Just the Way You Are

Just the Way You Are A baby brought them together and even though Alli has always loved her strong sexy husband Sam and the life they ve made together she s now decided to set him free to follow his youthful dreams For

  • Title: Just the Way You Are
  • Author: Barbara Freethy
  • ISBN: 9780380815524
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback
  • A baby brought them together and even though Alli has always loved her strong, sexy husband Sam and the life they ve made together, she s now decided to set him free to follow his youthful dreams For although she worships Sam, it s no longer enough for her to be wife and lover when she knows she holds so little of his heart.Sam has always dreamed of a life away from thA baby brought them together and even though Alli has always loved her strong, sexy husband Sam and the life they ve made together, she s now decided to set him free to follow his youthful dreams For although she worships Sam, it s no longer enough for her to be wife and lover when she knows she holds so little of his heart.Sam has always dreamed of a life away from the close knit world of Tucker s Landing, but marriage and fatherhood ended all that Now Sam is torn between what was and what was meant to be He must decide if it s time to rekindle the dreams of the pastor accept Alli, and her love, just the way she is.

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    1. Barbara s love of writing developed out of a love of reading Growing up in an all boy neighborhood, she spent quite a bit of time reading through her mother s large library, many of which were romantic novels After graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara, she went into Public Relations, but soon discovered that writing was her true passion.Barbara was traditionally published for many years, then formed her own publishing company FOG CITY PUBLISHING in 2011 and has since sold over 7 million books She has published 62 novels ranging from contemporary romance to romantic suspense and women s fiction Her book SUMMER SECRETS was a 1 New York Times bestseller She is currently writing THE CALLAWAYS, a connected family series The Callaways are a family born to serve and protect and many of the characters are San Francisco firefighters She also just concluded the Lightning Strikes Trilogy all three books are now available Beautiful Storm, Lightning Lingers, and Summer Rain For sweet romance fans, she is writing a 7 book series Bachelors Bridesmaids about 7 female friends who start out as bridesmaids and end up as brides The first six books in the series are available.When Barbara isn t writing or publishing, which isn t very often these days, she is playing tennis, hanging out with friends and family in beautiful Lake Tahoe or reading books

    2. This is one of my fave books evah, and it's currently free on !! amazon/Just-Way-You-BaI wasn't supposed to read this book yet. God knows I have a lot of ARCs to get through and Just the Way You Are has been sitting around my Kindle for a while now. I think I got it for free a while back but I never got around to reading it until now. I wasn't really expecting anything. Barbara Freethy has been a hit or miss for me, so it came as a pleasant surprise how much I loved it. The moment I started it, [...]

    3. Awesome read,It was a wonderful uplifting heart warming story, this story is what happens after a moment that changes all 3 peoples's lives,their relations and how they cope with it Allison and Tessa are sisters, only two years apart, whose parents were killed in an auto accident when they were still young. After the accident, the girls move to Tucker's Landing, a small town on the Oregon coast to live with their aunt Phoebe. And next door to Phoebe lives the town founders, including the proverb [...]

    4. Oh, good lord, how much stupid can you have in one book? This one was a freebie from ibooks and it's VERY easy to see why. I read about a quarter of it and then skimmed the rest. Anyone for a big, stinky ball of cheese?This is a story about a bitch, who ruins the lives of others and then spends a decade bitching about it and whining and complaining and playing stupid mind games with her husband and sister all to feed in to her idiotic inferiority complex and low self esteem issues.While the plot [...]

    5. ***FOUR STARS***I loved this story. I loved Alli's gutted realization that her husband truly will never love her the way she deserves to be loved, and the emotional sadness she went through as she tried to divorce him. The doubt and jealousy she felt when her sister came back home again felt so real too. So many angsty emotions. This is such a great story with a perfect ending (the actual one I was rooting for!). Total recommend!

    6. I was going from hot to cold and from tears to frowns reading this book.Very rarely an author makes me root for the cheating couple. Almost never.In this book,to my own surprise, I was all for the sister that married the all around wanted guy. Yes she 'stole' him from her sister. Yes, she had sex with him and got pregnant. Yes, yes yes but it is justlets face it. Sam and Tessa were over. He knew. That is why he wanted to ask her to marry him. And she knew she was leaving him when she went to mod [...]

    7. I liked this book way more than I thought I would! It was a pleasant surprise!When Tessa's and Allie's parents die, they move to Tucker's Landing to be raised by their grandma, Phoebe. They both fall in love with the boy next door, Sam. He falls in love with Tessa, and they are inseparable. Not wanting to be left out, Allie tags along with them wherever they go. They both see Allie as an unwelcome pest.When Sam and Tessa are 20 (and Allie is 18), Tessa leaves Sam at Christmastime for a modeling [...]

    8. I initially picked up this book because the premise seemed to promise a lot of drama. The main character Allie was by far the best character in the book. She is the younger of two sisters. Her older sister Tessa is (in Allie's eyes) perfect. She's tall, thin and gorgeous. She is also the first love of Allie's husband Sam.Allie is a wonderful contradiction and that is why i think she is a great character. On the one hand she is a go-getter. She is focused, a good mother, incredibly likeable -- sh [...]

