They Tell Me of a Home

They Tell Me of a Home Twenty eight year old protagonist Tommy Lee Tyson steps off the Greyhound bus in his hometown of Swamp Creek Arkansas a place he left when he was eighteen vowing never to return Yet fate and a Ph D

  • Title: They Tell Me of a Home
  • Author: Daniel Black
  • ISBN: 9780312362836
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • Twenty eight year old protagonist Tommy Lee Tyson steps off the Greyhound bus in his hometown of Swamp Creek, Arkansas a place he left when he was eighteen, vowing never to return Yet fate and a Ph.D in black studies force him back to his rural origins as he seeks to understand himself and the black community that produced him A cold, nonchalant father and an emotionalTwenty eight year old protagonist Tommy Lee Tyson steps off the Greyhound bus in his hometown of Swamp Creek, Arkansas a place he left when he was eighteen, vowing never to return Yet fate and a Ph.D in black studies force him back to his rural origins as he seeks to understand himself and the black community that produced him A cold, nonchalant father and an emotionally indifferent mother make his return, after a ten year hiatus, practically unbearable, and the discovery of his baby sister s death and her burial in the backyard almost consumes him His mother watches his agony when he discovers his sister s tombstone, but neither she nor other family members is willing to disclose the secret of her death Only after being prodded incessantly does his older brother, Willie James, relent and provide Tommy Lee with enough knowledge to figure out exactly what happened and why Meanwhile, Tommy s seventy year old teacher lying on her deathbed asks him to remain in Swamp Creek and assume her position as the headmaster of the one room schoolhouse He refuses vehemently and she dies having bequeathed him her five thousand book collection in the hopes that he will change his mind Over the course of a one week visit, riddled with tension, heartache, and revelation, Tommy Lee Tyson discovers truths about his family, his community, and his undeniable connection to rural Southern black folk and their ways.

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    2 thoughts on “They Tell Me of a Home

    1. NOTE There is than one author with this name on.Daniel Black author of Be Careful What You Wish ForDaniel Black is a native of Kansas City, Kansas, yet spent the majority of his childhood years in Blackwell, Arkansas He is an associate professor at his alma mater, Clark Atlanta University, where he now aims to provide an example to young Americans of the importance of self knowledge and communal commitment He is the author of They Tell Me of a Home and The Sacred Place.Author Facebook page facebook pages Author

    2. I would give the concept behind this novel 4 stars. I am generally a big fan of "prodigal son" type stories and, to Daniel Black's credit, I was intrigued enough by the big family secret to finish reading the novel.However, I would give basically everything else zero stars. I found this novel entirely too melodramatic and preachy and if he hadn't taken potshots at the Black church, Tyler Perry could very well have written this novel.Black spent several chapters using various characters as a way [...]

    3. Well, I've certainly had mixed feelings about this book. At first, I enjoyed it. Midway through, I was seriously ready to leave it. Towards the end, I enjoyed it again. Here is what I loved: Some of the stories told during the Friday evening gatherings "under the Tree" made me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe. Also the notion that no person's motives are rarely just black or white, but complicated with various shades of gray and other stuff is surely reinforced here. In addition, this book valid [...]

    4. II cant e'en BEGIN to comment or review yet. Just. !!!Edit 8/5/12 11:34 a.m.: I'm almost ready to review this novel. It's taking me some time to digest it all and sort out my feelings. Off the top of my head, I think the characters were interesting and relatively well developed; he gave the relationships an earnest complexity; he captured the rhythm, cadence and beauty of Black Vernacular English; he wrote compellingly about the search for self; he revealed the sights, smells, sounds, hopes, fea [...]

    5. This story took you on a journey back in time when there was so much sadness, incest, forgiveness and misunderstandings in the black community. There were plenty of secrets being kept. There were times in the story that you cried and then times your were mad. But, through it all there was so much inspiration that came from this journey in time. It was sad to see that some people back then looked for love in all the wrong places and misplaced who they should love and who loved them. This was my f [...]

    6. I read Perfect Peace by the author years ago. This book has similar themes to that one. I could tell Mr. Black developed tremendously between the two books. This one is not as polished but very good.

    7. This book was a book club selection for the month of May. I was not to enthused to pick up this book, but I kept an open mind from the beginning. After reading Perfect Peace, I was a little leery of reading a second book by the author. From chapter one I was pulled into the story and instantly like the character. The more I read, I felt like I was drowning in a lot of back story. I was patiently waiting for the ball to drop and eventually it did around Chapter 5 I think and even then it didn't m [...]

    8. What a wonderful read!!! I am so glad I came across this one. I laughed outloud many times but also read with a heavy heart. I beautifully told story. A bit predictable at times but that is alright becuase it really was a good read! I think this will be the kind of book I like even more as time passes. The flow of the book might take a little getting into as a good portion of the text is done in what is supposed to be a poor black southern dialect. I found it enjoyable to read. There is a lot of [...]

    9. You will want this book to be a marriage of Ernest J. Gaines and A Perfect Peace. It is not. It is nothing like that. It is something severely different. In these pages you will find southern dialect and black folk culture busting out the seams. You will visit a family so burdened with secrets and dysfunction that it is torso deep in a quagmire of pain. You will find homoerotic male bonding and discourse on masculinity that make you even more confused than the convoluted plot. Read it. I read it [...]

    10. I really wanted to like this novel, because the premise sounded interesting. However, I was disappointed in the character development and the story itselfd I couldn't understand why the main character would have left his beloved sister behind.

