True Blue

True Blue True Blue is a beauty a dappled gray and when Abby gets to take him to her family s ranch she can hardly believe her luck The horse needs a home his owner a woman brand new to the riding stable was

  • Title: True Blue
  • Author: Jane Smiley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • True Blue is a beauty, a dappled gray, and when Abby gets to take him to her family s ranch, she can hardly believe her luck The horse needs a home his owner a woman brand new to the riding stable was tragically killed in a car crash and no one has claimed him Daddy is wary, as always But Abby is smitten True Blue is a sweetheart, and whenever Abby calls out, Blue,True Blue is a beauty, a dappled gray, and when Abby gets to take him to her family s ranch, she can hardly believe her luck The horse needs a home his owner a woman brand new to the riding stable was tragically killed in a car crash and no one has claimed him Daddy is wary, as always But Abby is smitten True Blue is a sweetheart, and whenever Abby calls out, Blue, Blue, how are you he whinnies back But sometimes True Blue seemsspooked He paces, and always seems to be looking for something Or someone Abby starts to wonder about True Blue s owner What was she like What did she look like One moonlit night, Abby could swear she hears a whisper in her ear He s still my horse Filled with riding scenes and horse details, this newest middle grade novel from a Pulitzer Prize winner offers a mysterious and suspenseful almost ghost story.From the Hardcover edition.

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    2 thoughts on “True Blue

    1. Jane Smiley is a Pulitzer Prize winning American novelist.Born in Los Angeles, California, Smiley grew up in Webster Groves, Missouri, a suburb of St Louis, and graduated from John Burroughs School She obtained a A.B at Vassar College, then earned a M.F.A and Ph.D from the University of Iowa While working towards her doctorate, she also spent a year studying in Iceland as a Fulbright Scholar From 1981 to 1996, she taught at Iowa State University Smiley published her first novel, Barn Blind, in 1980, and won a 1985 O Henry Award for her short story Lily , which was published in The Atlantic Monthly Her best selling A Thousand Acres, a story based on William Shakespeare s King Lear, received the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1992 It was adapted into a film of the same title in 1997 In 1995 she wrote her sole television script produced, for an episode of Homicide Life on the Street Her novella The Age of Grief was made into the 2002 film The Secret Lives of Dentists.Thirteen Ways of Looking at the Novel 2005 , is a non fiction meditation on the history and the nature of the novel, somewhat in the tradition of E M Forster s seminal Aspects of the Novel, that roams from eleventh century Japan s Murasaki Shikibu s The Tale of Genji to twenty first century Americans chick lit.In 2001, Smiley was elected a member of The American Academy of Arts and Letters.

    2. I thought the book was not as good as the first and second books that she written. this had less about the horses that she was working with or about blue. I thought she could of went in more detail of the horse Blue. I thought overall the book was ok.

    3. This book was kind of boring. and whats interesting is, Im saying that as a horse lover meaning I ride and own a horse. And I have to say reading this book was a few wasted hours of my time that I could have spent at the barn. The he plot was hard to follow in my opinion. I got lost a lot. Also all the time the family met up for their religious meetings or whatever, I had to skip through those parts because they were too long and boring. Like I care about these people's religious meetings? I jus [...]

    4. Thought I would give Jane Smiley a try at the tween level since I enjoyed her adult books. Nope. This is a Horse story with a capital 'H' with most of the story around the various equipment, technique and types of horse, uh, stuff there is out there. I would have been able to keep with it if it was more character driven. And then the heavy handed religious overtones did me in. The Dad is a conservative evangelistic Christian (won't let his children go to the movie theater type). And that was whe [...]

    5. I thought it was awful. I couldnt even read it all I hated it so much! I was really disappointed to becuz i thought it was going to be really good so i bought it at barnes and noble in hardback, so it was really expensive and i couldn't even finish reading it.

