Falling for the Prodigal Son

Falling for the Prodigal Son A sweet summertime romance All Sterling Matthew wants is to get his family s inn back on sound financial footing and then leave sleepy St Caroline for good He expected the inn s staff to resist the bu

  • Title: Falling for the Prodigal Son
  • Author: Julia Gabriel
  • ISBN: 9780988633858
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A sweet summertime romance All Sterling Matthew wants is to get his family s inn back on sound financial footing and then leave sleepy St Caroline for good He expected the inn s staff to resist the business changes he has to make What he didn t expect was to find skinny, gawky Lucy Wyndham all grown up.For years, Lucy wondered whether she d ever catch another glimpseA sweet summertime romance All Sterling Matthew wants is to get his family s inn back on sound financial footing and then leave sleepy St Caroline for good He expected the inn s staff to resist the business changes he has to make What he didn t expect was to find skinny, gawky Lucy Wyndham all grown up.For years, Lucy wondered whether she d ever catch another glimpse of the tall, quiet boy she d crushed on at the Chesapeake Inn s summer camp Now he s her boss and determined to get rid of the camp to improve the inn s bottom line But Lucy is just as determined to save the camp, even if the price is her job and her heart.

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    2 thoughts on “Falling for the Prodigal Son

    1. Julia Gabriel writes contemporary romance that is smart, sexy, and emotionally intense grab the tissues She lives in New England where she is a full time mom to a teenager, as well as a sometime writing professor and obsessive quilter is there any other kind If all goes well, she ll be a Parisienne in her next life She loves to hear from readers and always writes back by email at julia authorjuliagabriel and on Facebook Obsess over quilts with her on Instagram and Tumblr Ogle French men and pastries with her on Pinterest.

    2. For a romance novel, there was scant little romance to be found here. Lots of lust, but no romance.Lucy lives & works peacefully in quiet, rich St. Caroline until her first crush, Sterling, comes steamrolling back into town. Her beloved boss dies, Sterling fires her, then he threatens the job of her best friend, literally calls her an "underprivileged ragamuffin", and then promises to do away with the beloved summer camp she loves.And yet for page after page, all we read about is how much sh [...]

    3. 3.5 Learning to See and Understand Stars * * * 1/2Isn't it interesting how two people can experience the same thing and each have a very different experience. how we perceive things and make assumptions can impact us; shape who we are as peopleThis story approaches this idea from a number of ways and makes its point. All of us have turning points in our lives things happen to either open our hearts and minds to the possibility of life we may not have known or we can shut down and close our minds [...]

    4. Loved this romancee camp setting evoked a "Dirty Dancing" feeling. This was a very romantic second chance romance.

    5. so after about 2 months I finally finished this book. it was good. not great but good. I enjoyed it. I like st. Caroline as a town. and the camp is amazing! the sexual attraction between Lucy and Sterling was great. I liked Douglas and eve and am in love with Gina and her baking! definitely worth reading this book and I will visit st. Caroline again in the other books

    6. I think this will go down as the worst book I've read all summer. Nothing about this was plausible. Not to mention nothing was even resolved at the end. It was less of a cliff hanger and more of let me create a somewhat satisfied ending than anything that makes sense. Both main characters are increasingly annoying. Even with their sob story backgrounds you never build an emotional connection toward any of them. All they want to do is have sex and stare at each other. Ugh.

    7. This is my first review in English so… sorry for mistakes!I would recommend this book for lovers of millionaires and/ or insta-lust stories. I had read some and this one falls into that category.They are not my cuppa.It is the only fault I can put on the story. If they had detailed it in the blurb, I wouldn´t had pick up this one.I found it unrealistic and shallow. The MC are driven by sex, and only sex. (And FYI, there isn´t explicit description of sex in this book, it just describes the fo [...]

    8. If you're looking for a quick, romantic story, you’ll love Sterling and Lucy’s journey together Two individuals from completely different lives and backgrounds. Sterling is the only son of the wealthy family who owns the Chesapeake Inn. Lucy is now the marketing director at the Chesapeake Inn and was once an underprivileged teen who visited the inn's summer camp; the same camp where she and Sterling had an intimate summer together. Sterling, in an attempt to save his inheritance, after many [...]

    9. If you're looking for a romantic summer read, you'll love the story of Sterling and Lucy, two individuals from completely different backgrounds. Sterling is the only son of a wealthy family who owns a quaint but upper scale inn in a sleepy coastal town. Lucy, now the retreat's marketing director, was once an underprivileged teen who visited the inn's summer camp where she and Sterling had an intimate one-night encounter. Now Sterling is back after many years abroad to take control of the inn. He [...]

    10. As soon as I saw the setting of this book was the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, I knew I had to read it! Growing up in Maryland, this meant summer to me.The author makes the Bay, the Chesapeake Inn and the camp for children come to life with her words. The conflict of Lucy having to now work for her teenage crush at the inn was difficult. I liked her character a lot and could feel the different emotions she was dealing with.A good book to read on a hot summer day. And I'm sure you will might jus [...]