    9. 4,5 stars.duuuh pas banget deh judulnya. gw lagi demen2nya sama lagu Bruno MarsAnd when you smileThe whole world stops and stares for awhileCause girl you're amazingJust the way you areAlli dan Sam udah nikah selama 9 tahun bahkan mereka dah punya seorang anak perempuan imut bernama Megantadinya sih pernikahan mereka baik2 aja tapi semua berubah pas suatu ketika Allie nemuin kotak tersembunyi di mejanya Samternyata di dalem kotak itu isinya kliping2 tentang Tessadan itu bikin Alli syok beratapak [...]

    10. 5 sam - fucking - crazy stars !! :PThis book was awesome i loved every second of it i loved this kind of stories is book is a story of hidden love hero loves herione and herione loves hero but after a tragic accident he marries herione younger sister who loves the hero passionately but after 9 years of marriage the younger sister discover that the hero still loves her older sister .d when the older sister re - enters into their lifes e events take place slowly hero is forced to search for the t [...]

    11. This book read well enough--it was quick and I got through it without many snags--however, it was way too sappy for me. Not only that, but three of the main characters (Alli, Sam, and Tessa) were honestly not very likeable people. Alli was a bitch, insecurities or not. Sam is a huge jerk, and I definitely think him and Alli deserve each other. And Tessa is a glutton for punishment. What either of the sisters saw in Sam is beyond me. Actually, the only person I really liked at all was Jimmy, and [...]

    12. Wrote such a long review for this one, but it got deleted due to browser. It was a beautiful story, that I didn't expect to love but I did. I understood those characters, their mistakes, fears and motivations. I just wished for some steam in the story.

    13. Wow, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE is such a good book. I liked all the main characters Alli, Sam, Tessa each of them felt so real, and you could justify their behavior. Although at times, Sam seemed really annoying, I wanted to shake him up, but it all came together in the end and each one of them got their HEA.Alli was strong, you could feel her sorrow and her longing for her husband's love. And when she finally accepts that it is finally time to let her husband go. Her hope that after she lets go of h [...]

    14. 4.5 starsI don't remember that I've read any booka that actually all the protagonists are really talk. So this book is a winner just on that subject! There're lots of hurt, mistakes, insecurities, what ifs in the story.And thank God, they talked all about them, again and again. Sometimes they hurt each other, sometimes they're wrong, sometimes behave childish but they try to understand what happend, why happened and try to cope with life, try to move on Author did a very good job to tell us that [...]

    15. Sam and Alli had to get married when she discovered she was pregnant. She had loved Sam ever since she and Tessa came to live with their grandmother, Phoebe, after an accident which took their mom and dad. Alli is very pregnant now. She gives Tessa the pearl necklace.Liked this book.

    16. Just The Way You Are by Barbara FreethyI love that this tale binds them together with pearls. They are my most favorite gem of all.Tessa and Ali had come to the Oregon coast to live with their grandmother Phoebe when their parents had died. Alli ended up pregnant and Sam married her but he really wanted Tessa.Around 9 years worth of marriage Alli got up the nerve to ask for a divorce as Sam left to live in his parents house and they retired to Arizona. They shared Megan.When they learn of Phoebe [...]

    17. While I found Alli, Sam and Tessa frustratingly immature at times, I liked this book and its exploration of sibling rivalry and marriage. Tessa has been raised to be a beauty queen and beomes asupermodel. Alli is two years younger and has always been the "ugly duckling." When they are 12 and 10, their parents are killed in an auto accident and they go to live with their grandmother, who happens to live next door to Sam's family. Sam and Tessa become fast friends and leave Alli feeling like the p [...]

    18. (view spoiler)[ Saya melihat buku ini sekitar 3 – 4 minggu yang lalu. Ga ingat dimana, mungkin di saat salah seorang teman mencentang buku ini untuk dibaca. Yang jelas saya baca dan suka sinopsisnya, cari ebooknya, masukin ke calibre trus terlupakan. Baru tertarik lagi saat nyari-nyari buku apalagi yang pengen dibaca terutama romance kontemporer yang sudah lama tertinggalSaat lihat ebook ini juga ga ingat lagi sinopsisnya, yang jelas suka ama covernya. Terus baca prolognya, hmmm ada perang sa [...]

    19. The realism of these characters and their issues are what make this story so easy to follow and relate to. Most everyone is familiar with the pangs and consequences of jealousy, family drama, and young love. So, it is easy to follow along with the differing feelings of each of these characters, seeing how each person’s side of the story has a reason to fester and rot like an infected wound.Ali’s inferiority with Tessa, and Tessa’s grudge with Ali are so sad because they remind readers, lik [...]

    20. I'm not a big fan of love triangles, especially when siblings are involved. In this case, I quickly saw where the author was leading us to and how the book would end.However, despite this lack of any suspense and a limited development from the characters, this book managed to hook me enough so that I finished it more quickly than expected.And despite the flaws, I found myself reading the intro to other books from this author at the end of the book and was almost ready to get some, if they were c [...]

