Forever There s a first for everything When you build up something in your mind really imagine it wish for it sometimes when it actually happens it doesn t live up to your expectations True love is nothing

  • Title: Forever
  • Author: Judy Blume
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  • Page: 473
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  • There s a first for everything.When you build up something in your mind really imagine it, wish for it sometimes, when it actually happens, it doesn t live up to your expectations.True love is nothing like that.Especially not for Katherine and Michael, who can t get enough of each other Their relationship is unique sincere, intense, and fun all at the same time AlthoughThere s a first for everything.When you build up something in your mind really imagine it, wish for it sometimes, when it actually happens, it doesn t live up to your expectations.True love is nothing like that.Especially not for Katherine and Michael, who can t get enough of each other Their relationship is unique sincere, intense, and fun all at the same time Although they haven t been together all that long, they know it s serious A whole world opens up as young passion and sexuality bloom.But it s senior year of high school, and there are big changes ahead Michael and Katherine are destined for another big first a decision Is this the love of a lifetime, or the very beginning of a lifetime of love

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    1. Judy Blume spent her childhood in Elizabeth, New Jersey, making up stories inside her head She has spent her adult years in many places doing the same thing, only now she writes her stories down on paper Adults as well as children will recognize such Blume titles as Are You There God It s Me, Margaret Blubber Just as Long as We re Together and the five book series about the irrepressible Fudge She has also written three novels for adults, Summer Sisters Smart Women and Wifey, all of them New York Times bestsellers More than 80 million copies of her books have been sold, and her work has been translated into thirty one languages She receives thousands of letters a year from readers of all ages who share their feelings and concerns with her.Judy received a B.S in education from New York University in 1961, which named her a Distinguished Alumna in 1996, the same year the American Library Association honored her with the Margaret A Edwards Award for Lifetime Achievement Other recognitions include the Library of Congress Living Legends Award and the 2004 National Book Foundation s Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.She is the founder and trustee of The Kids Fund, a charitable and educational foundation She serves on the boards of the Author s Guild the Society of Children s Book Writers and Illustrators the Key West Literary Seminar and the National Coalition Against Censorship.Judy is a longtime advocate of intellectual freedom Finding herself at the center of an organized book banning campaign in the 1980 s she began to reach out to other writers, as well as teachers and librarians, who were under fire Since then, she has worked tirelessly with the National Coalition Against Censorship to protect the freedom to read She is the editor of Places I Never Meant To Be, Original Stories by Censored Writers.Judy has completed a series of four chapter books The Pain the Great One illustrated by New Yorker cartoonist James Stevenson She has co written and produced a film adaptation of her book Tiger Eyes, and is currently writing a new novel.Judy and her husband George Cooper live on islands up and down the east coast They have three grown children and one grandchild.

    2. A word of warning: This review will be conducted from a soapbox¹ (which, if you think about it, is a completely baffling expression). ¹ As one would expect from a young feminist gynecologist, of course.Let's cut to the chase: This book is about a realistically intense relationship between Kath and Michael, two teenagers in the 1970s. They meet, fall in love with a speed only teens are capable of, he wants to sleep with her, she is reluctant, eventually they do it, they are both into it, she (r [...]

    3. Edit on 12/11/2011: To anyone who's got a problem with this review:1) Yes, I know that this book was a big deal when it was released. That doesn't mean that when I read it in this day and age that I'm going to judge it by it's historical significance--I definitely appreciate it but it doesn't change the fact that I read it when I did and didn't like it and I don't want to have to constantly justify myself for that. (Let's ignore the fact that that's precisely what I'm doing with this edit. Right [...]

    4. To my dear friend, Christine’s credit, she didn’t recommend this personally. I just shamelessly meddled with her shelves and found this novel. You may as well proceed with her wonderful one-line review if you want to avoid the rant-y one coming your way.^^ But before the rant, let me just greet my sweet friend, A HAPPY BIRTHDAY.I hope you’re having the best time and even though I didn’t like this novel, again, it’s the thought that I read a book for you that counts, right? Lol! Some bo [...]

    5. I read this book because I'm attempting to read (or reread) some classic YA books. Now, I'm a so-so fan of Judy Blume, I know she has a lot of die-hards out there. I recently read Everything I Need to Know About Being a Girl I learned from Judy Blume but I guess I was more of a Beverly Cleary kid.This book is about first loves and first sexual experiences. The story itself was good, but I think Judy Blume left out a lot of details. The boyfriend, Michael, is basically a horn dog who would do any [...]

    6. What do you do when the "love of your life"n't? Forever answers that question with a simple and unflinching response; you move on. Kath and Michael meet at a party and quickly fall into a very physical romance. After roughly a few months, Kath finally gets up the courage to have sex with Michael, believing she is in love and that she and Michael will last forever. Michael too feels he and Kath are meant to be, so they flounder along in their romance, discovering each others' bodies and holding o [...]

