Because Shit Happened

Because Shit Happened On a fateful winter day Amol Sabharwal co founder of one of the most ambitious startup ventures in the country yourquote decides to quit What makes Amol quit his own business venture just when it

  • Title: Because Shit Happened
  • Author: Harsh Snehanshu
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  • Page: 173
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  • On a fateful winter day, Amol Sabharwal, co founder of one of the most ambitious startup ventures in the country, yourquote, decides to quit What makes Amol quit his own business venture just when it is on the brink of raising its first round of funding Harsh Snehanshu, bestselling author of Oops I fell in love gives you an insider s peek into the big, bad entrepreneOn a fateful winter day, Amol Sabharwal, co founder of one of the most ambitious startup ventures in the country, yourquote, decides to quit What makes Amol quit his own business venture just when it is on the brink of raising its first round of funding Harsh Snehanshu, bestselling author of Oops I fell in love gives you an insider s peek into the big, bad entrepreneurial world of fame, betrayal, lust for power, greed, and unethical business practices Based on the real life story of the start up that the author co founded in 2010, Because Shit Happened will tell you what NOT to do in a start up.

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    1. Harsh Snehanshu is twenty five but looks older After graduating from IIT in 2011, he invested a year each on entrepreneurship, pan India travel, and the Young India Fellowship a prestigious one year fellowship in the liberal arts During 2012 13, he travelled solo across the country on a shoestring budget, sleeping wherever there was space and eating whatever was available, discovering India and a bit of himself His fascination for stories and abundance of grey hairs are results of this wanderlust and reflection.The author of Green Mango More, Mango Chutney, Because Shit Happened What Not To Do In A Start up and the bestselling Kanav Tanya trilogy, Harsh has sold over 1 lac copies in India Harsh is a prolific freelance writer, having been published in The Caravan, The Hindu, Tehelka among others As an exchange student at Sciences Po, Paris in their School of Urban Affairs, Harsh has been fascinated in providing value to people living in urban areas He is interested in business, people and creating value for people, and right now is setting up a C2C start up to cater to the needs of the urban residents.You could reach him at facebook harshsnehanshu1twitter harshsnehanshu

    2. I bought this book since there was a lot of hype about it(and also because I got it at a 50% discount - was ordering another book and got free shipping if I added this too)The writing style - boring and mundane. Reading every page was a chore.Maybe my expectations were too high, but the book definitely didn't live up to the hype. I marked the major pages where I thought I'd criticize the book on, but there's so many that I'm not even going to get started.This book DOES paint a somewhat realistic [...]

    3. I am not against bad books, but what I hate to my core is a bad book which appears good. I picked it up as the first book of the year because I thought that it would not be the typical "IITians and sex" saga. I couldn't have been more wrong. The books taught me that the biggest problem one can face in his entrepreneurial journey always has something to do with sex your sex life, the second biggest has to do with your co-founders sex life. I had a great image of the author with his facebook posts [...]

    4. I picked it up from kindle because it was 100 bucks and because i felt bad for not having read a book for the past month. When compared to the other engineering students who have suddenly started writing Bestsellers, he actually writes quite well. It's an easy read, doesn't take much out of you but at the same time it leaves you with little wisdom. It's supposed to be a true depiction of the India start up world. And sometimes it provides you with an inside view to the start up world too, but i [...]

    5. the most boring, this book prologue states " what not to do when one is dreaming to become entrepreneur" but journey moves along with college, interviews, romance and shit Yes real shit. not worth single penny.Author named this book in incorrect way must be "SHIT YES REAL SHIT"

    6. The story starts off with a promise , but is soon diluted by the technical aspects , often unneeded and coupled with the rambling plot , you just wait for these meandering rivers to reach its ocean , if any , because you somehow managed 300 and-so pages of this tome . The author's all-pervasive cocky, misogynist attitude serves to further push this book into its quicksand . Read this , if only for the quotes which are genuinely witty , but sprinkled few and far between , and a veritably ingeniou [...]

    7. I'd want to give it 2.5 stars.Despite of it's horrendous grammatical glitches and it's amateurish lingo it's an honest account of the obstacles one faces while starting up. I could relate to it more as I have just turned entrepreneur and some of the things talked about in the book did happen with me as well.Good start but could have been far far better for a guy who is planning to make a career in writing.

    8. I won't recommend this book to anyone, esp. not to entrepreneurs. This book was nothing but a series of non-interesting twisted love stories and love triangles. After few chapters this books seems like a drag.

    9. The book was amazing Totally loved it & Just like the ending of this book I am also happy after reading it Great going author :)

    10. 2 stars because it was a completely forgettable book. I usually remember every book and it’s author I read a decade ago, but not this ones!