    21. I didnt like this book at all! It has a boring plot, nothing interesting, no challenge, nada! It's a soap opera.Alli: oh im so uglySam: no, you are beautifulAlli: no, Tess isTess: im gorgeous but oh so insecureJimmy: well, im gorgeous too, how about we get married?Ugh!

    22. It's hard to like a book when the only character you like is an 8 year old girl, but that's how it was with this book. Background that you learn: Tessa and Alli are sisters, just a few years apart. They were best friends until they were young teenagers and moved in with their grandparents. There, Tessa met Sam Tucker and they became inseparable. Alli was the tagalong sister, always chasing after Tessa and Sam. But Tessa had a future in modeling and one weekend when she was was 20, she didn't com [...]

    23. Demi Tuhan, udah lama enggak baca novel yang bikin banjir air mata kayak gini.Allison menggugat cerai suaminya Sam karena Sam enggak mencintainya. Mereka menikah karena Alli hamil waktu umur 18 tahun. Sedangkan saat itu status Sam adalah pacarnya Tessa, kakaknya Alli. Karena kejadian itu, Tessa enggak pernah pulang ke Tucker's Landing.Tessa baru pulang ketika neneknya sakit. Dia pun bertemu lagi dengan Alli dan Sam. Tessa tahu kalau Sam dan Alli sedang menuju cerai sehingga berpikir adanya kesem [...]

    24. I read this book because it was a choice from my weekly Kindle Shelf feature. I have not read anything by this author before, but I thoroughly enjoyed the book. If I could give the book a new title, I would call it My True Love.This book kept the pace and was a quick read. Definitely a book you could read in a day if you had a few hours. I continually found myself wishing I was reading it instead of getting done what I needed to done. This story revolves around seven characters: Alli, Tessa, Sam [...]

    25. This was a marriage in trouble trope, with a capital T. Alli & Tessa are sisters, who both grew up loving Sam. Tessa & Sam were the same age & ended up dating, while Alli tagged along. Tessa left to become a model & Sam, in a drunken grief moment, slept with Alli, who became pregnant. Sam did the "right thing" and married Alli. Tessa never came home again & the sisters have not spoken for 9 years. The story starts 3 months after Alli finds a box of pictures of Tessa in Sam's [...]

    26. Just the Way You Are is by Barbara Freethy. Barbara has come out with another smash hit. Family strife is the main theme and the solution is different. Alli and Sam have been married for nine years. They have an eight year old daughter Megan. Alli has finally given up on Sam loving her and wants a divorce. She wants to be number one with her husband and she has always been number two. Nine years ago, Sam was going with Alli’s sister Tessa. In fact, he was going to ask her to marry him when she [...]

    27. This book was just ok for me. I know that it depicted situations that do happen in 'real life' but I just couldn't love any of the characters. Sure I 'liked' some of them and Jimmy was my favorite of the ones I was shown. But none of the others endeared themselves to me. I couldn't handle Alli and her inability to actually sit down and just talk (she seems to have trust issues "If I told you ___ would you really believe me?" she hesitates "I didn't think so.") Alli is a, well I can't think of [...]

    28. I read "Just the Way You Are" by Barbra Freethy. I chose this book when I first got my Kindle Fire. I was looking through the "free books" section and saw this one! I thought the cover looked interesting and the review sucked me in. This book was about a married couple who's names were Alli and Sam. They are filing for a divorce. Ever since Alli was a little girl, she was always in Tessa's shadow (her sister). Sam and Tessa we're dating before Tessa ditched him for a modeling job; that's when Al [...]

    29. 4,5 deha what sweet story <3 <3 ceritanya ringan, ya 11, 12 sama a whole new worldnya tante sandratokoh2 di sini manusiawi bgt, gak perfect kayak di novel2 lain kerennn ada Alli yg meski heroinenya novel ini , menurutku karakternya nyebelin, pertama karena bisa dibilang dia dapetin Sam dengan cara "tidak halal " yaitu ngerebut cowok kakaknya, terus selalu merasa insecure sama tessa & sam, Sam yg hero nya pun sebenernya bikin gregetan, bilangnya gak suka kangen sama Alli, tapi selalu ne [...]

    30. Really loved the angst in the book, Liked Alli, didn't like Tessa and was not that fond of Sam.spoilersI had issues with how Alli was to blame for the pregnancy (takes two) and his choosing to marry her and pissed about him purposely mistreating her more or less the entire marriage punishing her for his sleeping iwth her and getting pregnantd then using her for his sexual release while withholding the L word and wearing a condom EVERYTIME they had sex I liked the begining of his redemption but n [...]

    31. I am confused with this one. I had read many stories in which an evil sister steals her own sisters boyfriend by getting pregnant. I really felt the sisters pain of losing her love to her own sister. in this one the situation is reversed, heroine is the one who hooked up with hero who was her sister's boyfriend when he was vulnerable and got pregnant.everyone in this book were selfish, the sister preferred modeling to her lover, the h preferred H to her sister while H was a confused soul who did [...]

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