Where You Are

Where You Are Robert Westfall s life is falling apart everywhere but in math class That s the one place where problems always have a solution But in the world beyond high school his father is terminally ill his m

  • Title: Where You Are
  • Author: J.H. Trumble
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Robert Westfall s life is falling apart everywhere but in math class That s the one place where problems always have a solution But in the world beyond high school, his father is terminally ill, his mother is squabbling with his interfering aunts, his boyfriend is unsupportive, and the career path that s been planned for him feels less appealing by the day.Robert s mathRobert Westfall s life is falling apart everywhere but in math class That s the one place where problems always have a solution But in the world beyond high school, his father is terminally ill, his mother is squabbling with his interfering aunts, his boyfriend is unsupportive, and the career path that s been planned for him feels less appealing by the day.Robert s math teacher, Andrew McNelin, watches his best student floundering, concerned but wary of crossing the line between professional and personal Gradually, Andrew becomes Robert s friend, then his confidante As the year progresses, their relationship in school and out of it deepens and changes And as hard as he tries to resist, Andrew knows that he and Robert are edging into territory that holds incalculable risks for both of them.J.H Trumble, author of the acclaimed Don t Let Me Go, explores a controversial subject with extraordinary sensitivity and grace, creating a deeply human and honest story of love, longing, and unexpected connection.

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    2 thoughts on “Where You Are

    1. J.H Trumble is a Texas native and graduate of Sam Houston State University You can visit the author online at jhtrumble and on Facebook and Twitter.

    2. "Robert" He presses his forehead to the door."Just let me go.""I can't."I don't think my mere words, or weak attemptsn give this book the justice it deserves. It amazed me, kept me intrigued and had me in love with the characters, before they themselves shared their feelings. A story on forbidden love, between a teacher and his student. An unavoidable and unforgettable connectionat leads to secrets, stolen moments and a love that strains under the hardships it endures. A marvelous and extremely [...]

    3. You know those books you love so much you want to make everyone read them, but they're so special to you that you want to keep them to yourself? THIS! Just thinking about WHERE YOU ARE and talking about it gets me so excited and emotional, and I haven't felt so strongly about a book in years. I've read it three times already and will probably read it many more. It was an instant top 10-er for me.Do NOT let the teacher/student thing dissuade you. It's handled so tenderly, so naturally, and so bea [...]

    4. I love books with forbidden theme, especially maybe with a student/teacher romance.It is my guilty pleasure, what can I say? And this was a m/m book. And by J H Trumble! Dubble -yum!!! Her debut novel "Don`t Let Me Go"was simply perfection. I absolutely loved the honesty and the realistic writing style. I completely fell in love with Nate and Adam Are you reading her books? Why the hell not? She is one of the best new authors out there. So obviously I was super excited for "Where You Are". And t [...]

    5. I’m hard pressed to find even ONE likable character in this book. Selfish, immature, impetuous, careless, aggravating…and those are the ADULTS. Don’t get me started on the teenagers.I thought it was the topic (teacher / student (high school) relationship) that bothered me, but ultimately, it was just BAD all around. 1 star for trying.1 star for a Mary Jo Latuerno reference – let’s hope it was meant as foreshadowing and not just an accident. I should subtract a star for using alternatin [...]

    6. And this one goes straight onto my "Yeah but no but yeah conflicted" shelf. It's a 3.5, but rounded up because I can't stop thinking about it. The writing is really good. Really good. The story is also really good. But, and here's where it gets into that morally grey area: it's a book about a student and a teacher, and, whichever way you look at it, that's a violation of trust, and an abuse of power. Which is why it surprised the hell out of me that I really liked the teacher, Andrew. I really f [...]

    7. So this book creating this big knot of emotions in my chest that I might have to get rid of by crying. Or getting drunk, which would then lead to crying.There is just so much emotion in this book, that I guess some of it seeped through the (virtual) pages into my fingertips and is slowly killing me like a painless poison. Actually, no, scratch that, this is extremely painful. Emotional torture bordering on physical.Some people didn't like the characters - I found them simply perfect.The cast was [...]

