Doctor Who: Frontier Worlds

Doctor Who Frontier Worlds What strange attraction lures people to the planet Drebnar When the TARDIS is dragged there the Doctor determines to find out why He discovers that scientists from the Frontier Worlds Corporation hav

  • Title: Doctor Who: Frontier Worlds
  • Author: Peter Anghelides
  • ISBN: 9780563555896
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • What strange attraction lures people to the planet Drebnar When the TARDIS is dragged there, the Doctor determines to find out why He discovers that scientists from the Frontier Worlds Corporation have set up a base on the planet, and are trying to blur the distinction between people and plants.

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    1. Anghelides first published work was the short story Moving On in the third volume of the Virgin Decalog collections, which led to further short stories in the fourth collection and then in two of the BBC Short Trips collections that followed In January 1998, his first novel Kursaal was published as part of BBC Books Eighth Doctor Adventures series on books Anghelides subsequently wrote two novels for the range, Frontier Worlds in November 1999, which was named Best Eighth Doctor Novel in the annual Doctor Who Magazine poll of its readers, and the The Ancestor Cell in July 2000 co written with departing editor Stephen Cole The Ancestor Cell was placed ninth in the Top 10 of SFX magazine s Best SF Fantasy novelisation or TV tie in novel category of that year.Anghelides also wrote several short stories for a variety of Big Finish Productions Short Trips and Bernice Summerfield collections This led, in November 2002, to the production of his first audio adventure for Big Finish, the play Sarah Jane Smith Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre.In 2008, he wrote a comic which featured on the Doctor Who website

    2. Too much body horror, not enough plot. Theoretically this is a sci fi story about the possibilities and dangers of GMO crops, but the only takeaway is that Monsanto-style shenanigans are preferable to mad scientists warping their brains by trying to cross themselves with plants in an effort to achieve immortality.Okay then.The subplot with Fitz's love interest left a bad taste in my mouth. (view spoiler)[The fridgiest fridge plot ever to fridge, so Fitz's quote-unquote character development via [...]

    3. This novel starts with basically the greatest chase sequence in all of Who, but then proceeds to dedicate itself to grossout comedy? The writing is fantastic at times, but the Doctor and friends spend most of the action stuck at a terribly dull office with terribly dull people, struggling through a very predictable plot. And not in a subversive or postmodern way either. I kept procrastinating on this book because it was less alien than my actual desk job. Fitz gets some good moments, especially [...]

    4. Eighth Doctor Adventure (EDA) with Fitz and Compassion. A great deal less than the fan reviewers said it was. (I suspect they were parched for SOMETHING resembling Doctor Who amid all the deconstructing and retconning that typified the EDAs.) Yes, this book would probably make a nice episode, but since that would require cutting a lot of the bits that I found plodding, that's hardly high praise. There are a couple of memorable action sequences, and a Doctor who acts instead of reacts, but the bo [...]

    5. Something funny is going on at Frontier Worlds corporate headquarters, so the Eighth Doctor, Fitz and Compassion decide to get jobs at the company and play detective.Not a bad idea and Fitz ( the bumbler who so badly wants to be a cool man of action) and Compassion ( the snotty lady with a secret) are great companions, but nearly the entire supporting cast is either unpleasant or uninteresting and the author can't stop reveling in the details of all kinds of bodily functions.It almost seems like [...]

    6. nwhytevejournal/1914347mlI had been a bit underwhelmed by the last few Eighth Doctor novels I read, but this one has restored my confidence. It's one of the few Who novels which I could easily imagine as the basis for a TV story; the Tardis crew investigate a dubious company doing genetic engineering on a convenient planet, the two companions going undercover, with all the personal conflicts that involves, and the Doctor taking on the bad guys directly. Fitz continues to be one of the best spino [...]

    7. I was surprised how much I liked this book - while I always like Anghelides' plots, his writing doesn't usually do it for me. I have to say, I love the bits from Fitz's POV. The first one made me give the book a few funny looks - Fitz is *British*, he's hardly going to be thinking about sidewalks - but once you realise the reason for that, it kind of makes it even more awesome. I like Fitz being all insecure and worried the Doctor doesn't need him, and I love how much they care for each other (C [...]

    8. The Doctor, Fitz and Compassion investigate a company who is doing experiments on an alien plant. These could cause the destruction of the system they are in. A decent story, that shows some extra depth to Compassion and Fitz. Though Fitz is put through the ringer again, I'm starting to be surprised that he continues to stay with the Doctor. There are some creepy and gory moments too. A good read.

    9. A good story from the Doctor's point of view, but as usual, Fitz and Compassion each had their own boring subplot. The dilemma was interesting and the action scenes were pretty good. I liked the tidbits of moral philosophy that got thrown in. Read it if you like. If not, you're not missing too much.

    10. The characterisation in this one was really good. I also loved the humour displayed by Fitz. There were a few holes and unanswered questions, but overall it was quite an entertaining Doctor story!

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