    11. 4.5/5.0In this masterfully crafted novel, Julia Gabriel pits the tenacious Lucy Wyndham against her past in the form of Sterling Matthew. Read full review in the 2013 June issue of InD’tale Magazine.

    12. Oh what a sweet story. I liked Lucy a lot and Sterling was just as annoying as one would expect him to be in a story like this.

    13. A really good contemporary romance with subtle sensual moments. It was sweet and steamy, but not overtly sexual. I really enjoyed it, and I look forward to reading more from this author.

    14. I great romantic read! This is my first book by Julia Gabriel and I will be reading more.Thanks Serif Books and NetGalley for ARC.

    15. I found the hero to be an arrogant snob and jerk and the relationship with the heroine is manipulative on both their parts. Neither is a character to like or care about.

    16. I simply loved this book so much. The connection between Sterling and Lucy was really strong and even 15 years later it was still there. It's a great love story and a good read

    17. Lucy Wyndham has a dream job, working as the marketing manager for the Chesapeake Inn in St. Caroline. When her beloved boss, John Matthew, falls ill, John’s ne’er do well son, Sterling, returns to take over the Inn. Changes are immediately made and Lucy is dismayed to find that number one on Sterling’s list is doing away with the summer camp for underprivileged kids, especially since Lucy herself was once one of those kids. Lucy and Sterling repeatedly butt heads over the termination of t [...]

    18. Summer Again was once named Falling for the Prodigal Son, but I like this title better. Sterling was always the rich lonely boy lurking in the shadows of the camp while the kids had fun. His parents owned a fancy resort with a summer camp for troubled kids attached. Lucy was one of those kids fifteen years ago but she's come back to manage the marketing for the Inn. Upon his father's illness Sterling was requested to return from jaunting over Europe and run the Inn, never expecting to find his " [...]

    19. There is a certain vulnerability in Sterling that is not readily visible until Lucy brings it out. This is a story of opposites who are really alike in so many ways. Lucy coming to grips with her own upbringing and the hurdles she faced was heartbreaking. The author has created in these two characters a vision of how even though outward appearances create the possibility of judgment that is wrong in so many ways. I thoroughly enjoyed the history that Sterling and Lucy had, and its draw to bring [...]

    20. SWEET love story about nearly impossible second chances between two people with a very different background brought together thanks to the magic of St. Caroline. Sterling is force to come back to take over the Inn due to his father illness. Lucy has been working in the Inn for five years, after a failed marriage. Fifteen years ago they lost their virginity during a summer camp for poor kids that Lucy attended at the Inn. Sterling and Lucy have to face their past in order to have a future for the [...]

    21. I found this book for free on via Freebooksy; this is my honest review.It should have been a romance but it's lust all over the story. Chemistry, yes. Romance, no.Not once did either think beyond the year's end, or about showing up together in town, have babies, going out romantically to a restaurant. No it was all about when am I going to see her/him naked again? When can I kiss her/him again? and on and on.Good editing. Good story in general. Financial problems and the classic "privileged boy [...]

    22. This book was a great holiday read. Sterling and Lucy had a lot of feelings about each other but didn't realize what they had meant. The reason for this is they were both trying to 'seduce' each other to get what they want! Lucy wanted the Kids Kamp to stay open and Sterling wanted it gone because it was sitting on prime property! I will say, how it ends is not how they thought it would! Great read!

    23. "Summer Again" is about discovering you still have an attraction to your first teenage crush long after life has taken you both in different directions.The characters are developed just enough to give the reader sufficient insite into the main characters, Lucy and Sterling, backgrounds and differences. There are no "ah hah" moments or startling revaluation's."Summer Again" is a easy, quick read for a day at the beach or a weekend at the cottage.

    24. A very sweet romance story, a summer read over a weekend for me. I enjoyed the story i just found it a bit too sweet for me, i like more grit in the romance side for myself. I did enjoy the look at the past of the two main characters. So it was great to see the two sides to the romance developing from past to now. Worth a read if you like a story that is sweet and takes you away to a location that is idylic sounding

    25. I got this book for free with . It was a good read. However, I got to the end and I felt cheated. It just dropped with no warning. I was hoping to hear more on how the camp was going to go in the new place, what kind of plans would come about with Lucy and Sterling, etc. Good book to pass the time reading. Happy Reading!

    26. If this is your genre, it's probably quite a good, sweet read. Bit like a modern day Mills and Boons. For me it was way too predictable. And unbelievable. Lucy gets treated like a daughter but then gets ignored for no apparent reason? Nice sounding parents totally ignore their only son? Never mind the " twist " at the end with the property next door.

    27. SummerHis family owned an inn but did a summer camp four underprivileged kids. Lucy was one of those campers. Sterling was the owners son. The fell in love one summer, she went back to little town VA, he went to Europe. Now they both are back she has been working at the inn and close to his parents. He back to take over, his father is dying. Can they find their spark again.

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