Flush - Uma Biografia

Flush Uma Biografia Flush a biografia de um spaniel mais concretamente do c o da poetisa inglesa Elizabeth Barrett Browning autora de Sonetos Portugueses Como escreve Fernando Guimar es no pref cio a narrativa faz se

  • Title: Flush - Uma Biografia
  • Author: Virginia Woolf Maria de Lourdes Guimarães Fernando Guimarães
  • ISBN: 9789896412593
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • Flush a biografia de um spaniel, mais concretamente do c o da poetisa inglesa Elizabeth Barrett Browning, autora de Sonetos Portugueses.Como escreve Fernando Guimar es no pref cio, a narrativa faz se a partir de v rios pontos de vista que podem ser tanto os de Flush como os do narrador ou de outros personagens Mas como um c o o protagonista, muitas descri es da Flush a biografia de um spaniel, mais concretamente do c o da poetisa inglesa Elizabeth Barrett Browning, autora de Sonetos Portugueses.Como escreve Fernando Guimar es no pref cio, a narrativa faz se a partir de v rios pontos de vista que podem ser tanto os de Flush como os do narrador ou de outros personagens Mas como um c o o protagonista, muitas descri es das casas burguesas, dos jardins e dos bairros pobres da Inglaterra do s culo XIX s o nos dadas de um modo mais olfactivo do que visual Para Flush o amor sobretudo odor a forma e a cor, odores a m sica, a arquitectura, a lei, a pol tica e a ci ncia s o odores Para ele a pr pria religi o era um odor.

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    1. Virginia Woolf Maria de Lourdes Guimarães Fernando Guimarães says:

      Adeline Virginia Woolf was an English novelist and essayist regarded as one of the foremost modernist literary figures of the twentieth century.During the interwar period, Woolf was a significant figure in London literary society and a member of the Bloomsbury Group Her most famous works include the novels Mrs Dalloway 1925 , To the Lighthouse 1927 , and Orlando 1928 , and the book length essay A Room of One s Own 1929 with its famous dictum, a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.

    2. I never thought I would be so absorbed with the biography…of a dog! But what was I thinking? Woolf’s writing works its magic with no exception, of course. Are you in the mood for the ideal dose of ironic, playful humor? Do you crave for those intricately woven phrases that sing the English language with exquisite intonation? Or for a literary game of original subtlety?“Flush” is the described above plus a surrogate biography of the poetess Elizabeth Barrett-Browning and a jocular satire [...]

    3. .e Victorians loved biographies, especially biographies of eminent people - kings, queens and other distinguished members of society. Flush is the biography of such an eminent Victorian. Or rather Flush is a parody of a biography of an eminent Victorian. We might even say that Flush is a parody of a parody of a biography of an eminent Victorian because Flush is in fact the biography of a dog. But not just any dog, an Eminent Dog, the pure bred Cocker Spaniel belonging to another eminent Victoria [...]

    4. This is the biography of a dog, a cocker spaniel named Flush who was owned by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. And through the eyes of Flush, and the writing of Virginia Woolf, we get a look at the life of the poetess herself. It's an interesting way to write about someone, but the talented pen of VW is up to the challenge.

    5. This was too tempting to resist. The great stream-of-consciousness novelist pulls off a “biography” of the beloved dog of Victorian poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning. It was a nice trifle, though missing some of the emotional engagement that comes from direct knowledge of the animal by the author.Flush was a cocker Spaniel who grew up in the country, and then was brought to the London household of Barrett. Their first encounter give you some of the flavor of Woolf’s approach to capturing his [...]

    6. This was the 6th book I read by Virginia Woolf and her easiest, so far. It's a peculiar little book with a cute theme. I don't want to downgrade it by using the word cute but when the protagonist is a dog than there's some cuteness in it.This is a biography of a dog called Flush. Flush was Elizabeth Barrett Browning's beloved dog. She was a Victorian poet and her husband was a poet as well, Robert Browning. He was the one who wrote the epic poem that inspired Stephen King's The Dark Tower Series [...]

    7. Nos seus diários, Virginia Woolf diz que escreveu Flush como forma de um "apaziguado entretenimento", que lhe permitiu descansar do esforço exigido por As Ondas e conceber o romance seguinte - Os Anos. Talvez por a entrega da autora não ser em pleno, esta leitura não me tivesse deslumbrado. Direi mesmo que, se não tivesse tão presentes na memória e no coração duas das suas obras-primas, pensaria que ler Virginia Woolf não é nada de especial e talvez nem a lesse mais. No entanto, embor [...]