    8. I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Kensington Publishing for sending me this ARC. I read this book in eight hours and I have to say that I could not put it down. It is so AMAZING I have never read something so heart wrenching and so gut wrenching! I laughed and I cried and I screamed at the book because it was like I was there. Yes this story has some issues that people will say are not right but I say to them PISS OFF! This story is about a love, loss and everything in between when it comes to [...]

    9. DNF at 35%Eye-rolling-non-stop.I have a very long issues with this book. Should I name them all?!Shortly:A gay student who has a gay friend since 9 months and they still haven't touched each other, except holding hands. They are both 17 years old.A gay teacher who first came out and then decided to build a family with his best friend, slept with her only once that was enough to make a daughter, married her and then his wife at last CAPISCE that whena husband sleeps in a separate room with a clos [...]

    10. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.Such a controversial subject, done in such a way where the sexual aspect of the forbidden (teacher/student theme) is secondary. Yet the story, the story is strong and realistic and oddly provocative without getting vulgar or trying too hard. The book was an emotional roller coaster for me. The strongest emotion: anger and disgust but not for the two main characters, 17 year old - Robert or 24 year old - Andrew. It was most of the women in their lives - Roberts' aunts- I seriou [...]

    11. This book is an absolutely superb piece of writing, eliciting strong emotions throughout -joy, heartbreak, anger, love, hope. Where You Are is well researched - medical, psychological, the education system, legal, family dynamics, human nature. It is an LGBT YA but will appeal to many ages and should most certainly be utilized by groups, schools etc to fully bring forth some discussion regarding the topics covered in the book - being aware at a conscious level is so important, never questioning [...]

    12. Where You Are by J.H. Trumble is a unique novel for me. I have read books and stories about student/teacher affairs before. But this one was more than that. It had a unique enough aspect to it, not everything was about sex. The fact this was a YA novel makes it even better in my opinion. This will probably be a controversial book. But I could see past the issues.Andrew and Robert were the couple in this book. Andrew the teacher, divorced with a two year old daughter. His ex-wife (and former best [...]

    13. My word. *exhale* I'm a bit drained now. This was a good story, albeit one with awful women. Every last one of them is problematic. The extreme bitchiness; combined with Andrew's unremitting gullibility as far as his ex-wife is concerned and his easy acquiescence, his submission to being manipulated by her; plus the separation between Andrew and Robert that is prolonged unnecessarily all make this somewhat of an exhausting read. Underneath all these elements, however, is a good story of finding [...]

    14. I had a distinct inkling that Where You Are is going to be good. I have read Trumble's debut novel, Don't Let Me Go months ago and it still didn't let me go. And when I read the blurb of Where You Are and saw that it's combining two things I always go for - forbidden love story and LGBT romance - I squeed with excitement.One more reason, that I was super excited is the cover. It's utterly stunning, and I'm head over heels in love with it since the moment I saw it. I don't know if it's a stock ph [...]

    15. Just this summer, I read a m/f book that was all the rage. It was about a teacher/student affair, and I was so totally squicked by the premise that I gave the book two stars. And then came Where You Are.Have you read the blurb? Do you realize this is a story about a student/teacher relationship? Do you see how many stars I'm giving this book?*Hypocritical reader/reviewer alert*I'm going to excuse myself for really, really liking this book. I was interested in the characters. They were complicate [...]

    16. I received a complimentary ARC of this book from Kensington Publishing. This in no way influences the impartiality of this review.No sophomore slump here. After an absolutely perfect first novel in Don't Let Me Go, JH Trumble took the brave leap of NOT writing a sequel (which would have been easier to do as there were threads to be picked up at the end of DLMG). She instead started from scratch. I am so glad she did.The subject matter of Where You Are will be sure to cause some controversy. For [...]

    17. An emotionally charged story of unexpected love and unwavering loyalty.Once again, I found myself engrossed in a book that constantly made me question my stance on teacher-student relationships. As a mother, could I condone such a relationship? As a hopeless romantic, should I accept that you can't control who you love? And as a reader, do I accept this story for the fiction it is even if the reality of it all causes so much controversy? Throughout my reading I found myself wondering why I const [...]

    18. I liked the story a lot. I'm actually shocked that parts of it didn't creep me out, but both characters were written very well, so you understood that these were two people who were truly trying to be there for one another -- in spite of their current place in the world.Due to the small differences in their ages, almost 18 & 24, made the story feel like they were truly meant to be together, but fate just brought them together a bit too early and in one of the worst of scenarios for Andrew's [...]