    11. I suspect that this book and and the one after it are based on he author's own life story. This kept me intrigued and moved. If you are interested in reading about someone's journey in life, you will enjoy this book and "Twelve Gates "

    12. This was a difficult book to read. It follows Tommy Lee Tyson's journey home, ostensibly to see his sister, who unfortunately has died in his absence. As he peels away the layers of his family history he finds that nothing he believes is in fact true. All of this drama is necessary for him to find his place in his history, his family, and his future. No one escapes his past, you must reconcile it with the future and your place in that future.

    13. Was just getting into this book when I remembered that this author wrote another great book -Perfect Peace which I absolutely loved and so gave this book an extra push -however admittedly and unfortunately it wasn’t the book I expected although it was powerful, readable and is recommendedSo first starters my respect and admiration for Mr. Black as this author is dedicated, eloquent and thoughtful and you can tell his books are a labor of love and are borne of his necessity to enlighten; it is [...]

    14. Oh my word.where do I start. This was just breathtaking. It has been my second most favorite read this year. Daniel Black took this reader on a journey that had me laughing, crying, kicking, rooting for and against every secret that had been covered as well as the shame and truth that had to be revealed. The read also had me to pause to remember some of the most nostalgic events that have left me wondering, questioning and drawing conclusions about things I know and thought I knew, the major cha [...]

    15. What an amazing literary experience! They Tell Me of a Home tells the story of a prodigal son of sorts, who returns to his rural Arkansas birthplace for answers to the existential questions we all face. For anyone with roots in the African American communities of the South, the author's use of dialect and keen attention to detail will instantly transport you to the place from whence you came. For those unfamiliar with the Deep South, Dr. Black serves as tour guide and cultural ambassador.The boo [...]

    16. I don't know if I'm just getting more sentimental in my older age (wink, wink) or if Daniel Black just has a way of evoking such strong emotions into his characters, that I feel as though he's speaking directly to me. Obviously, that's a sign of a dynamic writer, which he is. This book was so outstanding, I don't even know where to begin.T.L. Tyson goes home because he was summoned there by an invisible force so strong, he couldn't ignore it--and, for good reason. Once he gets home, he is plague [...]

    17. I have always been a reader. A lover of books. A love I inherited from my mother. I loved (and love) the feeling of being transplanted into whatever world I happened to be reading about. However, NEVER have I EVER read any book that moved me to so many emotional highs and lows. My senses were constantly yanked from one emotion to another, and in rapid speed! Every single chapter was an emotional and tumulus roller coaster, dipping and swinging around curves I never saw coming. The lives of these [...]

    18. Well, I finished reading it, and enjoyed doing so in a bemused kind of way. The protagonist, TJ, has just got his Phd in black studies and has returned unannounced for a visit to the rural Arkansas town he left a decade before. Some of the dialect was fun to read and flowed well, but it seemed like when not writing in dialect, Black wrote dialogue very awkwardly - I was always being surprised when in the midst of what I thought was a conversation in a normal tone of voice he would write "I screa [...]

    19. This story was full of intrigue, humor and truth-telling that one finds in unexpected places like a rural, impoverished close-knit community. More importantly, it speaks to the contradictions and complexities of the concept of "home"e longing and revulsion, the open secrets, the pride that breeds jealousy, etc. The story also confirms that "home" is not just a physical structure but the memories, people, places and things that evoke that feeling of being part of something. I truly enjoyed it and [...]

    20. I thought I would never finish this book, only because I read the hardcover edition. Me and hardcover books do not mix well. I am a straight up paperback and ebook chick. lolThis book was very well written, just seemed a bit long. Loved the storyline and characters. Not as good as Perfect Peace but good nevertheless.

    21. Not as enjoyable as his Perfect Peace. The only reason why I finished it was because I peaked ahead and found out the "secret" then wanted to read how it came to be. This was not a good book. A tedious read.

    22. As I am just starting reading, it is another Daniel Black classic that is spell bounding. I can not wait to see what Tommy uncovers in his rural hometown, Swamp Creek, Arkansas.

    23. I really enjoyed this book. there were parts that in some ways felt like home and others that were a little too much. but overall, it was a good read that I would recommend.

    24. Quick read. Interesting plot and plot twists. Integrated historical and sociological information. I enjoyed it!

    25. I thought this was a decent book. I enjoyed Daniel blacks novel perfect peace which is why i sought out others, when i discovered this and saw that it had a second part i decided to give it ago.Also seeing as it was place in the same town i was kind of hoping to see chracters from perfect peace. I read it in a day. I must admit I skipped ahead through some things. Im sure they had apoint to the overall story but I was midway through and still didnt know how sister died and who was his mom and it [...]

    26. I have fallen in love with the writings of Daniel Black. He is a master writer that pulls on every emotions and leaves you weak. I kept thinking, how do I describe how I feel about his writing? I found the words in his book. "He is brilliant! His prose is so lyrical it reads like poetry. I must admit it's a slow read because is very dense, but every line reflects authorial mastery of language. Some of his phrasing is simply magical." Every character brings it. This is T.L.'s story. The way it is [...]

    27. This was such a good book written by Daniel Black. The time period was when farmers picked theirown cotton, raised their own food. Children did go to school in a small country school house. Theywere taught by one teacher. This teacher wanted the children to learn and be happy to learn. One boy did learn and wanted to further his education. He did this earning a PhD and returninghome only to find his family was the same. Bad things have happened during his absence.

    28. This book was great. It was a true page turner. There were a few things left unaddressed that I would have liked addressed, but I highly recommend this book.

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