    6. This was one of the strangest books I've ever read. The main character apparently is a 15 or 16 year old girl when in my opinion she acts like she's five. The plot was hard to follow and really confusing.

    7. This book was one of the worst books I have ever read. To this day I still do not know how I was able to finish it. Very lacking in plot and purpose, an extremely boring read. Please, spare yourself, do NOT read this book. For the love of God, you will die slowly on the inside with every word.

    8. This was a great book and I would read it again but this book was also a bit of a disappointment. I picked this book up mainly because of the blurb and I though it would be all about the horse and it's mysterious past and the ghost. However I found it to be more about Abby's ( Blue's new owner ) life after she bought Blue. I didn't find the ending completely satisfying. It really was a good book and once again I would read it again, I just think I started reading with great expectations for this [...]

    9. Meh. That's pretty much all I can say about it. It was kind of nice that Abby finally got her own horse, especially one she could grow with, but it was kind of corny. The whole ghost thing could've been written a little better. It wasn't the best book ever, but it was okay.

    10. Jane Smiley suggested to her audience at the Perth Writers Festival last month (February 2017) that we look at her horse novels as well as the current trilogy. I have taken up this and read True Blue, titled Mystery Horse in my Australian edition. My attention was easily held by the pace of True Blue, which covers a short time in the life of 13 year old Abby. The novel covered areas I was familiar with from my Midwestern church upbringing before moving to Australia and an area I know nothing abo [...]

    11. WARNING: THIS IS REVIEW WAS WRITTEN WITH HATE. IF YOU CAN'T STAND READING HATE REVIEWS ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE BOOK OR WHATEVER THEN DON'T READ IT. AND DON'T POST ANYTHING MEAN ABOUT MY REVIEW BECAUSE IT IS MY REVIEW AND MY OPINION. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEN JUST STOP READING AND MOVE ON.A beautiful dapple gray whose owner has just died in a car accident is left at the stables. When Abby Lovitt sees him she can't believe how beautiful he is. She can't help but ask if she can have him. Her dad says y [...]

    12. First of all, and as a note to UK readers -- this book has been published as "Mystery Horse" in England. Occasionally, it does make sense (because of language differences) to publish under different titles, but in this case it is rather a mystery -- and nothing to do with horses. And I would further add that I prefer "True Blue" as a title.This book is the third in a series about a young teenage girl called Abby. She lives on a horse ranch in California during the 1960s, but except for the food [...]

    13. Abby Lovitt’s family lives on a California ranch in the 1960s. When a friend who runs a stable ends up with the horse belonging to a woman killed in a car accident, she offers the horse and its fittings to Abby, who gladly takes them. True Blue is a good horse, and well-trained, though apt to spook. The horse is a good addition to the family’s stables, and Abby gives lessons and goes to school, but is plagued by the ghost of the dead owner. Abby imagines seeing this ghost all over the farm. [...]

    14. I never was a horse crazy kid, but even as a horse-neutral adult, I loved learning about the horsey world in Jane Smiley’s book, TRUE BLUE. She not only gives her protagonist, young Abby, problems to solve as she lives and works on her parents’ horse farm, but Smiley brings to life the horses and their personalities. One example:The horses…”were like kids in a classroom. Jack and Foxy and Happy were the ones in the front row who always raised their hands. Jefferson and Lincoln didn’t [...]

    15. I thought this was a very good book. It's a good book for horse-lovers like me. Even though i am a horse lover i was not very intriging at first, i liked the way the author showed imagery with the way blue looked and acted.e was mysterious and i was confused on the way she acted at first but i came to realize that it was a really good book. If you are interested in mysteries and love horses i would recommend this to you. This book shows that you have to take risks and try something new, not only [...]

    16. True blue is about a horse named blue who the Lovitts bought for their daughter Abby. The horse's owner had passed away in a car accident.Blue is nervous and paces a lot and he won't stop. After awhile Abby starts seeing a figure everywhere Blue is . What she doesn't know is that the figure is blue's owner. After awhile she puts the pieces together and tries to figure out why the owner is here.The them is what you don't know can or can't hurt depending on what you do with it. In the story Abby w [...]