    7. How depressing.Keeping in mind this book was published in the mid-70s, it's still incredibly relevant to today's society. In fact, apart from the absence of conspicuous technology like cell phones, this could have taken place in the 2000s. It's a timeless story, and the reason it's getting such a low rating from me is purely personal:Michael reminded me of the ex boyfriend who broke my heart and whom I still have nightmares about years later. A pushy sex-obsessed hormonal teenage boy who pressur [...]

    8. How have I not read this sooner? I am almost 40 and only finished this today! Better late than never. I consider this book to be an education, therefore the first thing I was impressed with, with my edition being from 2005, was the author's entry at the beginning covering the absolutely essential updated requirements for safe and healthy sexual responsibility. This was an easy read, a nice coming of age story, set in the mid seventies. Our protagonist, Katherine was a very sensible 17 year old, [...]

    9. I hardly want to admit I read this book kind of funny that a "censored" book like this managed to make it pretty far around my 5th or 6th grade in Utah (it seems all my friends at the time had read it, were reading it, or were planning to read it). I think I actually made it about half way through the book and just didn't feel like it was something I should be reading (having a strong religious background encouraging waiting until marriage to enjoy sex). It's funny to think back on what I do rem [...]

    10. I'm sure this book was very important in its time and was the means by which many girls learned about sex. Unfortunately for Forever, I am not interested in PSA books; I prefer multidimensional characters, a plot, and emotions. Weird, huh?The lack of the aforementioned qualities is what really drove this book into 1 star territory for me, but there were a few special qualities that dug its grave even deeper. 1. EllipsesThere were so many ellipses at the end of basically every sentence spoken in [...]

    11. 2 stars for my own personal enjoyment of the story. It was outdated, but Judy Blume is a great storyteller. I can't really blame her too much for writing a book 30 years ago and it not feeling up to date now.5 stars for the author telling a realistic story about a girl's first time with both falling in love and having sex. I loved that the teen boy could not make it more than a few seconds without finishing. I was nodding when the girl was disappointed with her first time. These are real things [...]

    12. Forever By Judy Blume is another one of my favorite books. I read this book a million times, and it seems like when i read it, the story seems brand new to me. This book is about young love, something that all teens can relate to. Katherine is a young teen who is in high school. She is starting to get the experience of sex when she finds the love of her life, a boy name Michael. She doesn't want to loose her virginity for the satisfaction or curiosty, she really wants it to be right and special. [...]

    13. PERSONAL MUSINGS ON A CONTROVERSIAL FAVOURITEI have many fond memories of Judy Blume's Forever. It has (ever since my first read at around age fourteen or so) been a novel to appreciate and read over and over again, especially since it is still considered so controversial that an unfortunately high number of ranting parental ignoramuses (often the puritanical religiously fanatical types) continue to desire the book to be universally banned, namely that they want not simply their own children, th [...]

    14. A rather lackluster narrative of a teen relationship, Forever is still noteworthy for a couple of reasons: 1. It's the first-written ya book I know of where the kids fall in love, make a responsible decision to have sex and neither is killed, maimed, impregnated or emotionally scarred for life. 2. Blume depicts two teens who fall in love with one another, have a fulfilling (if somewhat blah) relationship, and fall out of love. There's no patronizing insinuation that teens are too young to be in [...]

    15. 4 stars to Judy Blume for her fantastic portrayal of teen sexuality and relationships! It's a bit dated, yes - very 70s - but I actually loved the nostalgic vibe. It reminded me a lot of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. And to be honest, the characters in this book are the most realistic teens I've read about in YA fiction in a long time. I would have loved to get my hands on this book when I was younger. Alas, I didn't know it existed. In Forever soon-to-be highschool graduates Katherine and Mi [...]

    16. Nope. Didn't like this one either. Another YA Lit book read for class. I guess I didn't like it for two main reasons. First, the boyfriend is a completely flat character; from what the author shows/tells you of him (which is pretty much nothing save a bit of whining) you really can't figure out what all the fuss is about. I felt more toward Theo in the ten or so pages devoted to him than I did for whats-his-name (I literally can't remember even though I read it yesterday, so I guess that helps p [...]

    17. 5 Words: Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.Seriously, that's all this book seemed to be about. Sex. I've read New Adult with much less sex and we all know what that genre can be like.I didn't connect with the characters, I couldn't really relate to them much. I think it had to do with how sex-obsessed they were.I don't feel I can write a full review for this, it didn't really leave me feeling anything at all. All I really did while reading it was roll my eyes.

    18. Judy Blume brings nothing but fond memories when I think back to reading Are You There God, Its Me Margaret, or Blubber. I know I’m not alone when I credit her for keeping reading interesting at nine years old. It turns out I missed another of her books that she wrote in the ‘seventies, that was targeted at an older audience. The main character is seventeen, so I can only assume that is was aimed at older teens I hope so anyway. Of course the book I’m referring to is Forever, a story of fi [...]