    8. Fluxo de consciência em versão canina, para ir entrando de mansinho na escrita de Virgínia Woolf, antes de me atrever a vôos mais altos.Mesmo tratando-se da biografia de um cão, a autora não deixou escapar a oportunidade de aplicar umas alfinetadas bem humoradas à sociedade inglesa da época; snob e preconceituosa, de apontar o dedo às diferenças abissais entre as condições de vida de ricos e pobres, e ainda ao pouco que se esperava das mulheres e que as relegava para um papel social [...]

    9. This is one of my wife's favorite books. Prior to having children, when we used to go used book shopping together, she would buy any copy of this she came across to gift to friends. Up until now I'd never read it (in my defense, she's read almost none of my favorite books, and I've read many of hers through the years, and will continue to do so).Flush is a sweet little book, beautifully written, about Elizabeth Barrett Browning's dog Flush (and, in the margins, it is also about EBB). It manages [...]

    10. After completing the groundbreaking experiment The Waves, Woolf “rested” by working on what she considered a mere trifle—a short novel that would eventually become Flush: A Biography, a version of the courtship of poets Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning as seen through the eyes of their omnipresent cocker spaniel. Using historical facts as a platform, what emerges is a witty and unusual take on one of the most famous real-life romances of all time, and even if it comes off as rather sl [...]

    11. En la demoledoraPatas de perro el protagonista era un niño, mitad perro mitad humano. En Tuyo es el mañana uno de los narradores era un galgo. Virginia Woolf en esta breve novela pergeña una biografía de un perro, un cocker spaniel (lo que le lleva a la autora a ofrecer distintas teorías sobre el origen de la palabra Hispania. Una de ellas diría que Hispania deriva de la palabra vasca España, que significa ¿limite o frontera?. Tengo entendido que frontera es muga, pero bueno), que atiend [...]

    12. A pretty little novel, but no more.The form is poetic but the story remains flat, without bouncing. The idea of placing his autobiography through the life of his dog is not badly done, but it lacks some notes that would connect us to the reality of the facts. However, the methods of Virgina Woolf of foreignization used by are interesting, the vision of Flush on our world is quite captivating and it was in his eyes we find the beauty of the author's lyricism.

    13. Ha! So you thought this was a book about a dog?Nope. It's by Virginia Woolf, so it is really clever social satire: a dog's eye view of Victorian mores, the absurdities of class consciousness, the stultifying life of London ladies (and dogs), the joys of running free in Italy, and the delights of sexual liberation. Of course Woolf has great fun writing from the point of view of one who experiences life as a sequence of vast and varied scents and we get some interesting insights into Elizabeth Bar [...]

    14. This concise biography of Elizabeth Barrett-Browning's spaniel is super charming, surprisingly dramatic, and beautifully crafted. For fans of "Orlando," this is wonderful in a similarly fantastical vein. It's mostly known as a trifle today, though for many readers it might serve as an ideal introduction to Virginia Woolf.

    15. Si tuviera que definirlo con una palabra, sería “engañoso” (en un sentido positivo). Aquello que al principio parece ser la biografía del perro de la poeta Elizabeth Barrett Browning termina siendo su historia de vida, pero a través de los ojos del simpático animalito. Así y todo, Woolf no deja de lado problemas que conciernen tanto al perro como a la Humanidad. El libro empieza con una aproximación muy linda y muy humorística a los orígenes de la razacocker spaniel,en donde Woolf, [...]

    16. Kraliçe Victoria döneminin önemli şairlerinden Elizabeth Barrett'in hastalığı ve evinden kaçışında her zaman yanında olan, sahibine enteresan bir şekilde çok benzeyen ve onun can yoldaşı olmak kısa yaşamındaki tek isteği olan Cocker köpeği Flush'ın öyküsünü okuma şanşı elde ediyoruz bu kitapta. Hem de bizzat Flush'ın bakış açısından.Bu kadar ince düşünülüp işlenmiş bir hikaye de ancak Virginia Woolf tarafından yazılabilirdi. Çünkü küçük detaylar [...]

    17. No me siento digno de reseñar un libro de Virginia Woolf, simplemente diré que la pluma de esta mujer cada vez me enamora más.

