next beats everything. While trying to find Everett’s dad they get stuck in an exotic forest with strange creatures. Everett soon t [...]

    15. So I received this as an ARC but I haven't had the time to read it until recently. I hadn't read the first two books, but it seemed interesting and I thought that good sequels could still be enjoyed to their full extent without reading the first books, as long as you keep that in mind and realize that every mention to previous events you might not understand.So that said, I found this book enjoyable, with a cool concept and interesting characters. In short, the sci-fi world development was great [...]

    16. Empress of the Sun by Ian McDonaldA review by Jeanette GreavesThe series that started with 'Planesrunner' and continued with 'Be My Enemy' continues at a rollicking pace with the third novel 'Empress of the Sun'. It would not be wise to treat it as a stand alone novel; it hangs upon, and draws on, the events in the previous two books, so leaping in mid series is not advised. That said, going back to read the first two books is hardly a task to be avoided, but an initiation to enjoy. A young adul [...]

    17. Multicultural, multi-dimensional, multi-planetary, with a dash of steampunk and the disco era, this sums up Ian McDonald's new book in the Everness series, Empress of The Sun published by Pyr/Prometheus Books.Everett Singh is a computer and mathematical wiz kid. Sen is a tough girl who pilots an airship and makes her own rules. (and that serious white fro on the book cover, yep, that's her hair)They, together with the rest of the crew of the airship Everness, make a Heisenberg Jump to an alterna [...]

    18. [3.5 stars] This is the last currently published book in the Young Adult "Everness" series, though it seems that there are more to go. Free to continue the search for his father, Everett and the crew of the Everness head to yet another parallel universe -- and run into trouble. The Everness crashes into terrain that no one expected to be there, and the group finds itself to be shipwrecked on a planet that isn't a planet all, but an immense disc. Nor is the dominant species, they discover, even h [...]

    19. This is how teen science fiction should be! Too many teen titles are released with some futuristic, dystopian, or otherworldly setting that are just window dressing with the focus being on some love triangle or love interest or some version of high school drama. Too much angst and not enough anything else.I've been following this series since book 1 (reviewed book 1 on at vbplrecommends/20 back in 2012). Book 2 did not stand out as much, but book 3 just wowed me!I like how McDonald takes some of [...]

    20. 4.5/5 After a so-so second book in this series I was afraid I wouldn't enjoy Empress of Sun, folks. I shouldn't have doubted Ian's writing after a magnificent Planesrunner.This was awesome and complex and long and intense. Poor Everett can not catch a break jumping from one planet to another in an attempt to find his dad while Everett M continues to impersonate him on Earth 10.I love how both boys despite their likeness were very different characters. I would go as far as to say that I enjoyed r [...]

    21. 3.5 | World-hopping, high-action adventure starring a smart boy with computer skills and a tough girl who pilots a blimp.Empress of the Sun is the third installment in the Everness series. But, if you've somehow missed the first two installments there's still some promise to be found without the backup knowledge. The characters seem a little lacking in depth in some cases, but that presumably lies in the books before. So basically, if you can forgive a few little things like that, then you're go [...]

    22. I really liked the first book in the series, Planesrunner. See my review. The second book in the series, Be My Enemy, was less well done. (Review.)This third and final book of the series, is only as enjoyable as the second.The fault I'm finding is that the author has too many character-based plot lines in the air for these slim 250 page, YA books. The first book, was written from the single POV of the main character Everett Singh. There was great detail, character development and steampunk actio [...]

    23. Ian McDonald is exploring the parallel-world genre in his Everness series, and "Empress of the Sun" is number three. Those expecting the quality of the marvelous "Dervish House" will be somewhat disappointed, but this is more aimed at a young adult audience.The protagonist (though there are several of him) is Everett Singh, a brilliant older teen who's born on an Earth that doesn't have electricity -- but a way is discovered to cross the boundary to other Earths (including ours) that have differ [...]

    24. Although it is clear from the ending of the novel McDonald doesn't intend to stop here, the novel does provide a proper climax for the trilogy. Several story arcs are completed with one very obvious omission. Everett has made a new life for himself in a universe that is larger than he ever imagined. The Everness books are a wonderful ride among the parallel worlds. McDonald, who isn't lacking imagination in his adult fiction either, clearly went all out in this set of books. The result is a fast [...]

    25. Loving the book as usual, but disappointed that Pyr have dumped John Picacio's gorgeous artwork in favour of posed models who are older than the 14-year-old protagonists, with Everett not *very* obviously Indian and Sen not very skinny (although at least they'd clearly read the whole book before choosing the costumes).Equally disappointing is the fact that *nowhere* on the book's cover or internals is it made clear that it's part 3 in a series (update: it's on the inside back flap). It makes abs [...]

    26. Ian Mcdonald continues his tale of a teenager searching for his father through multiple parallel world. The dirigible Everness crashes when in finds itself on a Ring world built by intelligent dinosaurs on an Earth where the dinosaurs never died. The nine Earth’s already connected would find huge problems if these technologically-advanced ever got a hold of way to leave their universe and, alas, Everett Singh is faced with survival on their deadly world ruled by the Empress of the Sun (hard fr [...]

    27. Certainly the best of the actual trilogy. Running in the parallel universes, Everett Singh and his companions of the Everness airship arrive in a world where dinasors did not die 65 million years ago and have evolved. They now live in world wheel around the sun, call themselves the Jiju and can be the worst catastrophe that ever happened to the multiverse.Everett M, the alter of Everett, is still living in our London and has to cope with a different world where everything looks subtly similar.Se [...]

    28. Gah, I thought this was going to be a trilogy. Obviously I should have realised this idea was way too big to be confined to just 3 books but oh my god it is frustrating to come to the end of the third book and realise you have to wait god knows how long for the next one. This is why I like coming late to new series, so I don't have the wait!! Oh well, now I will just have to reread all the books when the new one comes out, which is when I don't know as there is no indication on . Might have to d [...]

    29. Cool setup. And characters I kind of care about. And interesting aliens. And then somewhere in the middle it just went completely incoherent. Like the author got confused and the editors didn't get back to those chapters. So the bits were good but the whole suffered. At least the ideas were still good. But should have been a better book.

    30. Me gustó mucho mas que los anteriores, encontramos lugares oscuros en las personalidades de los héroes y los villanos son capaces de sacrificarse por la gente que aman. McDonald se supera a si mismo involucrando a unos enemigos aterradoramente poderosos. Aunque al final se resuelva todo con un par de Deus-ex-machinas.

    31. Ever wondered what would've happened with the dinosaurs if they didn't get extinct 65 million years ago by that giant asteroid? Well, this book will tell you. Yes, you read it correctly. This book has 65 million year long evolved, intelligent, trans dimensional travelling f'in dinosaurs. Enough said. P.S.: start at the beginning though, work your way up to the dinosaurs. Earn the dinosaurs.

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