    19. This post is part of the 2015 Classics Challenge.WHEN I Discovered This ClassicI first read Judy Blume's Summer Sisters in late 2013 and, after falling in love with it, I bought her earlier novels for pre-teens and teenagers, Are You There God? It's Me Margaret and Forever.WHY I Chose to Read It I wanted to delve into another Judy Blume because it had been nearly a year since I read Margaret. She was also visiting the country the same month, as part of her tour to promote her latest adult novel, [...]

    20. What I learned: If you are going to have sex, use birth control. Your first love, no matter how passionate, probably isn't your true love. I remember this one with fondness because there were about three copies going around when I was in 7th grade. We read it, passed in on to the next girl, who in turn passed it on. Every 12-13 year old girl in my class read it sometime that year and it was something we all had in common. I suppose, now that I think about it, the reason we shared the books is th [...]

    21. This book was recommended to me and therefore I was very surprised that it wasn't very good. I don't care about the explicit nature of it. In fact, sex scenes were the only ones that kept me remotely interested in the story. Book just wasn't written that well. Language was overly simplistic, there was no depth to the story. Even at 17 there is more to a teenager's emotions than: I like the guy, he is nice, I want to have sex with him, I love him, etc. Plus, the relationship described fell flat, [...]

    22. Forever was considered quite the shocker in it's day and I'd say it's still fairly graphic for a YA book, but teenagers sex lives aren't quite the taboo subject that it was once upon a time.Kath meets Michael and feels an almost immediate connection with him, leading within several weeks to their first time together which is more that a bit of a disappointment for her. The descrptions of their fumbling attempts are very believable. The thing that makes this less stars than it otherwise would is [...]

    23. This book is about a girl named Katherine who meets a boy in a party named Michael. They were about to be separated after the summer because Michael had to go off to college. But Katherine’s parents disapproved her going out with Michael. They planned a summer camp for her so she wouldn’t be able to get in touch with him. But they still had letter going in and out every day. But, while she was at camp, she met a guy named Theo. At one pointing camp, she kissed Theo, and could never forget th [...]

    24. "No 'Forever' by Judy Blume!"The county's mobile library came to my middle school and some kids were invited to choose books to supplement the stock at our own library. The English teacher, who had quite a froggy voice, stood at the door saying "No 'Forever' by Judy Blume!"Looking back, why didn't she just find it for herself and hide it somewhere?Gemma had her own copy and all the cool kids borrowed it. They said that it fell open at the sex scenes. I remember being told by one of the cool kids [...]

    25. Ok, so for ages I had heard there was a Judy Blume book in which a boy has a penis called Ralph, but I didn't know the title. After never stumbling across it, I sorta forget and considered it an urban legend or something - until one glorious day. I picked up Forever at an op shop in Orewa, and was reading it on the bus home when I read "Katherine, I'd like you to meet someone. This is Ralph", or whatever the line is. I was so excited I gasped and tore the book in half (the spine was really britt [...]

    26. I read this book in my early teens. It taught me that young love is beautiful and all-encompassing but that forever at that age is a word that should be stricken from the vocabulary. While we may all dream of forever, at 15 forever can be over in a few months. And it usually is, but life moves on.Judy Blume expertly crafted a YA novel about first love and first sexual encounters, that while considered explicit for the time in which it was written and published, does not delve into smut. I loved [...]

    27. One day (around age 12) I read this because I was feeling nostalgic for Judy Blume (I loved Blume's books when I was a young girl). I thought that this book would give me a return to those "good old days." Wrong. This book was definitely not a child's book. There was way too much sexual content-not to mention the name Ralph is forever ruined for me. I feel that Blume did a poor job on this book, and she lost my respect. I am officially getting rid of all my Blume books. You may say that I'm over [...]

    28. -from inside flap-The bed is brass, covered with a patchwork quilt, and "nice and firm," Michael says, "in case you're interested." Katherine is interested.From this night on their life is a love story. But Katherine is in love with love, and Michael is in love with Katherine.Judy Blume has written a blithe and telling novel about young people in love-- not only Katherine and Michael, but their suburban friends.As just for something to read, this book was okay. The characters were believable and [...]

    29. I first read this book in high school. I was a wide-eyed innocent so, to me, this was racy and explicit. That was twenty years ago, and I was feeling nostalgic, so I re-read it. I still believe every teenage girl should read this book. It would be the perfect way to have the sometimes embarrassing sex talk and a wonderful way to demonstrate that "forever" sometimes really isn't.

    30. This and Clan of the Cave Bear were the first sexy books I think I ever read. (Well, also Flowers in the Attic, but fuck that book, gah.) I actually wonder how I got my hands on this, at twelve or thirteen, because I had the kind of open-minded hippie parents who really wanted to participate in my life, and especially when it came to things like discipline, they prided themselves on not making knee-jerk proclamations. For instance, when they found me listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Bloo [...]

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