    19. Robert Westfall has never had it worse - his father is terminally ill, his aunts are cruel and unsupportive, and the life he always envisioned for himself seems less and less appealing every day. Only in Calculus do his fears fade, and it's mostly because of his kind teacher, Andrew McNelis. Mr. McNelis watches Robert flail from afar and with time offers a guiding hand. But what happens when Mr. McNelis's role in Robert's life changes from that of a confidante, to a friend, to something more?I h [...]

    20. It was actually quite good.It's weird for me when I see rl references, probably because I generally read so much high fantasy. Every (rare) time I recognized some of the lyrics, I had a little "Aha!" momentAlso, Robert's a bandie, so BAND GEEK SOLIDARITY!I like the way the emotions are handled. I mean, the issues explored are rather tough and controversial and all that, but I rather liked it.Much as it pains me, I do kind of agree with Susan of the 2-Star Review as she said in her comments (view [...]

    21. Okay, some heavy, heady stuff in here. This is was a tough one for me to process because I am a teacher. This book is the perfect example of how the experiences, biases, feelings, etc. in our lives can affect our reading and interpretation of a story. Andrew McNelis is a high school teacher, like myself. He forms an attachment and eventually a relationship with one of his students, Robert Westfall. I knew before reading this novel that that was the premise of the story. I was totally prepared to [...]

    22. can take forever at times to send orders. Particularly when you are on the other side of the world, as I am. So I was not expecting this book anytime soon. What a pleasant suprise to find it in the post yesterday. I had had a long evening the night before and promised myself to only read a few pages and get some much needed rest. I finished it one sittingJH Trumble writes effortless, flowing text that the pages simply fly through one's fingers without notice. Her characters are well researched, [...]

    23. the age of consent in Texas is 17 and they have no student teacher specific law that applies after you turn 17*. so, it doesnt legally matter if robert is 17 versus 18, it is totally legal for him to be with drew. drew could still be accused/charged with sexual assault of a minor, but technically, hes innocent some states, any teacher student sexual relationship, even texting, is a second degree felony. lets just say drew should not move to ILhically, of course there is a teacher student code of [...]

    24. Not an easy book, a very sensitive matter the author managed with a firm hand, and a right mix of romanticism, without losing the focus on reality.Middle twenty Calculus high school teacher Andrew falls for his 17 years old student Robert. Said like that, many adults will already hate on the spot Andrew, especially if they have experience with teaching and with the ethic that comes with that. But this is not a story you can judge with prejudices; first of all, Robert is a troubled kid, his estra [...]

    25. (10/29/2016: Re-read #4 or #5 - I'm almost sure I'd read this earlier 2016 too. Still my favorite book)(11/11/2015 - Re-read 3 done. Totally in love with Robert Westfall for over a year now.)(Re-read number two done in February 2015. I'm still in love with Robert Westfall.)-------------------------This is my favorite book from J.H. Trumble, and I dare to say she is my favorite author on M/M romance and this is my favorite novel ever.It is a rich portrait of that forbidden relationship everyone h [...]

    26. This was not my favorite read, nor was it the easiest. It may, however, be one that stays with me always. We're talking about difficult situations, people who come into our lives and help us with the finding of solutions. And, frankly, we're talking about crossing the lines on so many levels. This is where it gets good, great. Anything that makes me thinkd thinkd think, well, that becomes empowering. What happens is I, the reader, am removed from the equation and I'm allowed to experience the st [...]

    27. Where You Are was a difficult story to leave. Trumble has a way of sneaking emotions into her writing by creating characters that are vividly real. Their actions, words, thoughts. Real. Most importantly, Where You Are is a love story that feels real. It's a story for all.

    28. I need more Robert and Andrew.I so love the whole teacher/student trope :) IMO the author did a wonderful job giving this story a feel of realness. Robert, well you cannot feel bit sad for him and what he has dealt with basically his entire life. Besides his fathers’ circumstances, he deals with his fathers’ asinine family. Then there is Andrew, who is a little broke and lost himself. Robert feels comfortable with Andrew; talking to him about his life that is not his own. As time passes, fee [...]

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