    17. True Blue by Jane Smiley is a great book. It brought out the adventure in me. It made me wonder and want to keep reading. This book is about a horse whose owner died and it needs a new home. The horse it put into to stables until abby Lovitt comes and take her home. While Abby is training her and letting her get used to her new home, abby notices that The horse will randomly get spooked.One day, when abby is putting the tack on the horse, she hears whispering. She starts to wonder what her horse [...]

    18. This book is about a girl named Abby who gets this new horse named True Blue. True Blue's owner died ina tragic car accident so it's up to Abby to take care of this new horse. Everything is going good until strange things start happening. True Blue starts spooking easily and looks off in the distance as if he is looking for someone. Then Abby starts seeing a ghost like figure. Is True Blue's owner's ghost coming for Abby?

    19. I picked this up because my niece recommended Jane Smiley. Yeah, it's young adult---but it was more pre-teen. Lots of stuff about training a horse; not terribly interested. Pre-teen angst; sort of interesting. Ghost; kind of cool. Family religious conflict---not my thing. ( Well, our religion is the ONLY proper one, and whipping your kids every day is necessary is totally opposed to what I believe.)

    20. This was a nice story, but not quite what I expected. It had alot of details on caring and training horses. I had hoped the ghost of the True Blue's owner would be a bigger part of the story. The ending was a disappointment, it seemed to be a rush job to end the story. Not very satisfying and you never really learn much about the ghost or what happens with the horse.

    21. I think you have be relatively crazy about horses to read this book and love every second of it.My friend Lorie, who is horse-crazed, said it was very realistic as far as the horses go. The ghost story that made up the main plot was a little too hokey to be appealing to me, but the tensions between family members seemed very real.

    22. Interesting family here. I suppose if I had read previous stories about this family it would have been better. I like the main character's reactions to life. Hardly ever read about a strict, loving family these days. Just not sure of the "purpose" or goal of this book. It covered many aspects all at once, with a couple different "morals."

    23. This a HORSE book. However, the plot leaves a few things unanswered. For instance, you never find out if Jack is Alabama Lady's colt. For another thing, you never find out who the slim lady riding Blue is. If you have read The George's and the Jewel's and A Good Horse than you will enjoy the third installment in the series.

    24. I was not a fan of the ghost story aspect — it hardly seemed necessary and it stretched my belief that pragmatic and sensible Abby would be inclined toward such worries. (Particularly when she has so many real things to worry her!) But I particularly enjoyed reading of Abby's ventures towards teaching riding.

    25. Excellent book. Although I don't like the parts in French. I'm also not very knowledgeable about horses so some things didn't honestly make sense. But I wouldn't want to see these taken out because it adds texture, you know? I love Janes books. Thank u for being a great author

    26. an intriguing plot that completes fizzles out; interesting setting/characters but found the amount of detail on the care/riding of horses became tedious; tyrannical father figure that we're supposed to believe is really ok.

    27. It was a good book overall in my opinion but it is def for the horse cray cray people. But it was good but seriously this girl is what like 14 2 16 yrs old and believing in ghosts she acts like a freckin 5 year old

    28. This is one of the best series for 5th through 8th grade girls, particularly the horse crazy ones. The main character has a distinctly real feel to her that is a welcome and refreshing find in children's literature.

    29. I'm really enjoying this series of middle grade horse books. Abby faces some new and different challenges in this one, including a close encounter with what may or may not be a ghost. Recommended to horse lovers in grades 4 and up.

    30. I picked this book up at random off the shelf. It was a nice story, but I never felt that it had any real crescendo, or climax, one that I kept asking, "What is this story about? About halfway through I realized it was going to be a bit of a ghost story, but even that never got terribly exciting.

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