    11. By Harsh Snehanshu. Grade B+A fun novel about love, starting a company, and leaving it all to follow your heartOn a fateful winter day, Amol Sabharwal, co-founder of one of the most ambitious start- up ventures in the country, yourquote, decides to quit. What makes Amol quit his own business venture just when it is on the brink of raising its first round of funding?Because Shit HappenedHarsh Snehanshu, bestselling author of Oops! I Fell in Love! gives us an insiders peek into the big, bad entrep [...]

    12. Nice book.It was very relatable for me because i suffered from the same failure. I was also ditched by my partner's EGO to become CEO .Neverthless, book talks about lot of love triangles, make outs,etc,. which i think we(teenagers/mid 20s) all face and hear in our day to day life, as the main character of this book encounters, but, i don't understand, when he is busy making a business, how does he get time for all such "Chatpat" news as Author mentions in book.Secondly, this book very beautifull [...]

    13. A brilliant read!Because shit happened – the fourth book of the bestselling author of 3 romantic novels came as a great surprise to me. The author has completely drifted from his regular genre of writing romantic, humorous books. This book is based on his real life and gives an insight into the big entrepreneurial world full of challenges. It portrays the author’s passion to pursue his dreams as he could have easily took up a job but he instead chose to start his own company. The book descri [...]

    14. The book started off good but as one reads along, the book seems to be kind of repetitive of the events. Also one major point is that the book's back cover and description is, I think, kind of misleading. It reads "WHAT NOT TO DO IN A START-UP!" while the book offers seemingly little useful insight on the entrepreneurship aspect and more on different aspects of life. I bought the book thinking that it was possibly an insightful, failure story of an entrepreneur touching different aspects of entr [...]

    15. The book is an interesting read. It talks about the person's process of starting up while being in college. It gives a good insight for the process and the difficulties faced in the startup and the experiences gained alongside. Do not expect to gain a lot of knowledge about starup or anything; it is a light book to read filled with humour, some romance and some nitty gritty lessons, like a bollywood movie, more or less.The way Harsh has written it makes it more interesting rather than the story [...]

    16. This is my first book by Harsh, and I must say that he nailed it. I got it on my birthday, and I couldn't put the book until I had finished it which was by 7 am in the morning or so.The book is more than just an accurate description of the kind of things that happen in an Entrepreneur's life when he is in college, yet to know how professional World work, and thus unknowingly is caught in the web of personal vs. professional connections. Despite the seriousness, and loads of messages the book is [...]

    17. An alright book. The story was fast paced and compelled me to read on. However, I found the drama much to my distaste. So much so, in fact, that at times I was unable to back the protagonist and his partner or wish them well in their endeavors. By drama I mean both their entrepreneurial practices (a few times) and the way they handled their love lives (most of the time). However, reading this book was not a bad way to spend a few days.

    18. It lives up to its title. harsh snehanshu has come a long way and mark my words this is truly an eye opener for the people who have just started with their entrepreneur life. Emotional turmoil, lost love and the power to remain head strong in worst of the adversaries it teaches u all. :)I totally loved this one. :)

    19. Nice book but end could have been betterIt is such a nice book that most of the budding entrepreneurs can relate to. The humor keeps you hooked to the book but it was an abrupt and erratic ending nonetheless - a great book indeed (my first ever finished book on Kindle and second ever overall)

    20. Not a bad read, and definitely earns a star more because it's not the usual love story we Indian authors excel (oh no, not really excel rather stick to)And though it's not completely believable, it's not totally tangent and impossible eitherI might pick more from the author but they all seem to be love affairs

    21. first of all before reading the novel i had seen the TVF series so it was already seen before read crisp writing about a failed entrepreneur failed lover but passionate dreamer makes the novel readabled its my one line for u-life fucks & girlfrien suckn just let ur shield up or duck, but never stuck.- Yourquote

    22. Ok I can only give it 3 stars, coz although I love the author, it was all about entrepreneurship and stuff. It was honest and good, but the writer just wrote all that happened, he didn't make much efforts to write in a way that would indulge readers into it. So except for those who are into entrepreneurship and all, which I'm not, you may find it boring at many points

    23. I would be non-judgemental on this , I read most of the chapters in metro compressed midst the heard.It's always better to have a book than standing alone and paying heeds to those voices in your mind

    24. Not very interesting, more filled with seemingly shrewd thoughts of the author, Harsh, I wouldn't be his friend if i were in IIT, but would definitely like to meet him and get to know about some of his decision.

    25. its not a guideline book,rather a experienceyou can choose to learn your own lessons.a nice light quotes ring quite true in context of modern times.

    26. A good timepass read when you have nothing else to do. Very honest writing that tries to explain the ups and downs in entrepreneurship in the indian setting. A decent effort.

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