    18. I have been looking forward to reading Flush for months, and I really wasn’t disappointed. Written in the period after Virginia Woolf had completed writing The Waves; which she had found so draining Flush, is a complete joy. Flush – for those who don’t know – is a biography of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s dog, a cocker spaniel that was her constant companion, both before and after her marriage to Robert Browning. The book is a combination of fiction and non-fiction, through which we me [...]

    19. DE/UA Die Biographie eines Hundes. So was hab ich noch nie gelesen. Und obwohl das Buch sich ziemlich langsam lesen ließ, hat es mir sehr gut gefallen. Flush, Spaniel der berühmten Dichterin Mrs. Barrett Browning ist eine sehr interessante Figur. Und was mir sehr gut gefallen hat, ist, dass wir über das Leben von Ms Barrett und später Mrs Browning durch das Prisma des Flushs Lebens erfahren. Höchst originell und einfach nur entzückend! Ще ніколи не читала біографію [...]

    20. Як завжди у Вірджинії Вулф - тонко, іронічно, психологічно. Обкладинка укр.видання надзвичайно естетична та мінімалістична - Love!А от ложка дьогтю - це численні радикальні фемінітиви, якими рясно всіяна передмоваТеоретикиня, критикиня, членкиняНу для чого, невже вони додают [...]

    21. SO FUN. woolf uses this biography of flush (a dog, albeit an impressively complex & well-bred one!) as a vehicle for social commentary, gorgeous language exercises, psychological investigations, existential ramblings, & an indirect biography of said dog's mistress, who happens to be elizabeth barrett browning (I KNOW). excerpts from ebb's letters fill things out nicely. israel & i have a distinct voice for saying "page-turner" because it's such a lame phrase, but i'm going to go ahea [...]

    22. The most fun read I've had in a while, along with Wise Blood.This book is a whole universe of sensations being described by a master of poetic prose. She creates a pretty accurate (I'd love to become a dog in another life and confirm it) canine world-view. It is through the nose of a dog through which we smell her delightful phrases, and get glimpses into the biography of the dogs owner. The owner being, of course, Elizabeth Barret Browning.However, and even though I understand what she's gettin [...]

    23. Formos prasme "Flašas" - neabejotinai keisčiausia iš visų mano skaitytų biografijų. Dar neteko skaityti žmogaus biografijos, išreikštos per jo šunio gyvenimą. Tikrai netradicinis, bet pasiteisinęs sprendimas. Woolf rašo gerai, stilius lengvas ir paprastas, nors gal kiek jaučiamas potraukis padaugiažodžiauti ten kur tai daryti nebūtina. Puikiai perteikti vietovių aprašymai - Londono lūšnynai nemaloniai nuteikė net namie, kita vertus Italijos aprašymai grweitai pakėlė ūp [...]

    24. A delightful read, I am forced to give it five stars. I love Virginia Woolf's writing style, I have always been fascinated by the story of Elizabeth Barret Browning, and I have absolutely fallen in love with this little dog. My heart was in my mouth reading of some of his misadventures.

    25. I was hesitant to read more of Virginia Woolf, since I've had trouble with her "stream of consciousness" style. But when I discovered that she used it to portray life through the eyes of a dog, I was curious to read this.I found it on Project Gutenberg (free e-books online) last night and decided to preview it to see if I could get into the writing. Surprisingly, I found it very easy to read and I was enjoying it so much that I kept on reading, even though I don't like reading on my phone. If yo [...]

    26. «Розламані на шматки, але відлиті з однієї форми - чи могло бути так, що кожен із них доповнював те, що було призоване в іншому? Вона могла бути - всім цим, але він - ні. Між ними пролягала найширша безодня, яка лише може віддаляти одну істоту від іншої. Вона говорила. Він був нім [...]

    27. **READ THIS.**The prose in this little book is absolutely breathtaking and is, in my very humble opinion, one of Woolf's most heartfelt, intimate works.Anyone who has ever lost her heart to a spaniel will savor every word and recognize the spirited, headstrong, loving nature of her beloved pet. Elizabeth Barrett Browning's own written work describing Flush validates Woolf's narrative and even sublimates the love and devotion that a spaniel and her owner experience. As an added bonus, anyone who [...]

    28. Absolutely lovely. Such a refreshing and insightful biography of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, from the unique perspective of her pet dog. Woolf's writing is splendid here. Filled with warmth and tenderness without being too sentimental. Awed at how she can say so much through a dog's eyes.

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