Not Her Type

Not Her Type Nick Rodgers is certain he knows God s plan for his life he ll meet a nice Christian girl fall in love settle down and raise a family Logan Callahan doesn t really know what God s plan is it s been

  • Title: Not Her Type
  • Author: Lisa J. Crane
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Nick Rodgers is certain he knows God s plan for his life he ll meet a nice Christian girl, fall in love, settle down and raise a family Logan Callahan doesn t really know what God s plan is it s been several years since she s set foot in a church building.When her agent hires Cooper Security, Logan doesn t think she needs protection from a stalker Then shots ring out,Nick Rodgers is certain he knows God s plan for his life he ll meet a nice Christian girl, fall in love, settle down and raise a family Logan Callahan doesn t really know what God s plan is it s been several years since she s set foot in a church building.When her agent hires Cooper Security, Logan doesn t think she needs protection from a stalker Then shots ring out, and Nick is wounded Nick and Logan are forced to flee to an isolated cabin Logan has no doubt Nick can keep her safe from the unidentified stalker, but who will protect Logan s heart from Nick Nick doesn t understand why God would put a temptation like Logan in his life She s a nice girl, a good girl , but she s not really a committed Christian How can Nick make her understand why he keeps turning her away, when it s obvious they re both attracted to each other Don t miss this exciting sequel to Not His Type Show Show less

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    2 thoughts on “Not Her Type

    1. Born and raised in Texas, Lisa is happily married and lives with her husband, two amazing children, Jingles Wigglebottom the wonder dog , Cash the Chiweenie , and Socks the world s laziest cat Since learning to put crayon to paper, all Lisa really ever wanted to do is write After years of keeping her writing to herself, or sharing with family and friends, Lisa decided it was time to put up or shut up.In June of 2012, Lisa uploaded her first ebook, McKenna s Prayer McKenna s Haven, Book 1 the story is one of love, friendship and above all, realizing that God s plan for us is always best When that book was finished, Lisa felt compelled to continue the story and write the resolution to the story of one character With each story, characters came to life, and when the series was finished, there were five books Lisa is always working on something, and loves to hear from readers

    2. Love this series and the author. It was a great light read. I really enjoyed the characters and they were well thought out. This second book talked more about Christianity and wove it into Nick's character. I missed that in the first book. I do have to wonder though, are guys really as clueless as depicted? Regardless, I loved this book and appreciated having a few laughs along the way. It was really quite comical in places and I had to stop and wipe the laughter from my eyes several times.

    3. 4.5 starsI loved Nick in the first book in this series (Not his Type) and so I was excited to read about his story. Nick works for his best friend Travis Cooper (and we get to see Travis and Brooke quite a bit in this story -- it is fun to see their continued relationship). He is given the assignment to protect author/ghost writer Logan Callahan against a stalker. At first Logan doesn't take the threat seriously which makes Nick's job harder. No matter what Nick does, the stalker seems to find t [...]

    4. Awwwwwwwwww!!! I love sweet, happy endings! Corny and sappy, with some danger and excitement thrown in. Logan Callahan's a spoiled, rich princess, or so Nick Rodgers thinks, as he tries to protect her from the stalker who's been following and threatening her. He's an honest, God-fearing cowboy and ex-military man who works security for his best friend. When he takes one look at the woman he's supposed to protect, he knows it's a very bad idea for the two of them to be alone so much together. Aft [...]

    5. What a wonderful book. I absolutely loved this book. Great conflict between main characters. I literally could not put this down. I wanted to stop at 50% and go to bed, but couldn't stop reading it and ended up at 3 am finishing the book.

    6. I really loved this one. Lots of mystery behind Logan's stalker forces lots of alone time between Logan and Nick. I really admire how Nick sticks to and upholds his virtue while being alone with Logan. Although I got irritated at him fighting what was right in front of his face; I had to admire how he chastised himself for almost losing control. I smiled often watching Logan prove people wrong in their outward appearance assessment of her personality. This novel was the perfect length for me. En [...]

    7. This book was simply amazing. I really loved it and could not put it down. There are so many great aspects to this book. I love how Lisa Crane really immerses her readers into the characters' lives and emotions. The novel had an excellent plot and was filled with mystery and suspense. It was great how the book was filled with romance and passion and yet did not get out of hand. As a Christian I admire her writing talent that she can demonstrate the character's attraction for each other without m [...]

    8. This story was cute, but coming off of reading romantic suspense it didn't really hold up at all in that department. it's a clean romance that's fairly fast paced. I liked the first in this series better. The heroine acted like a petulant child whenever she didn't get her way and she always assumed the worst when dealing with the hero and Mitch. That really drug the story down for me and caused much eye rolling. Overall, the storyline was cute but I was hoping for a little more suspense and acti [...]

    9. Once again, Christians painted in a positive, REAL light. Thanks!I'm so glad Lisa "gets it" that Christians must be portrayed in a positive light, including showing their flaws, their temptations, and how to correctly deal with Christian trials. Well done. I love Nick, Logan, the plot, the tensioneverything. What I love most is that the characters attitudes in dealing with their attractions, issues, etc. This book will be kept in my "read it again" file, along with every other book I have read b [...]

    10. Hhmmmmm. Let's just say I really liked the first book, not his type very much, that I've read it twice. It took me a while to get into this book. I did not bond as well with the H/H as I did with first book. There was a religious element in this one, which I dont mind a bit. I go to church, pray, ready bible But it seemed it went a little too far on the unbelievable side for nick and why he didn't want to pursue a relationship with a girl, that's not his type. Overall not a bad read, but not gre [...]

    11. its kind of an 2 1/2 star book. this was the second in the series and I bought it in hopes that the characters would be a little more developed and the story line a little more smooth than the first. ( which was an OK book but, they are both a little jarring how the characters jump from one thing to the next. these books do not flow smoothly.) and it could be just I am too old for this story line too. ( I'm rolling my eyes here)

    12. Reading the first book made me want to read this book.Nick seem like a nice guy in the first book and kind of interest in his story.Logan is stubborn. Nick is a stand up guy.Together their communicate is horrible in the beginning.Lines and signals keep on getting mixed.Towards the middle I was just thinking they need a mediator.There Brooke and Travis do make some appearances this book. Good read

    13. PGThis is the second "Opposites Attract" book by Lisa J. Crane. It is a stand-alone, but I'm glad I read the book before this, *Not His Type*, first since there was some character overlap. It's a cute, clean romance, which is just what I wanted/expected. It's a PG, because of some of the subject matter (kidnapping, shooting). Good story - characters were moral and upstanding; definite chemistry between the H and h.

    14. I read this one because I read the first. This wasn't good and I felt weird WRONG reading it. There was a weird "theological" undertone (Note: I'm being totally vague on purpose) and I didn't like that at all. It was a really bucket of ice water on the whole exprienceRead the first book, which I don't really recommend, but certainly leave it at that, don't read this one. Of course this doesn't apply if you believe in chastity till marriage and other such moralistic beliefs.

    15. This was a very enjoyable book. I am sorry I didn't read the first one first just because the characters were so much a part of this one and they talked about their relationship. This book did pull me right in from page 1 and I liked that the Christian wasn't the perfect one because a lot of the time they are shown that way in books.

    16. Not her type is an excellent follow up to not his type.Nick is a shy religious man who becomes confused as he is tempted by the beautiful Logan. The characters are well described and likable. This book will stand alone if you have not read Not His Type.Great job Lisa, looking forward to the next one (you know maybe the evil Micah?)

    17. When's the next one?It's always nice to find a book to read that doesn't lower your standards. a great book without smut is hard to come byI will definitely read more Lisa Crane books.

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